Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Fun & Bead Soup

Summer Winding Down

I can't believe the end of summer is upon us.  For some, the weather was unbearably hot, with threatening fires, and for others, like in Washington state for me, it almost never showed up!

But, that didn't keep us from a fabulous motorcycle trip on Vancouver Island.  On our three day trip, we caught a ferry off our island, rode to Lake Cowitchen, on Vancouver Island, and finished a loop in Victoria, Canada.  

Such beautiful scenery.  Here's an early morning scene, Fred is catching some pictures of a pretty lake.

I peeled off the motorcycle gear for a shot in Victoria, over looking the harbor at the waterfront.  I love that town, can't get enough of it.  Gives you the feeling you are really out of the country, and of course, you are.  The Canadians always make me feel so welcome.

Then back home to our little island on another ferry, only an hour's ride from Canada.
That's WH in the bright yellow helmet, ready to ride off the ferry when it docks.

Then my second, and last teaching opportunity was with a fabulous group of ladies at the lovely Terri Brush's house, in Chehalis, WA.  That was so much fun.  Look at her beautiful property, and the house was amazing.  You are so talented Terri!

We etched, we did cold connections, we soldered.
What a blast.  They all did so well.
Here's most of the group, Rochelle, Mary, me, Terri, Jodi and Billie.  
Not pictured is Brenda and Edna.
Thanks for such a wonderful time ladies, hope to see you next summer!

Ah yes, Grasshopper!  Here is Terri mastering the art of "Zen" sawing with a jeweler's saw.  We lost almost no blades, way to go girls!

Look at those cuffs, so beautiful, all etched, cut out and finished with cold connections.

Rochelle made a beautiful necklace, isn't that gorgeous?

and.....drum rollllllll....

I sent my focal and beads off to Cindy Wimmer last week, so exciting Cindy is my bead buddy!

Here's a glimpse of what I sent to her.  
I hope she loves it and has a ball with it.

Here's more goodies she will be receiving.
Don't forget to tour everyone's blog to see what is being made up for the Blog Soup Party!

So that's how my summer was wrapped up.  I hope your summer was as much fun as mine.  Great shows, amazing support for teaching and Etsy kits and videos, decent weather, no major weather challenges, and Maddie loved her woods.

We head to CA for the winter in a couple of weeks.  The journey is always fun, and amazing scenery. 

I hope you had a fabulous summer, and would love to hear what new things you learned this summer.  

How about it? Learn anything new you want to share?


Diana said...

I so enjoyed seeing pics of you and WH on your Vancouver Island adventure. I share your love for that beautiful island. Don't you look chic in your momo gear!! Your students projects turned out wonderfully....what a great looking group of creative souls. Looking forward to seeing you soon my friend.

Cindy Craine said...

OK first off you are looking like one hot mama in these photos, love the green! ANd man oh man I would Looooooove to have one of those bracelets, they're all wonderful! Are you coming to Round Top? I'll be there Sept 25-Oct 1, let me know and we can meet for dinner!,xoxo-cindy craine

SueAnn said...

What fabulous memories and pics Riki!! Thanks so much for sharing!! And I love your bead soup!!
And I love your bike! So cool!!
I've had a terrific summer and I plan on it continuing for some time. Ha!! Not looking forward to winter at all!!
Have a great week

dorylyn said...

What fun, Riki!!! I love those cuffs!

steufel said...

Ahh, I wish I could take a workshop with you someday. And your soup looks intriguing. These whole party is so much fun, isn't it?

Charade said...

Love, love, love the cuff bracelets - and the creative hands that made them. Nothing like showing off the agelessness without apology!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Your a rock star Riki..on your bike and all..what fun!!!That pic of you in Victoria is great!!And what a bunch of lucky ducks to take your class..Now what have I learned this summer..well..I learned to finally add some rhinestones to my solder boxes..wink wink..and I'm having fun adding new things like filigree to my solder..Fun fun fun learning new things!!Hugs,Cat

Cindy said...

Riki, what a great post! Thanks for sharing some of your summer memories. I didn't know you were a biker! :-) You sure are a lady of many talents.
Your workshop over the summer looked incredible, as did those pretty cuffs (what a great photo, btw). I sure wish I could have takent hat class with you! I know the ladies learned a lot and had a blast!
THANK YOU so much for my amazing Bead Soup....I am one seriously lucky lady - I love the whole shabang, including the beautiful pouch you sewed. thank you thank you thank you!!!

La Dolce Vita said...

gorgeous bracelets and ... I learned more than I could possibly share here, we would need vino and a long evening!! lol

Rochelle said...

Hi Riki!!
Thank you so much for all the new ideas you've given me for future use....you really are such a great artist and it shows it your jewelry pieces! Had fun spending time with you at Terri's and finally meeting you. Hopefully there will be more opportunites for me to attend more of your workshops! Hope you are enjoying your visit with your granddaughter...
xo Rochelle

Aqua Junko Artworks said...

Who would think/thank such a cool biker chika you are. Makes me want to get one! Way to travel girl!!!!

Pretty Things said...

She's going to flip! I know I would!

Cassy said...

Beautiful scenery indeed.
Thanks for sharing those photos.

Cassy from Learn Bass Guitar Online

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh what a tease!!! I can't wait to see what Cindy makes!!!

motorcycle gear said...

Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing.