Sunday, January 22, 2012

Artful Gathering Classes


Coming this summer...
to a computer near you!

Click the link below and you get to see my smiling face!!

Two classes

1.  Romantic Relic Frames

To read more, please go to Artful Gathering here:

Start with sheet metal, end up with an amazing hand made frame, to cherish forever!  I'll show you every step of the way. Fun, fun, fun!

2.  Over coming the Fear of Fire

Please go here to Artful Gathering and read more about this class.

If you've had the desire to operate your butane torch that has been bought, but hiding in your work area, this is the class for you.  Or maybe you want to use mixed gases in your work, but don't know what to buy?  I hope to answer many of these questions for you in this class, as well as show applicable uses for each torch, as well as safety issues.

Registration is now open for Artful Gathering.

I will be available via email for the entire 6 weeks of each workshop!! So all questions may be addressed as you take the class, very cool!

I hope to see you in class.

Love and hugs,


SueAnn said...

How exciting!! I will check them out

Barbara Lewis said...

These are gorgeous projects ... and to think you could learn how to make them! Wish I lived closer to you talented people!

Riki Schumacher said...

That's the best part Barbara, they are on line this summer!! xoxo Riki

Charlene said...

CUTE VIDEO!!!!Love your hair! A little more blonde! Elle & I wanted to stop by to send you & Maddie hugs & licks! Poor baby had to be shaved & she's so embarrased! When she had her surgery (girl surgery) she wore her TShirt for 10 days straight. No brushing (yes, her hair was long) & so she got very matted where the back & neck areas of the shirt were. They couldn't get the matts out without hurting her so I said shave her... it'll grow out & we'll brush as it does. SHE & Daddy are horrified!

Just did a post about a PMC piece I made & shared about the Charmed Romance Class. Hope you'll stop by & check it out. HUGS!

Charlene & Elle (& baby puppy Lucy too as she's visiting today & sitting in my lap while I'm typing... she belongs to our son & his family... OF COURSE she's a Havannese!)

Lynn Stevens said...

Love your new frame Riki, I pinned it and many have re-pinned it too.!! Fabulous work!
Your so inspiring.....
I asked hubby to refill my bottles for my jewelers torch. Its been along time since I used it! Hope I don't get burned. LOL
Hugs Lynn

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Gorgeous pieces Riki! Your class looks fabulous! :)

Diana said...

Absolutely love the frame with the cupie doll....and the precious cabinet card of the baby is the icing on the cake.

Vivi Magoo said...

Hi Riki! Love the frame! What a creative idea! Haven’t seen anyone else do anything like it ever!

Your studio looks amazing! So organized ;o}

I sure would love to see you teach at one of my retreats this coming year ~ We’d have so much fun!