Thursday, March 15, 2012

Contest loot!

I won a contest!

It isn't everyday I win anything, so this was really fun.  I won my friend Cindy Crain's pink goodies.  Yeah!  So many cute and fun things to work with.  Love the buttons, and look at that sweet ballerina!  I have always wanted one of those.  That would be fun in  a mixed media what kind??

Check out Cindy's wonderful blog at Lily's Lace.
I just hopped over the to see what she was up to.  Since Cindy lives in Texas, like so many of my friends do, she is attending the Round Top Antique show. 

Here's a picture of Cindy at the Magnolia Pearl booth, (here's where I'm whining and drooling).  I was there last March, Lord have mercy. It is easy to just hand them over your purse and wallet.  You either love their clothes or you don't. I happen to love them!

I forgot to post pics of the pieces I got over Valentine's Day. Okay, I promise to do a little fashion show and show you guys. So fun to wear, romantic, lovely. You feel like a girl in them!

Hi Cindy. Wish I was there. Whine.

Okay, enough drooling for one day. Right.

Here's a shot of the cover of my new DVD that I've listed in my Etsy store!!

I have been asked for a DVD version, so here are a few.

Thanks for looking.  Hope you're having a fabulous week.
HUGE rain coming here to the Central Coast of California.  Much needed though.

Love and hugs,



KJ said...

My cousin told me about Magnolia Pearl. Beautiful.

Renee Troy said...

Very sweet Riki! You make pink look fab! Love Magnolia Pearl as well. It would be hard to resist at least a few basic to add to my wardrobe. Cindy makes the fashion worthy, I must say.

Cindy Craine said...

You are such a sweetie Miss Riki!! Thanks for the props and shout out to your leagues of fans!! I so wish you were coming to Round Top, are you sure your dance card is full?? We could fit you a little Riki sized bed in the closet!?? I need a Magnolia Pearl intervention! Hope to see you soon, xoxo-cindy