Sunday, November 22, 2009

Robin Dudley-Howes

A Cuff Class

Finally! I finished a class project and would like to share it with you. It is so easy to go to a class, get a project started, and not finish it after you bring it home. BUT, I did this time!

This cuff is a result of a wonderful class I took from a great teacher, Robin Dudley-Howes. When I was down in Orange County, CA over Halloween I took this great little one day class at a sweet venue called Piecemakers. It is a store, restaurant, class rooms and bead supply as well, all rolled in to one location! I have been trying to coordinate a class there with a trip down to see our kids in Orange county, and it finally worked. So, Robin was teaching a class to make this decorated cuff, and I thought it looked like great fun. These pictures are the result of that helpful class. There were four of us in the class, so it resulted in relaxed fun, and great conversational This method is a fun way to make a sweet cuff.

I put a LOT of bling on mine, felt girlie that day. You make a frame, then wire on beads as you go. Then you cut out a backing to glue on the backside. It really was a lot of fun to make. If you get the chance, take a class from Robin. She's a great teacher, and makes beautiful things as well. Look her up!

Thanks for looking everyone. What do you think, would you wear this little gem?


Diana said...

Very sweet cuff!!! Of course I would wear has bling!! Love the colors, textures and movement you created.

Esther said...

oh wow!! very beautiful Riki!! love the rhinestones!! so "chic"!!!

Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

What a great project! Perfect cuff for the holiday parties ahead of us!

farmlady said...

Sure would wear it. It's charming!!
I love the idea of finishing what you start in a workshop. My Mystorian book is still sitting in a bag, in pieces and unfinished, from Nina's class at Asilomar. I shouldn't even admit this to anyone.

Charlene said...

Very CUTE!!!! My friend mada a fabric cuff bracelet. I thought they weren't for me but, like yours... covered with bling I'm thinkin maybe I could need one. LOVE Orange. Did you go to the McCharles Tea Room? I used to love going there. Oh the chocolate tea is to die for. Hugs~Charlene

slommler said...

Beautiful!! I too love the bling!! Perfect!! Congrats for finishing the project.

diane said...

Oh, it it beautiful Riki. Love how you incorporated the rhinestone shoe clip =)

The Joy of Nesting said...


What a fun class!! I love the way you breathed a bit of Riki into this cuff. A beautiful job of melding your personality within the instructor's frame work :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Anonymous said...

it's beautiful. i so wish i would have been able to make the class. maybe the next one.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Riki this is awesome I just love it,you did an amazing job.
No I havent met Susan yet next year she is coming to oz Hoorah I cant wait
Take care

Narrative jewelry said...

Lovely cuff Riki, and i am not a bling girl, but i would like to wear this one, of course.


Cindy said...

What a stunning piece. Okay...the bead store/restaurant sounds like a dream! You can learn to make something beautiful, eat, and shop for beads all in one place: a dream! Yes, I'd wear this pretty cuff...a different style for me but I'd surely wear it! :-)

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

I'd definitely wear that gem. It's beautiful, Riki! This must have taken such a long time to complete. Bravo!

robin dudley howes said...

Riki thanks for the shout out! It's always a great feeling to see students finish their work. Your piece is stunning and your color combinations original. May we cross paths again!

A bird in the hand said...

It's gorgeous! I'm very partial to those antique shoe clips.

Of course I would wear it -- are you kidding!!??


Julie said...

Riki - I love his cuff, the colors and texture is perfect - just the right amount of girlie elements balanced with the heft of the cuff. I have to try this....thank you for sharing. Your blog is always an inspiration...xo Julie