Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hadar's Class


A couple weekends ago, I took a great PMC class from Hadar at a wonderful location in Washington state. It is called The Ranch Center for the Arts and Crafts, in Snohomish, and I highly recommend the facility. Check out their schedule of classes, wonderful teachers are booked. This is director and owner, Randi Harper on the left, and Hadar on the right.

Here are some of Hadar's wonderful pieces illustrating mixed metals. What we learned in the class is how to mix copper and bronze clays, and fire. She is a pro at this, and has amazing examples of her success. The clays are really easy to mix (her's are a powder form). What was challenging was the firing of the mixed clays. You fire for the copper, when the clays are mixed, and often the kiln was overfiring, hurting the pieces. We had that challenge because Hadar was using kilns she was unfamiliar with. Once you do heat tests in your own kiln, you can regulate the temperature better. I didn't know that, and assumed my electronic gage on my kiln was accurate...not!

Anyway, once you get the temperature figured out in your kiln, you will have more success in mixing these metals. We didn't get a chance to mix her white bronze, and steel, but I can't wait to play with those as well. FYI, Hadar has all of the firing information for these clays on her blog, so you can look this all up for detailed information.
Here's our great class, a few left early and missed the group shot. Sorry guys!

Below are some student's pieces, everyone did such a great job.

My on line class with Stephanie Lee is going so well. She is an amazing teacher. If you are interested in metalsmithing, I strongly recommend taking this class. It's a four week on line course, well worth every penny.

I'm busy potty training, and packing for the trip south soon. I left my kiln in CA this time for the summer, so it will be fun to do some creating and firing when I get back. Probably time to have one on either end, might be time to buy a top loader! Fall is in the air here in WA, time for this little snow bird to pack all her chicks and head south!

Thanks for everyone's well wishes about our new little addition Maddie, she's doing great. New pictures coming soon. She's hit 13 weeks, and is becoming independant and extremely funny!!


Jen Crossley said...

Looks like a wonderful Class Riki,waht a wonderful time you must of had.

mairedodd said...

that sounds terrific and takes it to another level... hmm, that stephanie lee class sounds great, will have to look into it... glad you are enjoying it!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Riki..these classes sound wonderful!!Have a wonderful day and give Maddie sweet hugs!!Cat

Rochelle said...

Hi Riki....potty training - easier with one than four! All my pups are gone - we have Buddy with us until my daughter "cleans" her apartment so he won't get into anything there. I am off to Oregon this Friday with Lola and Buddy for some much needed "me" time with my parents. Can't wait for antiques in the street in albany and antiques in coburg! I have been held hostage in my home for 4 months - now I am let free! Let the fun begin!

I was thinking of taking Stephanie's online class too - taking one of her classes at art and soul - missing links. I can't wait. Is her metalsmithing one good?


slommler said...

Beautiful work!! Glad the class went well!!
Enjoy the sun!! Wish I could follow it...I smell fall in the air here...sniff!!!

Katsui Jewelry said...

The affect of the two clays together is just beautiful! I didn't quite understand when I heard about it but I am dazzled! I am taking a class tomorrow night for soldering. It is my second class (I am on the remedial track) and I have to have better skills before I take one from Sally Jean at Silver Bella.

The Metalsmithing class sounds very interesting. I will have to look that up. There are so many opportunities these days, aren't there? I just dont have non-ending money ;-)


Beatnheart said...

Riki you just keep learning and growing and getting better all the time. So pleased with the new love in your life.. joy!~

farmlady said...

This is so interesting. I didn't know you could mix metal clay like this. Tell us more about it soon.
Be safe on your trip back to California. Love to Mattie too....

Diana said...

What a fun class. I would love to take a class from Hadar some day..she certainly is a pioneer in the clay world. What a beautiful combination of metals, so warm and rich. Thank you for sharing.

Charlene said...

Looks like a great class! I do love the mix of the two metals. Thanks for sharing. And 2 kilns is a great idea! Dragging something that big/heavy would be a drag! Send some of that cool weather this way! It's dreadful. HOT & HUMMID! WHY DO I LIVE HERE? HUGS! Charlene

Pretty Things said...

One of my friends is taking Stephanie's class and gifted me with her book -- I can see some applications I can use even though my style is bright and funky rather than rustic. Can't wait to see what you do with it!