Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My talented friends

I'm a lucky girl!

Every now and then, you just get lucky. I must have eaten my lucky charms, because I have so many talented friends in this blogging world. If I haven't mentioned lately how many talented ladies I've met through blogging land, shame on me.

So I would like to showcase a few right now.

Below are a darling pair of earrings made by the talented Maire Dodd. Not only are these beautiful, they are mine! I was lucky enough to win these in her on line contest at Love My Art Jewelry, where she is a contributing artist with some other talented ladies.

Maire describes these earrings as "journey earrings...the powerful symbol of the unending circle, combined with papers preserved in resin that encourage one to live...hand dyed fibers in beautiful blue/green...and iolite-a stone for spiritual seekers which helps to balance the yin/yang energies".

I love the beautiful insight, thoughtfulness and love that goes in to her work. I have worn these many times already, and they feel good. Not only beautiful, but knowing a dear friend made them.
Thank you MJ.

Another talented designer, and dear friend, is the lovely Diane Cook. I was lucky enough to meet Diane in the blogging world, take a three day workshop with her in LA, then got to teach with her in Houston at Adorn Me last March. I find Diane to be a very talented designer, a wonderful teacher, has a wonderful flare for composition, and one heck of a photographer. She is on fire these days, incredibly busy in the jewelry world and great at organizing challenges.'s you chance to play! Diane has set up a challenge to use beautiful findings by her favorite finding supplier, Brass Bouquet. The button is on my sidebar, so just click it for the details. She's got a fun challenge she's organized.
Way to go Diane.

Thanks for getting to know my friends!
Hugs to all.


Rita said...

Don't we have some great blogging friends? I don't think I can go back on not having a blog.
Thank you Riki for stopping by mammabellarte. Hey Rainbow is a couple of hours away from you, why don't you plan a trip down here. I have a place for you to stay, chai tea to share and some James Taylor and.....solder. Ciao Rita

Diane Cook said...

Riki....I love Maire's (now your) earrings! How beautiful...yes, her work is great!
Thanks so much for talking about my design challenge! It will be loads of FUN!!

stregata said...

Lucky you to win those fabulous earrings. I love mairedodd's work and the intention she puts in every piece. And I also admire Diane - she is such an inspiration.

Sara said...

Pues son hermosos, chica suertuda, ja,ja y tienes razón, hay mucho talento en el mundo bloguero. Disfruta tu regalo.

slommler said...

I just love the blogging world. I too have met some fabulously talented and loving people who craft the most wondrous things. Your friends pieces are terrific. Thanks for sharing their work.

Lisa said...

you are a lucky girl! those are such beautiful earrings by MJ!

Alice said...

I wouldn't be where I am without blogging friends. I have 'met' so many wonderful, caring, sharing people this way.

I wanted those earrings badly, but I'm glad they went to someone special.

mairedodd said...

thank you riki for your friendship - and i am so glad that you love your earrings! i am about to post about diane's challenge myself!

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Those earrings are so beautiful, I entered to win them myself. Enjoy.
I am going to check out the challenge right now...

sharon said...

How wonderful you get to wear Maire's creations, and to have met and worked with Diane! I consider myself lucky everyday to have met all of you here!

Cindy said...

Congrats on winning Mary Jane's beautiful earrings...I'd wear them ALL the time too if they were mine!
Yes, we have met some wonderful people here through our blogs...and lucky for both you and Diane that you have met one another in person! You two are two peas in a pod - both so talented and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I love meeting new artists!! Thanks for sharing your talented friends with us. This community has opened so many doors and friendships, I can't imagine how I survived without it!


Anonymous said...

beautiful earrings and friends!