Monday, March 22, 2010

There's a few spaces left for our
charm bracelet workshop!!

Diana Frey and I have this workshop almost filled, but there are few spaces left. We would love to have you join us if you can. We're going to include so many skill building techniques into this workshop. You'll learn to work with pmc making molds, and setting some crystals.
Then with mixed metals, we're teaching sawing, piercing,
cold connections, wire wrapping,
and making clasps.
On top of all of that, you'll learn how to ETCH brass or copper.
Now doesn't this sound like fun??
Did I mention we're feeding you a home made lunch, each day, as well?
And can Diana cook!

So if you're interested in the fun Charming Romance weekend, in sunny central coast California, in Pismo Beach, at MY house, just let Diana know at We'll get you signed up pronto.
Have a great week everyone. Make something beautiful.

Stay tuned to the grand opening of my new Etsy Store. I'm so excited, I'm going to do a giveaway to roll it out!! After years of "going to do it", I'm finally doing it!!


Beatnheart said...

Sounds so fab..wish I had the bucks...If and when you do a class in the LA area(where I don't have to book a hotel) let me know...Maybe then I can pull it off. I want to learn new techniques!! Warm Regards, Cynthia Wolff

Me! said...

I want SO BADLY to attend! I even checked early with Diana, but I just can't this time. Are you keeping a list of interested folk to make certain that we hear about it if you get another class together? If you decide to {make a list} . . . I want my name on it! Thank you!
Have fun! It sounds like it will be wonderful!
I'm so jealous!
~ Debbi {greenemt(at)aol(dot)com}

diane said...

Sounds like ALOT of fun things to learn with two great ladies!!
And, I do love the blog header Riki =) Sara did a great job for you =)

sharon said...

Riki...I looove that banner! I so wish I could come...sigh...PA is a bit too far away at that moment! Please take lots of pics and do tell us everything! (Maybe start doing online classes...*wink*wink)!

The Joy of Nesting said...

SIGN me up sign me up...sigh.... Do you think the Easter Bunny has goota have lists like Santa???? Cuz if she does... I gotta go check this could work you know!! :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

farmlady said...

Lisa and I can't wait. We have our reservations and we will be on our way down in two weeks.
LOL, Connie

slommler said...

I wish I could go too...but the timing in April just doesn't work for me. You said fall you might have a class...maybe then I will be able too!

Julie Pishny said...

Yeah! An etsy shop - FINALLY we can all purchase your beautiful creations. I adore my necklace and wear it all the time - matching earrings??? Can't wait to see your offerings -

I would love to attend your workshop - but I'll just have to suck it up until I can finally come out to California for a visit and workshop. Work has a way of getting in the way of my personal enjoyment!

Stay creative and enjoy the sushine - Julie

Charlene said...

I WNAT to come to this class soooooooooooooooo badly. I checked air fare & everything but, I just can't make it happen. I leave on the 22 for Petticoats & Parasols in Savannaha & just can't make the time & the $$$$$$$$$$ fit. I hope you & Diana will do this class again. Are you getting settled back in after ADORN ME? That's a lot of work to pack, fly, take classes, vendor night, pack, fly.... but, so worth it I'm sure. I LOVED our time together. HUGS to you my friend. Charlene

Cindy said...

Riki, I sure wish I could come! I would love to take this class with you and is packed full of great techniques.....those lucky ladies who do attend will be sure to have a blast!

Lyneen said...

I wish I was in the area... I WOULD be THERE in a HEART BEAT!

Jessica Moreau Berry said...

one of these days you guys will find me on your doorstep in CA.


xox ~Jes