Sunday, October 10, 2010

On the cuff class this weekend

On the Cuff class
is this coming weekend!

And do we have some wonderful surprises in store!!!

This photo is just a teaser of what we made for the class. I can't tell you what it is yet, don't want to give anything away. What I can tell you, is that EVERY student gets one!
Pretty cool, huh?

And WH and I were busy at work today making some hand made bench pins for the student to use. I got the idea from Thomas Mann when I took his class in Houston at Adorn Me. He had hand built bench pins for each student, because we were going to do a lot of sawing with our jewelry saws. And boy were those handy. The challenge here is making sure they fit on those dang plastic eight foot tables. For those who teach, these are incredibly handy. Then use C-clamps or adjustable clamps to clamp them on the table for each student. You never know what tables you are going to be supplied to teach with at a convention! I learned that quickly.

Here's WH cutting the patterns out for the bench pins.

Here is an attractive picture of me sanding each one with the new belt sander. I use this for metal too, its fabulous, thank you Jill! And it is over 80 degrees out there today! Yikes. Ah well, just an excuse to go get a cold drink and watch a movie until it cools off!

And here's what they look like when done.

If you're coming to the class, feel free to dress up for Halloween! If you can't make it this time, hope to see you another time. We're working on the next class, so stay tuned!

Oh, and Happy Halloween all you little goblins!


Pretty Things said...

I'd LOVE to take a class with Thomas Mann but his sheer awesomeness intimidates me!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

SO cool that you made bench pins for all the students! That's a nice surprise in itself. Have a great time!

sharon said...

Looks like this will be another fabulous event Riki! The surprises have me jealous and the bench pins are an awesome are amazing and so caring!

Suz said...

It was so much fun to see your article in Jewelry Affaire today. I have it marked to more "fully read" as I was riding in the car. I would love to have a bench pin. What an amazing treat. I wish your husband would turn his head in that picture...he looks adorable! I hope someday I will be in one of your classes!

Diane Cook said...

Lookie lookie what you and your husband have done! You busy little bees.....
Oh, what fun your students will have!!
And, if you dress up for Halloween, that will be the cat's meow! LOL....

farmlady said...

I wish Lisa and I could be there but life gets in the way sometimes.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Cindy said... amaze me. Just look at you and your husband creating something so special for your students...really the icing on the cake to what will be such a fantastic class. Sure wish I lived a bit closer so I could attend too!

Diana said...

You two are awesome!!!

slommler said...

What a wonderful treat for your new students!
They will be thrilled!

Lynn Stevens said...

how fun!!! so wish I could be attending! I'll be waiting to hear more after your class!

Kim Palmer said...

Great idea to make the bench pins. Love the awesomely flattering dust mask, LOL! I'd love to take a class with you, maybe oneday you'll make it to Oz! Love the pics from the shopping trips, wowsers lots of bling baby! Great eyecandy just looking at all the pics! Have fun with the class.

Marlene said...

I can't wait...How fun! great picture of you and hubby ..but... wheres that little girl Maddie?? How was she left out?? I am sure she was somewhere around when you were sanding?
See you this weekend! Marlene

Beatnheart said...

I still have my “bench dog” from my first jewelry class 30 years ago. Exactly the same design. Thank you so much for your kind and insightful
comment Riki. It always helps to have an understanding group of friends behind you when the going gets tough. I picked up a few antique silverplate napkin rings on my trip...thought about you when I bought them. all the best. Cynthia

La Dolce Vita said...

you do look so stylish!! bet it will be a great class and my B & Noble was sold out of Jewelry affaire! rats!! @#$! xox

mairedodd said...

what a fabulous class that sounds like! have fun -

Suzanne said...

What a great idea, making your own bench pins. Everyone should have a couple extra because we're always sawing and drilling into them.