Friday, July 31, 2009

Tweet tweet!!
I just finshed this little birdie necklace for the last show of the summer.  I'm getting ready for the Anacortes Arts Fair, coming up Aug. 7-9 in the seaside village of Anacortes, WA.  It is such a lovely setting, and the biggest juried show in the area.  It has over 240 artisans, food, entertainment and huge crowds. 

I have done this fair for six years, and this is the first year I'm not including any Keum Boo or pmc pieces, since everything was stolen!  So it is kind of scary to not have those pieces included.  With the cost of pmc being so high right now, dollars kind of dictated using mixed metals for the summer shows, and making pieces up quickly.  So what do you think? Will people miss it and be happy with the new pieces? Those who do lots of shows, any experience with this? The Friday Harbor show was great, but most of the customers were from out of town, and didn't know my work.  But I have a little following in Anacortes that return each year, so we shall see!

I can't believe it is almost August! I have had my head buried in the studio since my feet hit the island making product for the upcoming shows.  Wow, the San Juan County fair is two weeks away, something everyone here on the island looks forward to.  Wonder if there will be baby piggies? I haven't played nearly enough, so after this last show, I'm going to play big time!!  More motorcycle rides, more boat cruises, and dust off my bicycle and get some exercise!  But making jewelry is playing, we are just confined to one room.  It is amazing what you can produce when the heat is on, and I don't mean that literally, since we're having record setting temps here in the Pacific Northwest.  My gosh its hot.  It was 85 in my workshop two days ago, I was dripping.  I kept climbing into the shower to cool off, three times one day! 

So wish me luck at the next show, come see me if you're in the area, ok?  Thanks again for all your support, it's all blue birds and good things from here on out.


Silver Artisan said...

This is a beautiful piece !
I envy you for being able to lock yourself up in your workshop and create to your heart's desire : )
I think that you'll do fantastic where ever you make your gorgeous jewelry available, really.
Hey, I'm taking a sodering class next Saturday, yay!

connie said...

again, another beauty!!

farmlady said...

You will sell lots of jewelry if the photo is any indication of the beautiful art that you have produced for the show.

Here's to "bluebirds and good things." Have fun!

Silver Artisan said...

i meant soldering : )

Diana said...

Love the necklace, Riki. I am confident that you will do well this year just as you did in the Friday Harbor faire a few weeks ago. Have faith my friend.

diane said...

Hey are such a bundle of energy! I love it~you are so talented.
If I could fly to that fair, I would =)

The Joy of Nesting said...

Hi Riki,

I don't have any experience selling at shows but I do at buying!! :) I think even when you do have a bit of a following that they welcome new and innovative pieces. For me it's hard to stay addicted and excited when the artist doesn't grow and stretch with new work. Besides it's summer and that's when I want to see more relaxed edgy fun pieces :)
But then that's just me

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Charlene said...

I loved the piece you showed in this Post. Hope you do well for the show. Hate it that someone stole your things. Bummer!

Stephani Gorman said...

Hi Riki! I am sure this piece is long gone by now! Hope your show went well and this cool necklace is around some lucky persons neck! Love the colored head pin and the sweet balance of the little leaves in the bottom right corner! Big hugs, Stephani