Sunday, May 17, 2009

A blue bird day!
The other day, we had a guest at our table for breakfast at one of our favorite places to bask in the sun, while grabbing a bite.
He gave new meaning to "grabbing a bite".

Where does my inspiration come from?
It certainly was a blue bird day, (even though he is a jay bird!)


Debbie / Prairie Emporium said...

Riki, Love you blue jay and your copper.

diane said...

Ohhhh.....this is a beautiful cuff. Is this the same blue as what you bought for me? Grat pictures Riki!
Miss you!!

Diana said...

Great cuff, Riki. I think I know this very same bluejay....does he live at the deli in Avila Bay Estates??? If so, I witnessed him grabbing a large piece of pasta off someone's plate....he is a tenacious guy.


Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

Both pictures are beautiful!