Friday, January 14, 2011

Resolution for January


I made a pretty big list of resolutions.  One is to try something new each month, really challenge myself.
Am I really up for this each month?
Oh, why not!

I got this book out,  The Mary Brooks Picken book,  to take pictures on, for this post.   Maybe I should have read it, to educate me for my January challenge!?  

I posted that one of my resolutions was to challenge myself to one new thing a month.  I said in jewelry, but I'm altering anything new related to art.

 I met my challenge this month with some sewing challenges!

I wanted to make some pretty packets for my fun rhinestone necklaces that I made for a store.  I am hoping that when the ladies buy one of the vintage beauties, and given the sweet envelope of felt, maybe they will store and travel with the necklace inside, to protect it?? 

Hope so!

And here is the back, each one is different.  I dug out all kinds of goodies I've been saving up, and hit a local fabric store for some more goodies.  I was inspired by Ruth Rae, and her free form sewing methods, and have her fabulous book.  Okay, these are new and challenged me.

But.... I tried something really new for the first time.

I entered a sewing swap!  My first ever. 
Debbie Hembree organized it over at Mosaic Magpie, one of my favorite artists.

It is a Heart Swap from the Heart.  I'm a bit intimidated by this, not being a seamstress!
BUT, I challenged myself, since I put that in writing for the world to see.

This is a picture of the casing for my Heart piece.
I hand died the muslin, into a soft, beautiful blue.  I went out and bought Ritz dye, something I've never bought.  YEAH!

The rich brown Sari silk attached was purchased from Lisa Jurist, of Mudhound Studio, another one of my favorite artists.  
Stop by and visit her blog, she has a contest going on right now!

And this is just a tease of my Heart for the swap.
Of course a spot of bling!
What has happened to me?? Maybe I always loved bling, just didn't let the bling out.

Get the bling out girls, let it out and show it off!

Okay, what have you tried new so far this year??

Lots of love,


Alice said...

Ummmm, nothing new for me yet. I'm still digging out from under and promised not to make another mess until the current ones are put away or better organized, and my projects from last year are complete.

I just love the pouch you created for your special pieces.


farmlady said...

Riki, this is wonderful. These pouches are such a great idea for your jewelry..... and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!
Don't worry about your "sewing skills". This is art. You can do what ever comes to mind. I think what you've done here is combined something practical with something very artistic.
The photos are really nice too....
If I can learn to knit, you can learn to sew. We always have to try new things. It's what makes life interesting.

diane cook said...

Ahhh, I likey the ♥! You rock my friend!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Riki,
love the pouches you made for your jewelry! Beautiful. Thanks to Debbie over at MM I sewed my first heart and I'm having so much fun I did some more.Have a wonderful weekend.

sundownbeaddesigns said...

What a wonderful resolution Riki! Your heart project looks fabulous!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Gosh Lady R,

It's not much of a challenge to do something you are already proficient at??!! Much more fun to just jump in and start swinging!! :) And you are doing an amazing job at that. Both your heart and pouches are beautiful and soooo unique to you!! I think that's the most important ingredient in everything we create.

Hmmm well there is the new and improved eye thingy :) Oh and I'm playing around with some copper clay. One that can be fired with a torch instead of a kiln. It has always been the lack on kiln that kept me for trying before. You know a kiln is not something you can ask a "mule" to bring down, no matter how much they love you!! Ya know what I mean?? :)

I can't wait to see what Feb. "new challenge" will be.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

MosaicMagpie said...

I am sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what you send my really I am sitting on pins and needles all these little hearts I am making to send you guys as thank you gifts!
What I see here has got me curious....get that heart in the mail!!!

Jen Crossley said...

I really love your jewerly pouches they are beautiful very classy.

Lisa said...

wow Riki.. you are overflowing with creative inspiration.. your jewelry envelope is the free form stitching..isn't it a blast??? totally delightful!!
many thanks for the mention and link!

stregata said...

What is to be intimidated about - what can go wrong? The seam not being straight? Who cares!
Your pouch and your heart look lovely - kudos to you for trying something new!!
I love Lisa's silks...

Barbara Lewis said...

I can't even imagine how stunned the customer will be when they get their jewelry piece and another work of art! Beautiful, Riki!

Miss Sandy said...


Thank you for dropping by to visit my blog, so glad you did so I could find yours! Love that you are reaching beyond your comfort zone and trying new artistic pursuits! You never know what you might try and love in the process or how it might enhance your present creations like this fabulous jewelry pouch! Love all the attention to detail and your customers are going to love this too! Have a great weekend!

connie said...

oh riki!
your a natural at the machine! the bags are beautiful...

Charlene said...

I need to go check out these sites you shared with us. I'm feeling a bit stagnent with what I am reading/doing. And I have sooooooooo much stuff I want to go through,organize, sort, disgard... But, you know that's hard to do with furry helper at you feet all the time. Your toy is my toy is her moto. HUGS!

Kim Palmer said...

Wonderful little free form baggies for your goodies Riki! Love these!

Anonymous said...

lovelove the freeform baggy! and the idea of trying something new each month. i think i shall do that too... though i'm not exactly sure where to start.

thanks so much for the sweet comment, too. pop on over to my blog again later this weekend as i'm having a couple of giveaways too.

Suz said...

Oh, Riki, i love what you have done with the bags! The felt ones for your pretties that are sold are just darling. Then the one that holds your mystery heart is wonderful. I think it is great to crossover a bit. I did sachets for Silver Bella and just loved it...after I got over being intimidated. I also love the Ruth Rae freeform look. I do want to try more things.

I came across the Big Girl Camp "Soul Restoration Journal" class and signed up for that, even though I was a day late. it fits perfectly, as it is about finding your joy, whatever is happening and I need that!

When I get home from Palo Alto, I want to go some art things. I will be around the house a lot, as Jud could be in treatment of some kind so I think I will try to focus on more art things. I wasn't going to do our June sale but this may be a good time to do it. I will just have to play it by ear!!!

Hugs to you!

slommler said...

Good for you! Wonderful pieces!! And a girl just can't have too much bling!!
Love your felt bags...they are fab!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Riki!
I love everything you do! I'm so inspired with your plans to learn something new each month! And you're sewing! Isn't is so much fun? I find myself smiling when I sew. I don't even realize I'm doing it then I'll catch myself. How great to be naturally smiling and not even know it!

New for me this year? Well PUPPY of course! We had so much fun this weekend... shopping, car wash, walks and her first real experience dining out at a dog friendly restaurant. She did so well! And as far as art? Well I usually just find that new ideas and projects sort of fall in my lap so I am hoping for something unique and different to present itself and inspire me.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Very nice hundred times better than any bought one.

Lynn Stevens said...

You go girl, its always fun to stretch our wings and try new things, I see more of your free form sewing in the future! Love it!

sandi m said...

Love your heart pouch.
I, too, created my own little jewelry keepers after reading Ruth's book. They're almost as fun to create as the treasures they hold.
I use them for my pricier pieces....another handmade gift from me.

Anonymous said...

You just ooze with sparkly talent, sistah! Not to mention how incredibly inspirational you are :)

Now I need to go create some sparklies of my own with all of my new loot! Ready to go to Tucson!?!?!?

Happy Monday, dahling...

hugs & kisses.

In the Light of the Moon said...

Wow Riki these are are one talented lady!!I Love love love using the sewing machine and like you I am new to it and enjoying it.I am really hoping to start soldering soon..I'm kinda nervous about it,but you have inspired me.Big Hugs,Cat

Linda said...

Hi Riki! Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog! I have LOVED my visit to yours, too! It is so inspiring and your creations are wonderful! I'm so looking forward to reading more...I am a new follower! So nice to make a new blog friend!

Cindy said... are so inspiring! I love Ruth Rae's work as well and would love to try the free-form stitching one day. But alas I really cannot sew! Figuring out my sewing machine would be feat in itself. I have tried a few new techniques recently - you saw them in the WOF challenge. :-) I'm due to try something new too....I like that idea, trying one new thing each month!

Dorthe said...

Hi Riki,
I comes from Debbie`s post, where I saw your fantastic beautifull heart, and bag--wow-- I would love to win that,-- I`m in the hearth swap,too!!- they are both gorgeus, and just my style :)
I can see I totally love your jewlery ,too- and in special all the ones with bling !
I`m Dorthe from Denmark -xo

Anonymous said...

i am still just loving your free-form goodness! i wish i could do that on my sewing machine. :)

thanks so much, too, for the "sam look-out". i may have found him, but not totally sure yet. i'm thinking i'm going to do two versions so i may need to look for another. i'm a weirdo, i know.

Anonymous said...

wow what stunning stunning work. such beautiful creations,
also i just wanted to let you know i have a free shabby chic collage sheet for today only,its on my dezinaworld blog please feel free to pop by and grab it while its there.
have a lovely day
hugs June x

BLISS angels said...

Dear ,dear Riki... Thank you so much for the lovely and stunning heart. It arrived today and my heart nearly stopped beating when I saw the bag with it free motion sewing on it... and then I read your blog post about not having made anything from fabric before ... I think you have been holding out on us, you are a natural at it. Blue is my favorite color too... I'm have the perfect place to put it and the
perfect photo of my husband as a child to go in to the pocket.... thank you again Hugs wendy

Charlene said...

Riki, I love every photo you showed. Your creations are always WONDERFUL! Is that Czech glass buttons I see in that one photo? I have become obsessed with them. OMG EBAY has taken over my life. Like I need intervention. BNut, I'm having so much fun with them. Buttons are heartstrings to my Grandmother. Thank you for your sweet words of support for FEB 18th. HUGS!
Counting the days until it's in person!!!! Round Top here we come! Charlene