Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Etsy listing

No Joke....FINALLY....on Etsy!
Happy April Fools day everyone.

What a day to pick for my first listing! Ha ha. But I stayed up into the wee hours of the night, and got an item listed. I'm hoping every item isn't going to take that long! I can't believe how many items some people have listed, that's a LOT of time involved. But it must be worth it, some sell tons, like my friend Lynn Davis.

So cruise by and take a look if you have time. Let me know how I did, and how I can improve on the next listing.
Appreciate all your support ladies. A special thanks to Julie Pishny of Prairie Thistle for her help and advice on some of the housekeeping stuff for Etsy. It really helped Julie. Now get those pieces in to Belle Armoire Jewelry and get published!

I'm off to play some jokes on some fun people. Hope you do the same. This opportunity only comes once a year!


TesoriTrovati said...

You go girl!
I had a goal of selling on Etsy by the end of the first quarter...well, on Tuesday I spent hours (up to the wee ones) getting the shop set up. I have a banner, and an avatar, and a welcome. Nothing to sell yet. But my friends Heather and Mary Jane have encouraged me that there is a whole ocean out there waiting for me to swim in it and I should just take it slow. So I am right behind you! (In more than one way!) The piece is FANTASTIC! I am sure that it will sell.
Enjoy the day!

SharonP said...

Your bracelet is just gorgeous! I always enjoy your work in Belle Armoire and your last article on etching is very encouraging for novices like me. Good luck with your new Etsy shop!

Cindy said...

Riki, what a beautiful opening piece for your new Etsy shop!!! Congrats on opening your new Etsy shop, btw! How exciting!

slommler said...

Love the bracelet and your listing looks great! I like what you wrote. Well done!!

shelley in bigsky said... darling...bravo! just keep amazing me of where you are going with your art...since we first met in seattle...light year my dear...light years! LY...shelley

Jen Crossley said...

:ove your brace;et Riki Im sure you will sell it no worries

Esther said...

o wowwwwwwww!! just perfect!! wish you he success!!

diane said...

Bravo!! on your first listing Riki! And, what a beautiful one =)
You go girl =))))

jill said...

Riki, what a lovely piece to help you embark on your etsy "career"....may you do very well!

Anonymous said...

beautiful first piece for your etsy shop! wishing you much succes!

i too hate the listing process, that's why i have so little in my shop. :(

Julie Pishny said...

Riki - Your first etsy offering in GORGEOUS!!! All the hard work has paid off the photography is excellent and showcases your work beautifully. Can't wait to see more... xo Julie

Lynn Stevens said...

Hey I made it through this time LOL. Great piece. Its a ton of work to load this stuff isn't it? Now off to check it out!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Oh Riki..Its stunning!! I just love the word "Breathe" on the side."Like a breathe of fresh air" Ooohh I love that!!..Warmest Regards,Cat

Laurel said...

Congrats on finally listing something - welcome to the insanity that it Etsy!

Beatnheart said...

Oh Riki !! spot on soul sista!!! I'm still working on getting on dumb!!! Working on everything including it seems my life story!!! don't know where the heck that came from...anyhow, sewing Marta Stewart living this month they mention a fav sewing machine...a Singer..whaaa now I can't remember the single word name of it..under $300..check it out in current you ,love your work!!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh Riki how exciting and such a huge brave step!!!! Congratulations!!!!

I apologize for being so tardy with my visits. I seem to have gotten way behind, while in the midst of the anxiety of my first show and sale! Please forgive me I will try to be a better kindred art sister now that I know I won't die of sheer terror!!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

PS Did you decide on a sewing machine yet??? If you like please drop me a line and I'll visit with you :)