Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Artful Gathering Treasure Hunt

Play along in the 
Artful Gathering Treasure Hunt!
We are having a treasure hunt and it is really simple to play along. This is the first week of the clues. It is described in the box just here below.  Find the secret Big Red Square somewhere on my blog to get your first secret word! It is a red block, on my side bar, that has a crown in it!

Then go to to read all about the rules and prizes.

Most of we artists have donated really wonderful prizes for you to win. There is a bit of everything!

 Here's what I donated!!
Fun huh?

 And here are a few pictures of my workshops that will be on this summer.

Downton Heirloom Bracelets
June 7- July 17
Both segments are about making bracelets from antique napkin rings!

This is a picture of the two kinds of bracelets we will me making.  
One part the Soldered Bracelets and
the second part making Encrusted Bracelets around frames.
So much fun, I'm really exited to show you how to make these beauties.

Stackable Boho Bracelets
July 16 - August 26
Get your bellbottoms out of the closet, strap on a head band and get ready to make some fun Stackable Boho Bangles!  These are so much fun to make, and incredibly entertaining to wear.  I can't wait for you to learn about all the techniques I packed in to this workshop as well.  Wear them one at a time, or layer them.  They are lightweight and jingle with enthusiasm!!   

 Both workshops are really great for all levels.  I will be available to help and give feedback for the entire six weeks of each class.  The feedback I get about AG while teaching at in-person workshops is remarkable.  People love the classes. 

So I hope you will play along with the Treasure Hunt, as well as join us in the 
wonderful array of workshops being offered by an extensive list of talented instructors
this summer!


I will have a limited supply of kits available in my Etsy store for each session.



Thursday, February 27, 2014

Artful Gathering 2014 Promo

What I'm teaching this summer

June-August 2014
Downton Heirloom Bracelets
Stackable Boho Bangles

I hope you enjoy the video.  
Let's start playing and keep creating!
(to make full screen, click the box in the corner)

I hope to see you in one of my workshops on line or in person in 2014!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Art Retreat in the Desert - Vivi Magoo

Oh my gosh, the Vivi Magoo 
art retreat in the desert 
was over the top fun!

Where can I begin? 
Friday's class was full of lots of challenge.  The students made lockets from scratch.  This was really a wonderful exercise of cutting out metal, filing and making hinges from scratch.  There were a few head scratching moments, but they all did such a wonderful job.  I didn't get everyone's photo, a few weren't feeling too hot, and split.  But to those who were able to hang in there, you guys did a fantastic job!!! 

Aren't the lockets they made amazing?

Then on to Saturday....
More smiles as they hammered away on making cuffs with etched bullet casings and hammered bronze wire.  This project was so much fun.  Lots of hammering in that room, so some went outside in the Tucson sun to hammer away.  Great job students!!! You did an amazing job with your bracelets.

Then came Sunday!
And it was a smaller and slower class, which was great.
They made wired heart cages for this workshop, La Cage.
They took off with these, and had a ball. I love how each one turned out differently.  And everyone wired treasures inside, giving each a wonderfully romantic and unique look.
Fabulous job ladies!!!

This is a picture of the class in the hotel lobby.
Jackie, SueAnn, me, Karen, Melanie and Wendy!
So wonderful to meet all of you, it was a ball.

Sweet Joanna Pierotti dropped by to say hi for our lunch break. Sorry Jessica, caught you with chewing on some steak! You two are darling.

What a thrill to meet fellow instructor Pamela Huntington!!
She dropped by as well, she and Lorri Scott were teaching at a different show. But they came by to see all of us, and I got to see who that darling face is behind the amazing Artful Gathering workshops.

The Tucson trip wouldn't be complete without a last night dinner out!
So Barb Solem joined us, and we had too much fun. Maybe one too many margaritas, but what the heck!  They were well deserved for a well done job. Many thanks to you Barb, and Erin, for a fabulous art retreat, it was one of the best ever. Can't wait until next year.

This is Karen on the far left, Deryn's sister in law, and our sweet Rita with Barb.

And of course, Deryn Mentock, her friend and now mine, Ronnie, and my wonderful roomie and friend Diane Cook.  Look at those smiles!!

 I can't wait until next year!! We did some shopping, ok too much, made new friends, and got to laugh and play with old ones.  It was too much fun.

I hope you can join us next year. Save the dates!! It will be around the same time, Feb 9-11, 2014. Come take some workshops, make some new friends, and shop the shows, it is such a wonderful and fun experience.

lots of love,


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winner of Stephanie L Drawing

of the Stephanie Lee's 
Homesteader's Metalsmithing workshop is....

of Shaiha's Ramblings!!

Hey Stephanie, she is a fellow Northwesterner living in WA! How about that?

Congratulations Shaiha.
I will give Stephanie your email address, and you will be invited in to her workshop.

Enjoy. And a very special thank you to everyone who entered the drawing, I truly appreciate it and wish all of you could have won.

Lots of hugs,

Monday, January 13, 2014

Stephanie Lee Homesteader's contest

Stephanie Lee

Every now and then you get to meet an angel.  I did five years ago.  Stephanie offered a three day workshop, a compressive workshop, at a  home in Los Angeles.  Not only did I get to learn a few basics about soldering with a torch (which I was new at), and so much more, but I got to spend three days getting to know her as a person, a teacher and loves to have fun.  I had worn out her wonderful book, making her projects front to back, self-teaching. So it was a truly a dream come true to get to take a three day course from the master in person.  I formed some wonderful friendships in that workshop.  I met Diane Cook, who came all the way from Texas, and Diana Frey, now both incredible instructors and extremely talented.

I have never told Steph what an amazing life changer she was for me.  Oh come to think of it, I've told her so many times she must be sick of hearing it!  When she asked if I would like to give a way a couple of her revamped Homesteader's Metalsmithing Online Classes, I was honored.  I would love for you to have the nearest experience you can to what we enjoyed back in 2009.  You don't get to hang out with her, and enjoy her warm and helping personality, and have a ton of laughs, but you do get to learn a ton of amazing methods, techniques and tricks of the trade. And this is a FOUR week course! 

She packs a ton of information in to EVERY thing she teaches.  I have taken this workshop, and it is awesome.  You will learn so many wonderful things. 

a sample of her amazing work

Here is a list of what you will learn:
~four weeks of indepth instruction
~weekly high quality (HD) video tutorials (5+ each week)
~troubleshooting help and Q&A sessions
~indepth exploration in understanding your materials to be able to manipulate them how you want
~tools coaching and selection guidance
~fabrication of wire forms, foundations, and flourishes
~bezel creation from various materials and in many forms
~solder manipulation and texturing
~inventive, original and non-tedious chain-making
~solder casting
~altering and modifying natural elements
~resin exploration and alternatives~bead crochet
~fabric + metal combining in various, unique ways
~image creation in metal and fabric
~much much much more!

Check out Stephanie's website for more info on the list of techniques she is sharing.  It is a long list.

The workshop starts this coming Monday, January 20, so the contest runs until January 19.  I will draw a name from the comments listed her on that day.
Go check it out and jump on it!!

SO if you are interested in winning one of these workshops, please leave a comment, and your email so I can do a random drawing!! Good luck!


Saturday, January 11, 2014


"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, 
"one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."
-Hans Christian Anderson

Won't you join me in creating a small cage 
to hold your heart's desire?
February 6-9, 2014
Tucson, AZ

At this art retreat, 
we can offer you sunshine, 
the freedom to create 
and many blossoms of knowledge.

Please join me.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Workshop in LA March 22, 2014

Maybe you can put this workshop on your Christmas list??
Queen's Lace Necklace Workshop

For my friends in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, I am finally teaching a workshop in your area!  I can't tell you how thrilled I am about that.

Announcing Queen's Lace, a fun new workshop, never taught, will incorporate a new mixed media photo process, called Auratones, along with making a beautiful necklace.

Recently, a lady contacted me about collaborating with her about doing a workshop.  Her name is Barbara Buckles.  She had invented a process of using a photograph, and making it look something like what Edward Curtis would make, the talented photographer from the 1800's who used to photograph the plains Indians. And she thought my vintage jewelry style, with the French flair, would be just the ticket for a workshop to teach her process, then we make a pendant focusing on the photo.

Here is what I came up with.  I decided to try some new techniques, that would allow the student to play with the metal a little more, not just adorning it with some delicate stampings, but give it a touch of "lace" look.  These are so much fun to make, I love them!  And then you will set the bezel with one of Barbara's altered photos, giving the pendant a rich and antique look.  Just lovely.

Barbara and I have met a couple of times now, as fate has it.  She is a doll, and it will be so much fun to teach with her.

So I hope you will come play with us at the workshop. Here are all the details. Oh, and Barbara found a fabulous loft gallery in LaBrea to hold the workshop.  I'm stoked!  I'm feeling so lucky that Barbara found me, we were able to put this workshop together, and offer this to you. 

Go HERE for more details and all the info.
(Gift certificates available too!)
Details on supplies and materials on the link. Beginners are most welcome.
Save the date, and book soon! We are pretty limited on space, and it is booking already
Please email me if you have questions.

March 22, 2014
The Loft at Liz's
435 So. LaBrea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

I really hope to see you there! 
 Love and hugs this holiday season.


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Riki's DVD's for Christmas presents


Beautifully produced, professionally shot, talented instructor (me), intricate detailed instruction, available world-wide.
Dvd's from Artful Gathering
are now available to purchase as a gift
for the holidays!

(Whimsical Teensies)

Do you have a friend or loved one that loves to make projects and do art work? How about jewelry making? I now have available four wonderful, technique packed, all level DVD's available for the holidays, 
on a pre-order basis.  
These DVD's will be shipped out February 1, 2014.

(Romantic Relic Frames)

(Overcoming the Fear of Fire)

But if you pre-order now as a gift for YOU or a friend, it will be in your mailbox in February, well after the holidays and ready for you to begin creating with!

If you haven't taken an on line workshop with Artful Gathering, with any of the talented line up of artists, then you are missing out. I am so proud to be one of the instructors, and will be involved for a third year this coming summer.

(Sweet Tweets)

The workshops are live with instructors feedback for six weeks from June through August.  But the next best thing is NOW being able to pick up the DVD from the workshop.  Never before have these been offered to the public until last year. So this is very cool! You get another chance to take the workshops with me.
I mean really, can that get any better???

So Artful Gathering is taking pre-orders now. Simply click on the links located on my sidebar for an individual workshop, 
to see the entire line up of DVD's available.

Each DVD is beautifully shot and edited for the best quality of instruction for you.  Each of my workshops are great for beginners to intermediate.  The Romantic Relic Frames is a little more advanced if you are looking for that.

The supply, resource and materials list accompanies each DVD, so you have a complete detailed summary of what you need.

 Wishing you a happy holiday season 
and a joyous and creative new year!! 
What a great way to begin the new year, with a brand new mixed-media workshop with me!

Lots of love!