Friday, November 6, 2009

Finale of workshop remodel

The Work is done, Playtime begins!

I am happy to report that WH has finished the job! There is one small thing that has to be worked on...we covered up the electrical outlet that works from the switch next to the door! Oops. Okay, so the huge cupboard has to come out, the back taken off, ect. But, WH is goin in!

I wanted to show you the darling mirror I bought while still on my little island in Washington before I left. Yes, WH hauled it all the way to California for me, he is truly and angel. It finally got hung yesterday. My friend, Diana Frey, and I were fighting over who gets to hang it in their workshop when we spotted it at a quaint store on the island called Robin's Nest. Thank goodness it wouldn't fit in her studio, so.....! I put an Ikea bar underneath to make the item a little more useful, instead of just a pretty face! It is at the spot I do a lot of metalsmithing, so will get a little saw, and a few more necessary things hung from it. The challenge will be to maintain lack of "ego clutter"!!
And here are more of those inexpensive bars from Ikea. Perfect for things like wire, cords, whatever. They are so dang reasonable, I think those were only $1.99! I mean you just can't beat that anywhere!
These are more shelves, from you guessed it, Ikea. And yes, I do confess WH gives me Direct TV, and cable, and I have my iPod in my studio as well. I'm totally spoiled, but boy am I happy! And as WH always says, "Happy wife, happy life"! Gotta love it.
That's all on the remodel for the time being. I want to get a little fabric valance up. Maybe some art work here and there, and I bought a little "bird thingy hang on the wall art deal" that I can attach pictures to. So thanks for looking, I wish you all "happy lives"! Now I get to begin playing and creating.


Charlene said...

Love the redo. I have never been to IKEA but, hear about it all the time. Maybe I need a field trip! Hee Hee. Gave "Honey" your site & told him to check out the bird cuff. He wanted to know what I wanted Santa to bring me. Hee Hee LOVE THAT SANTA GUY!!!!!! I saw a cute pillow the other day & it said "Those who don't believe get underwear". SANTA ROCKS & I BELIEVE! Hugs~Charlene

shelley in bigsky said...

now we're talking...Freddy's so smart...happy wife, happy life...he know's a thing or two about life and his wife, he-he!...tell him i said so, say hi too!!i really LOL on that one. studio looks fab and functional. still working on mine, it's semi functional, running out of room, so i have to go to get rid of mode...kinda slowed me down. happy creating...luv ya shell

Stephani Gorman said...

Wow Riki! So bright and cheerful! Just fits your personality. You are gonna have fun in there!:)

Cindy said...

Your new mirror is simply gorgeous...such charming details, and look at that great size! Your workshop is a'll be creating such wonderful treasures there...the space seems so open and uncluttered (lots of room to think!). Have a nice weekend!

farmlady said...

Everything looks great! Love those Ikea bars and hooks. Gotta get some of those.
Just shows what you can do if you just get started and work at it. Congratulations for a fine finish.

Anonymous said...

I love your new studio! Your system for hanging the wires is just fab! I will try that. I love Ikea too! All my cabinets in my laundry room are Ikea and they are perfect.

slommler said...

The new studio looks awesome. And you are right! You can't beat IKEA!! Except maybe the Container store!! LOL!!