Monday, March 30, 2009

We rode like the wind!
If you were wondering what I do on my weekends, (just humor me) here it is!  Besides
wine tasting that is.

This weekend was the annual "Rides of March" 
here in sunny San Luis Obispo, CA.
It was a chance to meet a lot of people you 
already have something in common with...
scooter riding! 
 My scoot is the grey one, with the leather seat.  Most of the kids have two strokes, which are the vintage models... loud and smokey, just fabulous! But, I'm a wuss, so I have a new one.  I'm afraid of breaking down out in the countryside, so this works for me. My husband wimped out all together, he rides a 650 Suzuki (looks cooler to him). We rode hills, then down to the beach, just a blast. Got the annual t-shirt, had the hot dog, (veggie of course), then came home to crash.


shelley in bigsky said...

ride baby so make me laugh! fun, fun, fun...that's the name of the matter whatcha ride...shelley

Stephani Gorman said...

Riki~ How fun!!! I would love to ride like the wind too!!! Ha! Be careful out there! Hugs, Steff

Judi said...

I'm not sure I like the "went home to crash". I mean, we are talking driving here, right? No crashing allowed.