Monday, August 31, 2009

Orcas Island trip

A trip to a neighboring island.
Today Fred and I took a fabulous excursion to one of our favorite neighboring island, Orcas Island, in the beautiful San Juans, WA, on our motorcycles!  It is about a half hour ferry ride, and when you're on a motorcycle, you get to be right up front of all the cars, I love that! No long lines to wait in for loading, like we deal with every other day to get on or off the island.

This is my incredibly handsome husband, Fred.  Or as he calls himself, "Fred X", since he carts my junk all over the nation, helping me out with my jewelry passion.  Those of you signed up for our class here on the island will meet him, he will be playing taxi driver that weekend for anyone who needs a ride to and from the class. Sorry, you will have to ride in a car!
Oh yeah, that is my Vespa 25o next to his little Suzuki 650.  He still can't believe how much fun my bike is, and I can do 88 mph if I want, but I don't want, ha ha.  
Here' s a look inside the ferry.
Ok, look past the lack of lipstick, and a brush, and just look at that smile on my face.  Ah, love the island life!  Now that's what I call playing.  Aren't the island just incredibly beautiful? Have you ever been here? Let me know if you have, ok?
Thanks for letting me share my little outings with you!
Life is wonderful, aren't we lucky?


Diana said...

I am so very happy to see you finally have time to PLAY in your beautiful part of the world. Can't wait to join you in about 3 weeks my friend. And, oh yes, your smile is gorgeous lipstickless and all.

diane said...

Oh, I love your beautiful smile...shows what a beautiful person your really are!
And, ah, yes...Fred X is handsome!!!