Thursday, February 27, 2014

Artful Gathering 2014 Promo

What I'm teaching this summer

June-August 2014
Downton Heirloom Bracelets
Stackable Boho Bangles

I hope you enjoy the video.  
Let's start playing and keep creating!
(to make full screen, click the box in the corner)

I hope to see you in one of my workshops on line or in person in 2014!


Diane said...

Riki...LOVED LOVED LOVED this video! Everything about it is inspiring! I can't wait to take your class in March in LA and look forward to taking classes at Artful Gathering as well. And Maddie is SO adorable in action as well as in stills. xoxo Diane

Marcella said...

Riki: What great video. So much time, effort and love put into this. Thanks for sharing; planning on Session 1. Marcella

Charlene said...

Your Video was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it & yes... I need to sign up for your Downton Bracelet. I have seen those beautiful napkin rings at Round Top & just wasn't sure how to build that base. Guess that's part of this class right?

It made me smile to see the photos of our beautiful ocean there in the Central Coast! Oh how my soul LONGS for that & how tired it is of the remodel/reconstruction & money pit. But, I am dreaming of being back there. And seeing you & Maddie playing... aren't our girls AMAZING beautiful gifts in our lives. Those sweet little sparkling eyes & their joyful playing can't help but, make us laugh. Do you think Maddie & Elle will ever meet?

Charlene said...

I just registered for Artful Gathering & put the link on my sidebar! NOW, I hope I have time to take the class & can find my tools & stuff to create with!

khess136 said...

Beautiful, Inspiring, and anxiously awaiting June and the start of Artful Gathering....I, too, was always reprimanded for "day dreaming". Aren't we the lucky day dreamers!

Anonymous said...

Great video and very inspiring. I would love to join in on one of your workshops!