Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back to Camp Schumacher


We are back on San Juan Island, in Washington state, for the summer.  It is so beautiful here.  And Maddie is loving it!

After spending two weeks getting our property all cleared off, since it was overgrown with weeds, we finally got the job done.  Every bone in my body hurt for two weeks, then I actually started getting used to it!

So between weeding, planting flowers and making the workshop ready for my first show, the Island Artists Tour, we found some time to take a few hikes on our beautiful island.

Here is Maddie, enjoying the afternoon outing.   

It was great to get out, get some fresh air, and see the scenery.  
Now is she cute or what?

Here is a nice vintage point of a park called English Camp.  This is a sweet lagoon where the British had their camp, back in the 1860's, protecting their territory.  It wasn't decided yet whether Britain or America got these islands. They almost had a war over it!  But things got settled peacefully, not one shot was fired, and the US ended up with them.  We can see Canada from our house.

Here's a shot of my studio during the tour.  I grabbed that opportunity to get a shot, since so many people were there!  I told them to all look interested in my jewelry, ha ha!  They thought it was pretty cool.

Did I mention Maddie turned one year old?  Party to follow!
 And she has a new playmate, Sally.  She is another Havanese, so they are best friends! I take her to her house a couple times a week to romp and play, its too cute.

Here they are playing their sweet hearts out.

That's the latest from Camp Schumacher.  
I hope to have some fun news to announce very shortly.  I'm working on getting some classes organized in the Seattle area this summer. 
 I'll let you know pronto!

How is your summer going so far? Would love to hear.
Hugs to all.


slommler said...

So far my summer has been super busy with my grandkids! Fun times!
Can't wait to hear of your new classes...maybe this year I can finally come?

Lisa said...

looks like paradise! beautiful photos Riki...and Maddie is truly a doll..

Charlene said...

Elle & I send BDay greetings to the MAD DOG! So cute in all the photos! I love all the different shots from the scenery, to the studio, to you & MADDIE! I miss you! HUGS!
Charlene & Elle

Diana said...

What great photos of all of you Schumachers. Your studio looks great...I'm sure those ladies visiting didn't have to force it too much showing interest in your could they not love it! Wish Miss Maddie a happy birthday from Aunt Diana. Miss you guys...enjoy your summer, my friend,

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Riki!
Oh I love this post! You look so pretty with sweet Maddie. These are all such great pictures of a wonderful time! Love seeing Maddie playing with her little friend. Phoebe just met a new friend today too. They are so fun to watch aren't they?

Looks like an amazing time. Thank you for sharing.

Beatnheart said...

What a fabulous life you lead! From one glorious place to another. You must be doing something right. The class you are offering in fall sounds so

diane cook said...

Happy Birthday to cutie pie Maddie! Yes, she is just he cutest =) That is a great picture of you two...and the one of Fred gazing out onto the waters between you and Canada.
Miss you my friend!

farmlady said...

Maddie is already a year old? My how fast the year went by.
Your summer place is so beautiful.
Enjoy every moment up there.

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

I just found your blog, oh my gosh it is wonderful. Beautiful island. Maddie is adorable (Happy Birthday Maddie), looks like she is going to enjoy the summer as well. I am still busy looking at your blog but wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying it and love, love your jewelry. The Magnolia Pearl outfit is to die for.

Hugs, Jackie

Sea Witch said...

Just discovered your blog and so glad that I did. Those sweet pups are too cute for school. Your work is lovely and I see you are also a Magnolia Pearl convert. I adore her clothing and one day, I will also own a piece. Loved our group of Texas gals...what a fun and attractive group of women. Will swim by often. Sea Witch

Gaby Bee said...

OMG, Maddie is adorable. She looks so cute with her party hat!

Have a lovely day!
Gaby xo

susie said...

Oh Riki,
Your house on the island is AWESOME!!! It looks so beautiful there...what an amazing place to spend your summers & create. I bet your muse just flys over your house the entire time your there!! :)) You live a magical life my friend!!!
Hugs & Cowboys,

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh Maddie looks like she is having the time of her life and Happy 1st Birthday to her!!!
What a beautiful place to spend some time. I'd have a hard time leaving. Enjoy the rest of your summer!
hugs Lynn

My Sparrows Nest said...

I love your blog and your gorgeous jewelry! Hugs and Tweets!

Marcy Antle said...

Oh Riki,that pup is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!!! I have not seen any classes from you at Art Unraveled in Portland and/or Adorn Me in Houston next year? I've been dying to take one of your classes. I am taking a couple of your friend, Diane Cook's classes. Your summer place is gorgeous.