Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Buying a sewing machine

which sewing machine should I buy?

I have been searching for the right sewing machine to buy. After making my little bags for Adorn Me, to put cuffs and boxes into for those being purchased, I am HOOKED. So I've been reading all the mixed media blogs I can, including Ruth Rae's. And reading articles regarding mixed media and assemblage. No one has any real tangible advice. So I'm reaching out to my blogging artist sisters and asking for you help, and advice.

Here's what I'm thinking in what I need in a machine.
  • I want one that isn't REAL expensive, say $200-250
  • I've borrowed a Brother machine, that was okay, but not great. BUT, I do like being able to change the length of a stitch, really helpful. But it was too heavy.
  • I borrowed a Janome Gold 2, lower end, not able to change length of a stitch. Sewed well, smooth, but not enough features, and runs $250
  • I went shopping and saw some that might work. Anyone know anything about White machines? Are they good, going to hold up. They have one at $188 that has all the bells and whistles and features I want, and oh, did I mention has to be light weight and PORTABLE? For sure portable. It also has an ingenious feature. You can take the hard plastic cover off and use it as an extended table that fits into the machine, so your piece doesn't fall off. This one is only 12 lbs, very light. I was told Janome makes this model of White machine?? That sounds good.
  • Also saw a Baby Lock, entry level. Seems to be good, but heavier.
Okay, this is quite the dilemma. I want to make sure it has the ability to put one of those floating, free form feet on it too. Apparently, most machines have that feature. I'm seeing some free form sewing in my future, making cute gift bags for my Etsy purchases, (if I ever get some items entered into the store), and little wall hangings, stuff like that. I want to be able to free form sew them, and add papers, stuff like that.

ANY suggestions would be so appreciated ladies!!!
Thanks so much for your help.


slommler said...

I would say the White machine may just fit your bill; especially if made by Janome. I have a Singer with all the bells and whistles but I don't have an extender table so that would be cool. Mine cost $189.00 so not too bad and it is pretty light and portable. I also have a Janome Embellishing machine that I adore. I uses felting needles. No bobbin and no thread. It joins layers of fabric is like knitting them together. It is really cool.
Good luck

Charlene said...

Oh you & I are at about the same place. I got one for Christmas the first year we were married & honey you KNOW that was awhile ago!!!!!!! It still works but, I want to replace it & feel guilty doing so. It is in a cabinet so there is the setting it up... and there are so many new features.... but, will I use them? That $250 could be a class or two or an airplane ticket you know. Please share the info you get with all of us. I miss my buddies. HUGS to you my friend & I hope you are having a wonderful week. Charlene

farmlady said...

I have a very old sewing machine that I don't use very much, so I'm not the one to offer advice. I do know that the lighter weight the better. Mine is terribly heavy but it's 30 years old.
Hope you find one that's just right. They do seem to be less expensive than they use to be. That's an amazing thing in itself.
Let us know what you get.

Barbara Lewis said...

Look for a used Bernina. It's like buying a previously-owned Mercedes ... Get one of the old ones, without the computer technology, because you won't need it. Besides, these are the true work horses and need very little adjusting to get perfect stitches every time.

Esther said...

Can't help you dear Riki but love the idea that you are hooked.. who can stop you??? (and why? )not a sewing machine!! can't wait to see your choice!

Me! said...

Dear Riki,
For a good basic *anything*, {as trendy as it isn't}, you just can't beat, good old fashioned Kenmore. (And a basic machine is not a bad thing, either, come to think of it.} I REALLY recommend the extended warrantiy on a sewing machine though, cause, even still, they don't make 'em like they used to. On that note, don't rule out any ol' thing you can find for a song at a garage sale.
But, seriously now, I've sewn all my life, I need a good strong basic machine and I drive a Kenmore. :}