Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall is here!


I laughed so hard when I saw this on our island that I almost drove off the road. What a sense of humor this family has. They dress up these guys for every event happening on the island. They looked spiffy in their bee hats with the netting, over the summer. And strapping in their tent when the fair was here! Gotta love it.

Maddie is getting to be SO big. She's was 4.4 lbs. at the last check up, getting her last shots. She's ready to take on dogs now, and we know she loves them, because she wants to play with every one she sees. What a difference. Our Yorkie was so timid, and not socialized by the time we rescued him, he didn't want anyone to hold him, or want to play with dogs. She's just so EASY! Love it.

We're headed to California on Saturday morning. First my (ahem), big high school reunion, then on to CA for the winter. Big trip for short stuff, her first long journey. I'm sure she'll love it, if she doesn't get too car sick, which happens on every outing! Yikes.

So happy FALL everyone. Its sure happening here in Washington state. Colors are starting to happen, just lovely...except for alllllll the rain!! But the fog is almost spiritual.

Hope you're getting some beautiful fall colors where you are.


Jackie said...

Our not-so-little hav (15lbs) doesn't like riding in the car, so I've started taking him every day on the short ride to pick kids up at school to try to get him to like it more. They're funny little dogs! He gets to go visit the 5th graders on Thurs for my son's birthday - we'll see how that goes!

Charlene said...

Those cows made me howl!!!!!!!! So cute! CLEVER!!!! I know you are thrilled to be going back to California so you can see your buddies but, I know you love the beauty in Washington too. Your a lucky girl to have both. Send some of that fall down here!!!! It's still HOT! Love ya girlfriend! Charlene

In the Light of the Moon said...

The cows are wonderful!!Makes me want to come up with something festive for the yard...nothing like this is great!!

I was hoping to see some Maddie know I have to get my cute fix in!!Hugs,Cat

Diane said...

I love cows...even lying on their sides~LOL!
Too funny =) Big reunion huh??? Mine is this year too~
I know you will be glad when you pull into your drive in CA~I know I would =)

Suz said...

Those are very funny, Riki!!! Happy Fall from Prague. It is rainy, dreary and everything is so beautiful here. it wouldn't matter what the weather was like! I felt a little under the weather so I stayed back and "designed" sachets for a swap for Silver Bella. I felt better at dinner and had a cup of hot chocolate that was...melted chocolate, kind of! Absolutely delicious.

We have seen lots of lovely garnets and amber here. I wish they had little bead stores full of czech crystals but no such luck! A tour guide told me they were in the "country."

Hugs to you! That Maddie-baby dog sounds wonderful!


mairedodd said...

ok - love the cows, thanks for sharing...
enjoy your trip with the little one!

romantic decay said...

Love the cows, even the hubs laughed!
Have a great trip.

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oye, have a great time at your reunion you should knock them dead! :) I feel for you and Maddie a puckie pup can make for a long trip! :( Maybe experience and age will help make it better.

Have a wonderful trip south stay safe and have a couple of adventures along the way!
Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

stregata said...

Wishing you a wonderful trip back to California. Please give Maddie a tummy tickle from me.

Marlene said...

what a crack up those cows!! got a big laugh at them...Yes fall is in the air here in CA coast..
Love this time of year! One of my dogs got car sick and I always gave her a few drops of Rescue Remedy for dogs.. a natural calming tonic for helps.Its all natural and you can read up on it on the net ... xoxo Marlene

slommler said...

Oh boy!! Fall has come here too!! 40's in the morning but still pretty warm in the afternoons! Sigh! I was so loving the summer too!

Pretty Things said...

Oh my gosh that photo is hilarious!