Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It is the city of angels.

Last weekend, I got to spend a weekend in Los Angeles with Stephanie Lee at a wonderful workshop.  She is an amazing teacher, and fun too!
Hopefully she won't hate me for posting this picture of her! It is too cute not to.
I have admired her work ever since a friend turned me on to her (thank you Shelley), and finally had the opportunity to take a three day workshop. It was in a beautiful spot in North Hollywood, at Carol Park's studio.  
We were a small group, but a happy one! Everyone smile for the camera, ok, smile again, and again! We put Steph in the middle, so she could finally sit down!
Then my friend, Diana Frey, and my sister, Kami and I went to celebrate a record setting heat wave in Los Angeles.  What else do you do but go to the beach, right? And have a HUMUNGOUS cold cocktail. Kami isn't that short, she's on a chair that faded into the sand I think! So after one fine dinner and cocktails, and agreeing it was a fine class with Stephanie, we found our shoes,  dusted off the sand, and headed to my sister's house in Malibu.
 (Aren't I lucky?) Then Diana and I headed home to San Luis Obispo the next day, stopping along the way to eat, play and shop in Montecito and Santa Barbara.  Ahhhh, what a fine weekend it was! 


diane said...

What was Diana drinking? It looks LARGE, and cool! Hey, I must have taken that group picture! Where am I????

Diana said...

Yes....it was a fantastic weekend indeed with wonderful friends, fantastic class, lots of good food and drink (Diane, I'm drinking a yummy Margarita). And oh yes....great shopping from stopping at Lowe's for copper pipe to Anthropology for some good sales. Let's do it again. Thanks for sharing the great pics, Riki.

Riki Schumacher said...

Thanks ladies! Didn't we have fun? It was so wonderful having you both on this trip, it meant a lot to me. You two are fabulous friends. We have to go to Texas Diana, to meet up with Tex!

shelley in bigsky said...

so that's what you were doing in LA...too fun!! yeh for you...looks like you had lots o fun. i am going to take stephanie's class one day, whenever it gets closer to me. nice stuff you made riki....