Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Fall Class!

Oh boy, oh boy!

A new class for the fall...making bezels!

Diana Frey and I are sooooo excited to offer this class.  It is going to involve a TON of techniques. 

 If you have been wanting to learn to solder with a torch, work with resin, learn more cold connections,  more involved wire techniques, the art of composition and design principles...

this is the class for you!

We are going to make bezels of all sorts, and some from the found objects you bring to the class as well. Then we will fill the bezels with resin and everything from found objects, to photos, to tin types!  So much fun.

Mark your calendars, hope to see you there.  We'll be teasing you with bezels we make up for the class in the next month or so.  

So bring your imagination, a friend, and a sack lunch.
Hope to see you, sign up quickly, space is limited.

(Be sure to hop over to Diana's blog and check out her new design, it is lovely.)

Hugs to all,


TesoriTrovati said...

So much fun! That would be a dream to take this class with you two ladies. So wish I lived closer!
Enjoy the day, Riki!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh, that would be my dream class!!!
I too wish I would leave closer:)
Have a wonderful Sunday,Riki.

Charlene said...

Oh Diana & Riki (I left this same message at her blog) you two are such teases!!!! I am thrilled with the new class. I think I just need to freakin MOVE to California. Do you think we can convince Hubby? NO!!!!!!!!! I have taken a couple of classes in making besels (one with the torch at Gilded Life)& more than a few resin classes but, as in any class I KNOW that I would learn more techniques that I could use. And day 2 sounds very intriguing! Let me see what I can get worked out. Maybe he would give me this as an Annv gift... if I can make it an "on the cheap" type of deal... HUGS!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

what an amazing class! I love your creations - they are all gorgeous!

Karen Valentine said...

Oh I wish I could come and play!!!! That would be so wonderful! Especially if Miss Charlene came too!!
Thank you for your sweet shout out about the apron. :) I'm so glad you like it!!! Enjoy my friend and have a lovely week!!

Debrina said...

Oh Riki! I found you again! When I updated my blog a few months ago, all my favourites just dropped off my side panel :-( Anyway, I've managed to find you again, so pronto I have you back up on my blog. Oh and my new blogger address is now:
You may need to update my details on your blog if you have them (including the foloowers page).
Well, I must say, this workshop looks flippin' amazing! I hope you have a heap of fun!

Beatnheart said...

oh temptation.... let me see if I can work this one out. I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully my Etsy shop will rake in some dough that I can proceed to turn around and use to take the class.

Rochelle said...

Wish I lived closer.....let's see, how can I justify going away at the beginning of October to fall art camp with Terri Brush, then again at the end of the month to Pismo Beach! I don't think it's gonna fly with
xo Rochelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Riki!
I've been trying to leave a comment for over a day now... I'll do it as anonymous and see if it works! So big congrats on this exciting adventure. No doubt you and Diana will be amazing together! Wheeeee!

susie said...

I LOVE your bezels Riki...I always notice them 1st in your jewlery design, especially if the have a tiny tin type in them!
How I wish I could come, sounds fabulous!!!
Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Friend...
Big Hugs,

cat kerr said...

NOOOOOOOOO..Must move to California..Must not I will be strong..Kinda..still sobbing here..Am I in any way convincing you to come to Florida..maybe..pretty please..ok gosh darn..Congrats on the I'm grinding teeth here.hhheeehhhee.Big Hugs and really CONGRATS to you both!!Cat

Pretty Things said...

Riki, before too long, I'm going to buy a ticket to meet you and Diane. I just can't stand seeing all these lovely things I'm missing!

Lynn Stevens said...

oh you gals are gonna have so much fun!!!
I've been MIA too. seems like forever.
off to see what else you've been up to.
hugs Lynn