Monday, August 9, 2010

Anacortes show 2010


When it rain it pours, right? Oh boy, my biggest show of the year. The one where I can make enough money to use for those fabulous trips to Europe every now and then, and buy some fun stuff than might not otherwise be in a retiree's budget. Ah yes, summer in Washington state. It has been GORGEOUS for weeks. Truly summer. Then, time for the big summer arts festival and it is January in August!!! It poured cats and dogs (even Maddie agreed) all day on Saturday, the normally biggest day for crowds and sales. I mean poured, from 10 am to 5pm. Then stopped and was beautiful on Sunday, after the big crowds!!

So what are you gonna do?

I say, remember what's important.
Remember that I got in to a wonderful, juried show, and that a ton of my loyal customers returned and bought some pieces to add to their collection. Remember that the people that stopped by in pouring rain had to be miserably cold and wet. "Why were they there" I kept wondering. Would I have been? Hmmmm???

So thank you to all those who weathered the storm, stopped by to say hi and see my new precious Maddie. She was a show stopper by far. It was so much fun to have her light hearted, playful self, and kisses filled with sweet doggie breath. She loved meeting everyone, and wasn't stingy with the kisses.

Maddie helps to remind me that there is always a rainbow after a storm.
And to enjoy the rain, I never get that moment again. Just smile warmly, love the friends that were there to support me in the miserable weather, and don't fight mother nature. You can't win. Great lessons from a 2 1/2 pound doggie. That's why I love her. She did great in the hotel. Man, I forgot what its like to have a baby that can't go out to go potty, since they haven't had all the vaccines. Yikes! We had the floor covered in pee pads, like a quilt, moving quickly with her little body to line the bombs up! Whew, then do a show on top of that. No wonder I forgot my credit card machine!!

Thank you to all for your support. I'm ready for my next adventure, doing Stephanie Lee's on line Homesteader's Metal class. Can't wait to play with Maddie, and make new things! New pictures coming soon of the "Mad" dog Maddie, she changes everyday so much.


Katsui Jewelry said...

Oh, Riki,
You did put it all in perspective! I totally understand this. I have had pouring rain at my neighborhood art the last six out of ten years. This isn't one of the 'big ones" and it doesn't get me to Europe but I do really well. I still have people show up in pouring rain and I make about eighty percent of what I would make if it weren't pouring. We all huddle in the tent and drink lots of hot coffee!

I am so glad to read this.It just reinforces what this is all about, which isn't about money, thought that is a very nice side benefit ;-)

I am so glad Maddie got to go and I can't wait to see more pictures. She is just adorable!


Diane said... are a ray of sunshine even when it is cloudy, and if it were raining dogs & cats, I would come see you! Next year, you know it is going to be shining full blast, as you know who will be with you =)) I am counting the days my friend, and can hardly wait to see you...AND Maddie! I love her already!
p.s. i am jealous about you taking Steph's class *##%! =))

Holly Loves Art said...

Oh Riki I am just IN LOVE with your brown-eyed baby. What a little darling! Pure heaven!

And I have to say that the rainbow photo is one of the most gorgeous I've seen. You are so lucky to live where you live. I love it there.


Charlene said...

So very glad you had a good time at the show. And it sounds like you sold some stuff. You have the important things in your mind so all is GOOD! I bet Maddie thought she had the world on a string with all those folks to cuddle. SHE IS TOO CUTE! We have looked at Haverneese near here & can't find them colored like Maddie. I may have to get your breeders info. Can't wait to see the new photos. Off to see Diane & Allen. Can't wait. We'll think of you & Diana. HUGS! Charlene

stregata said...

So - it sounds like there were lots of people that wanted to see your pieces, despite the weather. What a compliment! Good for you for seeing the good side of things!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh does that bring back memories of a few gulley washers we had at shows. Yikes, Trying to cover up painting and art so it didnt get wet and we had a great waterproof set up too. But when it rains like that nothing will stop it. It sounds like you have some wonderful customers who still braved the storm and how could it not be a great show with Maddie there. Heres to some dryer days!

Stephani said...

Oh Boy! I bet that was a challenge! :) Glad to hear you were able to keep afloat and with little Maggie! :)

Beatnheart said...

Riki, I am so happy that you are again in the light and the shadows and darkness of past days are behind you. Little Maddie needed you and you her...a winning combination for sure. I wait for the day I can meet you and see your beautiful creations in person. I am praying to the Abundance God for some good no great sales coming my way so I can indulge in a splurge perhaps and this would be wonderful, to take a class from you. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog...

Diana said...

You always seem to have the insight to see the silver lining in life's adventures....I love that about you! Hoping you are resting up and taking time to enjoy your new friend.

farmlady said...

You sound so happy, Riki. I think that you are the rainbow after the rain.
You are definitely a full cup of something wonderful.
Love to you and Maddie....

Anonymous said...

Rainbows and puppies are such sweet reminders of what we have. Sorry to hear about the rains, but so happy to hear the light in your words! My very first show had a terrific thunderstorm and I was devastated. But the brilliant rainbow that followed reminded me I was on the right path. Gotta' love Mother Nature and all her lessons!

slommler said...

I am so sorry that the rain kind of spoiled the show. Oh dear! But Maddie sounds like she was a dream!! And remembering rainbows is a good thing for sure!!

Pretty Things said...

I hate it when weather hurts a big show. Been there! Lightning, rain, and hail all at once one memorable time -- 30 mph winds another time.

One time when it rained, three ladies ran into my booth to escape the rain and I ended up making my biggest sale of the day.

One time when it rained, no one came to the show at all.

You just never know -- and you have a lovely outlook.

Debrina said...

Hi Rikki - sorry I didn't get here sooner! Wishing you a very happy birthday for the 3rd! You and I are Leos! Mine was on the 1st! Your puppy girl is pure sweetness and joy! She is soooo gorgeous!! My very first show is coming up...any tips??

Cindy said...

Riki, oh my sorry to hear about the downpour during your big show. But leave it to you to find the rainbow after the storm. Your positive outlook is contagious. And of course, having Maddie by your side, you can't help but smile!

connie said...

hi rikki!
you are the sunshine always! and that little maddie, she's a cutie! thanks for stopping by the artseat! I have been so busy. I am very excited about all these articles that are coming out and soooo jealous your taking stephanie's class. I would love a week with that woman and just learn every technique she does!
enjoy my friend!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Sweet Riki,Thank you so much for reminding me to breathe..I have been so uptight issues..blah...scream...Riki♥Maddie....breathe...Anyhoo..reading your words helped me..thanks friend.
Big Hugs,Cat

Aqua Junko Artworks said...

Oh the things that one can encounter at an outdoor show--been there. Glad you can see the positive in it. Retail shows can do a number on your soul if you aren't strong. Rainbows are a good thing to look for.