Saturday, February 16, 2013

Vivi Magoo, Tucson Feb 2013

FEBRUARY 8-10, 2013

Friday Day 1
Le Petite Photo
 I didn't get a shot of everyone in action, so here's a few. Thanks Karen, Barb, Dawn and Leigh

Oh what fun this was!!  There were 12 in class, plenty of room, and everyone made a fabulous masterpiece petite frame, to wear or display.  I couldn't be prouder of the students. It was fast paced, and everyone pretty much finished, at least got the backs on their frames.  

No one had time to make a stand, that's why I am making it a two day class in Petaluma, at the Art Is...You retreat in September.  I'm adding etching as well, and will give you more time.
 Aren't these just beautiful??
 Fabulous job!
 More eye candy!

And here's the line up of amazing students!
Karen, Yvonne, Lynne, Dawn, Sandra, Kathleen, Norma, Carol, Leigh, Cindy, Jeana and Barb!!
Well done ladies, I knew you could do it.  There were some who had never picked up a dremel, or soldered, but they did it!!!

Saturday  Day 2
Vamp It Up

This was a really fun day!  I got a kick from students outside this class referring to this as a "beading workshop".  Well it wasn't!  This was an engineering class!  My students found out how challenging it is to tear old rhinestone necklaces apart and rebuild different, custom modern beauty from them.  And man, did they knock it out of the park!!
 I was blown away with the elements they brought (and shared by the way, thank you).  Your generosity will not be forgotten by those you helped.  There is much design involved, then you just have to take the plunge and trust your instincts.  And boy did they!
 Just magnificent.  They drilled, they hammered, they attached, wired, but mainly learned how it hung when all together.  Aren't they amazing??  The horse got a custom label, "Rusty", that is Jeana's horse.
 The gold adornment was very special.  One student took her Le Petite Frame from the day before, added her mom's picture, then used one of her mom's Sarah Coventry necklaces to adorn it.  It all came together so beautifully.  Great job Cindy! And very special.  Thanks for making the class look sooooo amazing!!
Here is the line up of amazing artists...
 front is me, Dawn, Cindy, SueAnn (a blogging friend forever), Lynne, Rita (my Round Top shopping partner and friend)
Back row Kristin, Kerrie, Jeana, Cindy, Kathleen, and Leigh

Sunday Day 3
Cast Some Magic

This class was incredible!  After taking two prior days of workshops, these guys were producing the most amazing art work.  They were very intense, hardly a word spoken in this class!!
 They had their choice to make a focal, then make a necklace or charm bracelet, but they wanted to make components, so that's what they did.  
 And did they turn out well or what??
 Knocked out by what they experimented with, just beautiful.
These will all go on to necklaces, bracelets or earrings.  They can play with them at home, and now know how to make more!

Here's the line up!
Anna, Dawn, Yvonne, Inez, Kathleen, Karen and Crystal

To all my amazing students...thank you.  Thanks for making this trip so incredibly fun and rewarding.  I loved spending three days of workshops and one day of shopping with you.  I hope you will come back next year for more fun and intense learning. I know I leave with new friendships and wonderful memories.

Sending you each a big hug and a huge atta girl!



Chris said...

How fun!!! The pics of the concentrating students and the resulting pieces are testaments to your clear instruction and some cool attendees~~Thanks for sharing Riki~

khess136 said...

All SO gorgeous and SO much fun!!! We are only as good as our instructor, Riki ~ you're amazing and I was blessed to be in your class! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

SueAnn Lommler said...

And I had a great time too!!

Diane said...

Great pics Riki! I know your students loved every could they not, with you as a teacher =))

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Looks like a fantastic set of classes and a lot of fun. They created some amazing pieces!

Laura McHugh said...

omg! these look awesome........great job ladies...........