Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Artful Gathering now open

Registration is now open for 

What is Artful Gathering? In case it is new to you, it is one of the best, on line art retreats this side of the Mississippi!!  That's just my way of saying it is spectacular.  I instructed last year and am again this summer.  

The concept is completely unique for on line workshops.  The director had a vision of not just "getting" an on line class once you pay for it, but "taking" an active workshop, with the instructor participating, for six weeks.  You take the class at your own pace, and when ever you like, even in your jammies.  Then I follow up with suggestions, help with concerns, communicate with my students on technique and ideas. You share photos of your projects with your classmates and the entire retreat attendees if you like.  Everyone gets to talk to everyone each and every day, and you really feel a part of something very large.  

As an outsider, I loved the concept.  Now as an instructor, I LOVE being a part of the integral on line art retreat. The class goes away after six weeks, but you can choose to buy a DVD at a tremendously discounted rate, for a short period, if you were a student.  How cool is that? Then you can have that workshop in your library, to pull out as a refresher course any time you choose to.

I am teaching two workshops, and I need to mention that registration just opened, and the kits for these two workshops are flying out in my Etsy store.  I'm thrilled, but you need to grab these if you want one, I don't know if I will make any more up. 

Session Two, July 16-August 26

Make a hand made ornament or wall hanging.  I supply a few patterns, and encourage you to make your own shapes.  We work with sheet metal, a little soldering, filing, patina, hand finishing and wiring.  My inspiration for these was over the holidays, decided to add a little adornment to my door wreath, and well, the rest is history! So much fun, one of my favorite things to make.

Session One, June 6- July 17

Learn to solder wire!  After I show you how to form a hand built nest, we solder it together, then attach it to a brass finding.  I demo different sizes of nests, and the various uses for them, anything from earrings to clasps.  There is no limit to what you can do with these sweet nests.  And then we design and wire a one of a kind necklace together.  

Did I mention I am giving away, as raffle prizes in my workshops, the ornament I made as well as a Sweet Tweet necklace?  Yes!  And there are a ton of other raffle prizes you can win, plus gifts from sponsors, it goes on an on.  This is a true art retreat, just on line!

So hop on over to Artful Gathering if you haven't been there yet, and visit again if you have.  Check out all the amazing workshops being offered.  Of course I hope you sign up for mine, hee hee. Cause they are the awesomnest of them all.  And I made some killer videos for you to learn from and enjoy.

Whimsical Teensies page at Artful Gathering

Sweet Tweets page at Artful Gathering

Hope to see you in one or both workshops!!!  Let me know how you like the classes I offered, would love to hear from you.  Are you signing up?

lots of hugs,


Stephani Gorman said...

Oh how fun! I am the first one to sign up! LOL It is my birthday! LOL! Those Teensies are too darn cute!

yvonne ammerman said...

I would love to take these! They look like such fun!!!

Yvonne Ammerman

yvonne ammerman said...

I would love to take these. They look like such fun!

Yvonne Ammerman