Friday, July 9, 2010

Hav one of these

To Hav or Have not?

What has Riki been up to these days? Oh its been busy! I have been traveling, visiting friends I need to catch up with since being back at the cabin in WA. I've been making jewelry like crazy, getting ready for my upcoming art festivals (listed on my blog).

AND, I've been busy shopping for a new workshop companion!
I just couldn't bring myself to get another yorkie, after Chester being the perfect doggie. So, WH and I decided to get something a little sturdier this time around. I'm having a hard time with that concept, and will miss having a yorkie, but I'm game to give it a try.

We have a deposit with a breeder, after an intense search, on this little girl Havanese. I didn't know anything about the breed, but I love what I've learned. Then I found out about every Hav on our island, and went to meet them all. They are a wonderful dog, very good temperament, great with kids, dogs, people. They love to learn, do lots of tricks, and are supposed to be terrific companion dogs. They get to be about 12-14 lbs, and about a foot high. Funny that that is a "sturdier" dog to me!

I'm hoping that if anything could steal my heart again, she could do it. She already has! We get to meet her next week, I can hardly wait. She is six weeks old here, next week seven. I'm hoping she picks us as well!

We need a name. Any suggestions???
Do you know anyone who has a Hav, stories please!


Cindy said...

Riki, this sweet little puppy has already stolen your heart for sure! Who could resist? I don't have any Hav stories as I'm not familiar with the breed either, but one thing's for sure...they sure - they are ADORABLE!

Esther said...

what a lovely pretty face!! it is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!

Narrative jewelry said...

OOOOOOhhhh Ricky, she is so lovely, how happy i am to see your heart goes for this little girl. Welcome to her in your house. I didn't know this breed before seeing those pretty face.
No name for the moment, she is so funny, or maybe... "Sophonie" ? (with the french accent...)

romantic decay said...

She is so cute!! Keep us updated with photos and the name you choose.

Barbara Lewis said...

I love puppy breath! She is adorable! Can't wait to hear the name you've selected

MosaicMagpie said...

If that cute little ball of fur hasn't stolen your heart, she has sure stolen mine. Now for a name it would be good to know her parents names, and combine the two. My first thought was Reli, because of your wearable relics logo. But, the more I look at her, I am thinking Sugar Britches, cause she is so darn sweet. Whatever you call her it is a match made in heaven and I am sure Chester is wagging his tail for you.

slommler said...

Oh my! She is beautiful! She would definitely steal my heart too! How about Savannah?? She is precious for sure!
I know you will enjoy her very much

Alice said...

She's a sweetie! I'm sure this little ball of fur will quickly work her way into your heart.

In the Light of the Moon said...

Oh Riki I gasped when I scrolled down and saw her face..and I love her precious!!!Please let us know what happens on your visit next week!!Big hugs,Cat

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Oh my goodness! What cuteness, how can you stand that much cuteness?

Stephani said...

Oh my gosh Riki! She's a cuttie pie! I'm thinking..hummm...can't think of anything yet, but I am sure it will just come to you once you get her in your arms!;) Can't wait to meet that little fur ball! Hugs, Steff

Stephani said...

Woops CUTIE!

stregata said...

What an adorable puppy! I am sure she will steal your heart and once you actually meet her - you will know her name. Hope she is with you soon!

Anonymous said...

Isn't puppy love the best? I can feel your happiness and smell the puppy breath here in California :) And I know Chester is wagging his tail like crazy!

She looks like a Bella or an Amelia or a Chloe...or there's so many sweet names for a sweet puppy, and whatever you decide it will be a name full of love and happiness.

And I just emailed Diana to sign up for another fun class with you. Woo hoo!

Charlene said...

Riki, I have never heard of a Havanese. How adorable is she!!!!!! I too just don't know if I can go another Sheltie after Reba. But, she was my 3rd... can I love anything other than a Sheltie????? Decisions Decisions! :) I did think I wanted something smaller this time. You know, something to take with us in the new RV... And the NO SHEDDING was a real attention getter after living with the shedding QUEEN! Let me know what you think after you get her. Maybe I'll jump in the water after I see how you do. HUGS! MISS YOU! Charlene

Andrea said...

Riki, she is just adorable!!

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Riki!
She's an absolute darling! I am just MAD for the Havanese... part BICHON you know! My breed of choice! My neighbor rescued an adorable Havanese recently (pictures on my blog) and I have become the auntie. I adore her! I always loved the girl name of Chloe but I'm partial. I named my first Bichon Chloe Valentine. She was born on Valentine's Day. I can't wait to watch your baby grow. She will be gorgeous.
Big huge hugs and congrats Honey!

farmlady said...

This puppy is definitely going to steal your heart. Never a "replacement".... but a new little baby to give yourself to and slather with love. We have such a need to do this Riki. It's more than a need. It's irrational and unexplainable. Just jump in with both arms wide open....

How about Jacqueline?

Renee Troy said...

So incredibly cute Riki. Lots of luck with your sweet new baby.
My suggestion is to wait until you live with her for a few days and see what name suits her.
We just got a new pup and named him Monty right away but he's really a Luigi. So now we call him Mont Luigi.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Oh, I am hoping this works out both ways. She is just a darling little dog, Riki! I am in love just looking at her. I didn't realize they were part Bischon! I have one Bischon and one maltese and adore both of them

We have a Sophie and I have loved that name. Harvey is just a big old chunky thing...such a Harvey.

The name will come. I am so happy for you!

Katsui Jewelry said...


I never thought I would end up with two little white dogs. The first was an impulse and the second was a rescue. I also thought I would never end up with a rescue dog.

You are smart to go for some color. The dogs NEVER look white enough and when I find they are white coming home from the groomers,I worry that they have been bleached!

I just love your little baby! You should be getting her pretty soon!