Saturday, July 31, 2010

Puppies have two speeds!!!

On or off! Its been 12 years since we've had a baby bundle of fur in the house. I had forgotten how much work these little treasures are, OMG. She's been here for two nights, both with me sleeping on a blow up mattress in the living room next to her. I won't even go in to the lack of sleep the first night at the motel! To borrow a phrase from Krys, my eyes feel like they have cornflakes in them, and I'm exhausted! Yikes. And I am is allllll worth it.

I feel whole again!!
My heart is starting to heal the empty, open wound, from the loss of sweet Chester. But WH and I know Chester would LOVE this doll. This is Maddie, doesn't she look like a Maddie? She is so dang smart at nine weeks. I am extremely impressed with the Havenese breed, even better than everyone let on. If you haven't seen one, maybe you can find a friend that owns one.
There were three rowdy boys at the house today, ages 5 to 9. Wild, playing, roughing it up. She was right in there having a ball with them, my jaw dropped in amazement.

She's taken outside to go potty every hours or so, and when she cant' make it, goes on the wee pad. Now is that a gifted girl or what?

Here is ON. Here she is with her new toy from Auntie Diana, a green froggy that squeeks. Plays with it constantly. Hard to get a picture that isn't blurry.

Here is OFF! I was attempting to look at the computer this morning and had a lot of help. Notice the list of names on the paper. I can take that off now, she's definitely a Maddie, or Madeleine (French version!).

Wish me luck tonight. Going to try to get back into my bed. My back needs it, my head needs it and boy do my eyes need it! Did I tell you she weighs 2.6 lbs. and gives sweet doggie kisses?

I'm in LOVE again.


Cindy said...

Riki, Congrats on bringing home your new furry bundle of love! I want to say a great big WELCOME to Maddie, your new family member! Oh she is just sooooo adorable..and less than 3 pounds?? She is tiny! I just love the picture with her snooziing by your computer...she truly has a smile on her face...I see it! And love that list of names...reminds me of when I was in the hospital with Nathaniel...had a list of baby names going like that and still had not decided when I was discharged! And the boys in your house, ages 5 to 9, well those are the exact ages of the boys in our house! Except our puppy.....he's almost 15! Enjoy these puppy days! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of sweet Maddie.

stregata said...

So glad to hear you and Maddie are hitting it off. But I can totally relate to the cornflakes - we have guest over the weekend and I have been staying up way too late...

Katsui Jewelry said...

I'm smiling! Maddie is such an adorable puppy and she is a Maddie. You are so right about the cornflakes! It is hard...almost like being a new mom...maybe worse! I think that was easer because I was younger.

I am so glad Maddie is helping to heal the wounds, Riki, and glad to hear you are falling in love again.

Marlene said...

Maddie!!! what a wonderful name..and what a sweet face..of course you are in Love!! Can't wait to meet her in Oct Class...I remember how hard it was when they are young..the nights and the pee pads and accidents..ALL so worth it all..when such abundance of love is given in return! Congratulations Riki! xoxo Marlene

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh Riki!!!! She is a DOLL !! That picture of her sleeping on your computer is a keeper. I'm so glad you found a new love in Maddie. I know you will have many years of happiness together!
You saw my new baby, just never thought it would be a chicken!!!! LOL. Shes doing well and sleeping on my chest at the moment. She chrips so loud when I put her in her box, I feel guilty! Its gonna be a long 5 weeks! LOL
Enjoy your new Love and hope you get some rest!
hugs Lynn

slommler said...

Maddie is so precious...I am so glad she is healing your heart. I also hope you get some much needed sleep!!
Gotta swoon over puppy love for sure!!

La Dolce Vita said...

madeleine is just precious and so glad you are in LOVE agin! chester would be so happy to know that you feel such a sweet sensation! congrats and big hugs to you Riki!

Narrative jewelry said...

Welcome et bienvenue sweet Maddie, you are sooooo lovely, and so precious as said Slommler to your new mother Ricki. I send you (from France), all the cuddles and kisses i can give.

Lisa said...

she is too adorable for words..having a new baby is so much work but well worth it!

romantic decay said...

she is SO cute .... she looks like a maddie.

Andrea said...

Riki, she is adorable!! Love the name!

Pretty Things said...

So darned cute!

Diane said...

Meeee tooo! I love her Riki! She is darling, and I want to hold her and kiss her little wet nose =)) I am so happy for you my friend. Tell her that Aunt Diane is coming to see her in less than a will go by fast!!
Luv ya Riki!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Riki, I'm so delighted for you. Welcome to your new home sweet Maddie,your one lucky pup!
Your post brought back memories and made me laugh. When we brought our last pup home he slept in his crate on a chair right next to our bed so I could stick my fingers in to the crate in my foggy sleep deprived haze to reassure my fussy new baby.
I know how your heart was aching for Chester. I've been there too. I know people whose pain was so bad they left that empty whole in their heart forever rather than let themselves love a critter like that again. I'm so glad you didn't choose that road. The love of a fur person is so worth it.
Keep the pics coming, Love and Hugs Lisa(farm Lady's sis)

Anonymous said...

Isn't being in LOVE wonderful?!?!? And I'm sure little Maddie is in love with you too! She's so dang adorable, and I can smell the puppy breath right now. Looking forward to meeting her and getting lots of kisses!

Welcome HOME, Miss Maddie :)

In the Light of the Moon said...

My daughter Hannah and I cant help but squeal with delight as we looked at these sweet photos of Maddie.Sweet Sweet Sweet!!I am so happy for you Sweet Riki!!Hugs,Cat

farmlady said...

A puppy is a puppy, is a puppy.... Kind of like having a new born baby in the house. How sweet that you're sleeping with her. I love it. I think the trick is to take naps when she does.
I love her name...Madeleine. Very French...very sweet.

Diana said...

Aunt Diana sends hugs!!!


Rochelle said...

She is adorable and looks as though she is full of pep and vinegar! At least it's just 1 and not 4 like me!! Leroy will be going to a home this coming Sunday (yeah!), we've kept Buddy (gave him to our daughter for her birthday - we can breed him with Minnie in the future!), and we still have the girls. Waiting to hear back from the couple who came to see Ginger - she might be gone too! I am waiting for my FREEDOM so I can go visit my parents in Oregon sometime before summer ends!
Enjoy your new little girl and keep us posted with pics!