Saturday, April 30, 2011

Round Top, TX Part 2

Here's a sample of the Round Top goodies!

Where has the time gone?
 I promised to show some pics of all the goodies I bought while slaving away in Round Top, going through boxes and boxes of items, on tables, under tables, tucked away places.  Every night I was covered with dust head to much fun!

I started a collection of the sweetest shaker jars, there are about five of them here.  I'm going to put small items, like MOP buttons and things like that in them.  Aren't they adorable?

 I got a huge amount of old hardware, lots of lockets, watches, some bling, stuff like that.

So I have to say, if you LOVE antique shopping with a passion, and don't mind hot weather, and pouring through miles of vendors, this is the place for you,  Round Top, Texas.  It is an antique lover's delight!  This event happens twice a year, and it helps to have a friend who lives near there, to stay with or share a room at a motel with (thank you Diane Cook, you are the best. )  Diane also carefully packed up all these goodies and sent them to me, what a sweetie you are.

More goodies, more lockets. The prices were all over the place. I didn't find any reasonable rosaries, I remember one person said to look for those.  I will eventually get some pieces on to Etsy, but need to kind of "live" with them for awhile, you know what I mean.  They are like new little children that have come to live with me!

Here's a bracelet I made with one of the little hardware pieces I bought at RT.  Love making pieces like this!!

And here is a picture of me today, at an antique show in a small town near us, that my friend, Diana Frey took of me in my Magnolia Pearl!  
It is so much fun to wear, and I wondered how it would be received in California!  So far so good, got a lot of squeals from a couple of ladies that recognized it immediately, asking if that is what it was.  Too much fun to wear.  Check out their website,  Beautiful website.

That's the "rest of the story".  Go to Round Top if you get a chance.  Make it happen!
I'm just about done making a gigantic amount of jewelry for my shows this summer, but are we ever "done"?  Of course not, and I have a LOT of pieces to use now!

Thanks to all those who have purchased a kit.  I'm working on a new one, hope to get it out in a couple of weeks, we'll see.

Thanks everyone, hugs to you.



Jen Crossley said...

You look beautiful Riki in that photo.You new goodies look awesome cant wait to see what you do with them.Sounds like you have been busy.

stregata said...

Looks like the filling of a pirates treasure chest - what fabulous loot!
Love your MP outfit!

Suz said...

I am lusting in my heart...but only for a few pieces I see there ;-). My gosh, that looks like a lot of fun! I would love to go someday. Riki, you Magnolia Pearl looks so cute on you and also looks like it has my #1 important essential quality for clothing...comfortability!

farmlady said...

Wow! Round Top,Texas may have to be added to our list of places to visit. What wonderful finds.
Love the photo of you in your Magnolia Pearl outfit. You look great in MP.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Riki, you are so gorgeous girl!!!! I just love the Magnolia Pearl outfit! You found so many amazing treasures ~ I'm such a hoarder, I would SO have to hold onto these goodies for quite a while :) I love it all, hugs and love, Dawn

Gaby Bee said...

You did really great shopping. Your new stuff looks fabulous and the bracelet you made is quite unique. Love it!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi pretty Lady,
love all your fab. finds and the bracelet is just gooorgeous!!!Have a wonderful Sunday my friend.

Barbara Lewis said...

Wow! is all I can say about your loot, but cute is all about you! Love it!

Diana said...

Lookin mighty good in your Pearl my friend.

slommler said...

Your outfit in the photo is fabulous!! Love it and the bracelet too!!
So many goodies!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Drool..drool..drool so many beautiful items to make the imagination go wild!!Your new pendant is kick butt gorgeous!!You look so wonderful in that last picture!!Hugs,Cat

In the Light of the Moon said...

Omy I just saw the picture of Maddie in your facebook badge!!Too cute!!

La Dolce Vita said...

omg RT is def on the bucket list... thanks for sharing the loot with us... xx

Beatnheart said...

whoo wee.. loved you Magnolia Pearl outfit. Fab really fab! suits you so much. The stuff you found is so wonderful too....we would be shopping for the same things if we were together. My dream is to go to Roundtop. wishing, hoping and praying that it will happen. Thanks Riki for setting a fire under me to make that a reality ....

Charlene said...

You got some GREAT STUFF!!!! And we had sooooooo much fun! I have just now taken photos of my goodies. Cindy & I ran up to Oklahoma yesterday & had a great time. I wish we didn't all live soooooooooo far apart! We did put a deposit down on a 5th wheel. It's lookin more & more like sometime we will get to come out & see you! Elle has been sick. Did bloodwork & not really sure what's up. She's better but, certainly not herself 100%. HUGS!

romantic decay said...

Looks like you had a great time:) You look great in your Magnolia Pearl!

Lisa said...

great bling finds Riki and you look adorable in your Magnolia Pearl outfit!

diane cook said...

Yes...Round Top was everything you were told it would be wasn't it? Love the photo Diana took of you in Pearl! I wore mine both days at Art Walk, and had many compliments! What fun to wear =)
Yes...your loot looks great...that was ALOT of days of hard lookin' though =)

Anonymous said...

Been wanting to see those Round Top goodies! Yum!

Holly Loves Art said...

Ooooh the pictures are fantastic! And you look adorable in your Magnolia Pearl! You know who else wears Magnolia Pearl well is Maija! I'm glad you had so much fun.

Cindy Craine said...

Hey I know that cute Magnolia Pearl girl! You were holding out on me I had no idea you found so many goodies! Isn't it fun when you get home and open all your goodies. I'm always amazed at how many things I forgot that I bought!! Hope to see you again pretty girl!-

Anonymous said...

Love all of your goodies but especially love your charming and sassy outfit!! Don't those petticoats make you want to swirl!?!?

Now get to work and make some lovely bling out of that treasure trove of fabulousness :)


Renee Troy said...

Riki, I can only imagine what fun it must have been bringing home all those wonderful goodies and letting your imagination sore...what fun!
Can't wait to see what transpires.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Droool!

Stephani said...

Riki! What a haul girlfriend! I would love to go to Round Top sometime & You are just too dog gone cute in that outfit!!! Love ya, Steff

Beatnheart said...

thanks for the visit. you bought so much cool stuff. Check out my Etsy shop! I’m on Fire!!!

Charm Bracelets said...

That is a very nice creation from what you picked up.I like the creation also because it can also be customized if you wanted to with the picture et all.the color of the metal steals the show.