Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stephanie Lee workshop

A heroine of mine
is having another online workshop,
Stephanie Lee,
with another talented lady
Tiffany Han

Go HERE for more info.

It isn't too often that someone I admire as much as Stephanie comes along and continues to outdo herself.  
But it is possible she has.  She and Tiffany Han have designed an amazing new on line workshop, that I have already signed up for, and just want to do a shout out about it here.  I'm so excited about it, and the timing is just great for me.

Stephanie has been an amazingly positive influence in my life in a number of ways.  Her talent jewelry might be all you know about her. But Steph has many amazing layers.  Yes, she is a talented mixed media artist, and successfully published, but she has a layer you might not know about.  Her insight, her life coaching ability, her amazing talent for writing, and her all round talent for making you feel so darn good.  This is why I am signed up for this next on line course.

Here are a few highlights...

* Rhetoric rah-rah runs rampant in the creative world. But what if you don't know what that looks like for you, exactly? 
* What if all the rhetoric, though well intended, is actually  exhausting you?
* Whether you are creative junkie, an established (or wannabe-established) professional artist, a retreat organizer, a teacher, a day-job dreamer, an aspiring work-from-home writer, a life coach or cubicle-bound paper magician, creativity is in your DNA.
* Creative fulfillment is your birthright. You deserve to know exactly how your creative gifts will show up in the world and how they can be of service to yourself and others.
* It is time to take control of your creative dreams.
* Are you ready to feel a sense of creative purpose in your work AND have a practical plan that outlines the steps you need to live vibrantly?

This give you a brief look at why I'm excited about this.  I bought this for myself as a wonderful Christmas present!  Anyway, just wanted to share and thought you might be interested in the course.

I love when I get all excited about something, and can't wait to spread the word!
(if you register before Dec. 15, you get a discount!)

Merry Christmas, have a safe and fabulous holiday.

lots of love,


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SueAnn Lommler said...

The course sounds wonderful!! Enjoy!!
PS I am so excited about finally meeting you in person!!