Thursday, October 21, 2010

rhinestone fun

Could use your HONEST opinion!

Remember all the fun bling I bought at the Alameda Antique show weeks ago? Tons of bling in the form of vintage earrings, buttons and necklaces. To say I got carried away is putting it mildly. But they are just sooooo beautiful, and I wanted to play with some new ideas. If you knew how many found objects I've been collecting over the years...well, suffice it to say that its tough moving them around all the time, with all the containers they are in.

So here's my thinking. Make some really feminine pieces, since a client has requested I make some more "girlie", and use up a ton of found objects, and the bling from the "collection" I now have.

So, what do you think of using these vintage rhinestone necklaces?
Will the ladies buy them?
Who do you think the target is, income wise, age wise?

Do you like these, and can I improve upon them? I'm not used to all the bling, but I've worn these out, and I have to say, are very fun!

Would love to hear from you. Thumbs up??
Hugs and love to all,


TesoriTrovati said...

They are beautiful Riki! My own market research from the one show that I do this past week is that people want more simple. But there is a market for these. I think that there is a definite income bracket, and there is certain funky hip-ness with that group that will want these. Maybe a posh boutique? I actually think something like that may have been appealing to some of the people who were at the show I was attending. Good luck with that, and let us know how it turns out!

*jean* said...

gorgeous! i have always loved the patina of vintage jewelry and you have updated it beautifully! i could see wire wrapped natural stone briolettes working here(or a big freshwater pearl drop) as rutillated quartz for the top one and some kind of polished moss/montana agate for the bottom...just a thought..i have a piece of my grandmother's jewelry that is a lavish silver frame around a polished piece of moss is gorgeous together..

Suz said...

I am going to a benefit this weekend (yuck, so not me) and, having been there before, I can imagine some of the women wearing the first, with a dress that has a lot of flesh showing and a spray tan (this is Minnesota). They want a lot of bling, one of a kind and a little funk. Their income is probably $500,000+ and they would probably buy it at a little Boutique, as opposed to a fair. They are probably thirty-five to fifty. I would wear the second in a flash. I will be wearing a black pant suit with oriental panels and little flesh showing and I am over fifty. My income is a lot less!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Riki,
both are very beautiful. My fave is the last one.
Maybe add some pearls? Go for - it I'm sure they sell.Good luck!

Barbara Lewis said...

Riki, These are beautiful. I prefer the last one. I could see myself wearing that every day. The first one would look gorgeous with the right neckline and occasion. Of course some young 20-something could wear that with jeans and pull it off. As far as target audience, I know my 26 y/o daughter would love either of them and so would I ... so that's a pretty big range! I don't know if that helped or not! :-)

MosaicMagpie said...

I love these. I am 50++++ and I would wear them. Showed them to 17 y/o daughter and she thought they were great. I think some where in the $50-$150 price range (depends on the market). These are very unique and people like that. Marie suggested pearls and I agree pearls are timeless. I like the mix of metals, that adds interest to them.

Suz said...

I am Suz, the old one :-) Kat, is the cute young kid! Our name comes from both our names...Kat and Sue/Suz!

Diane Cook said...

I love them both Riki! Great idea and great pieces...for all ages =)
I know they will do well for your client!

Kim Palmer said...

Wow you weren't kidding when you said you found great bling Riki, very scrummy! I'm not sure the market is really defined, I could imagine all sorts of age groups going for a stand out, one off piece from young graduating girls to brides and more mature ladies who like the one off styles so no real help from me there, LOL! I think its pretty universal. Why not try a few over a price range and see how you go? Loved the peeks from your class, I'm so jealous I'm dying to get into etching and the new class sounds like so much fun!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Funny thing Riki,I have,as of late had more and more appreciation for this kind of va-va-voom beauty..I normally wear simple pieces,but lately I keep eyeing these vintage knockouts..personally,I think they go great with a beautiful evening dress..or a great pair of jeans!!
You hit the ball out of the park of this one Riki!!
Big Hugs,Cat

Anonymous said...

Fabulous jewels, dahling! Anything with bling speaks to me. And lots of other chicks too! So create away because there's a market for everything. Especially anything vintage with a modern Riki twist.

Jewel on, sistah!

Andrea said...

I think both pieces are beautiful. But, I have to say the last one is my favorite!

Lisa Loria said...

Both are lovely, the 2nd is my fave.
Riki, I make so many styles of jewelry and all I know for sure is that there is something for everyone. Broadening what one has to offer in terms of style helps sales, I think.
No matter what you make, it is always lovely!
And if you are anything like me, as an artist, it just has to get mixed up!

sharon said...

Both are gorgeous! Each one will appeal to someone. I agree that the second one is more casual, but I know lots of ladies who like bling bling, and yours is the best!

stregata said...

While I don't wear much bling myself - it always has had a market. And always will. Don't we all stop in our tracks, when we find rhinestone bling at the flea market? I love the second necklace!

Jen Crossley said...

Very Nice Riki love what you have done

romantic decay said...

Two thumbs up. These are wonderful!

slommler said...

Definitely thumbs up! I love them and I adore bling. Just can't have enough bling that is for sure.

connie said...

where has bling been all of your life???
riki they are just beautiful and there is definatly a market out there! i am drooling over the second piece!

Beatnheart said...

I agree with the majority ie. the second piece...I ask myself ”why?”.... my two cents worth...the bottom has more going on with the wirewrapped beads desending to the bottom piece. the vintage button is a nice touch. I think the top piece would be more appealing if the bird were more of a tarnished silver color to make it look antique . but you are the success story so I would say go with your gut cause what you are doing is working. All the best Riki...stay cozy in our little rainly spell. Cynthia

Liz Revit said...

Riki, there's definitely a market for vintage rhinestone necklaces. That first piece is amazing. I can't wait to see how you put your own spin on these pieces.

farmlady said...

A bit of a departure for you but I love them. Whatever you make is beautiful so keep on blingin' girl.
I'm sure they will sell. They are lovely.

Diana said...

Well you know my input girlfriend. I think they are amazing! You did an incredible job of changing the vintage bling-a-ling into your own rustic glitz. Love it!

Cindy said...

Riki, I LOVE these! I can see these in an upscale boutique in a place of honor. :-) And who would wear them? Why someone with an eye for one-of-a-kind art jewelry and who has a bold side. I've been collecting rhinestone necklaces for some time as well...there's just something about that bling I know I can't resist!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Miss R,

I think your creations will always have a market!! The second piece has your inspirational creation written all over it. And there in I think lies the key. You have a wonderful ability to meld the more simple sophisticated vintage with the over the top world of bling!!! I would think you would have a fairly good size market since both your "homes" are on the west coast where individual one of a kind rules! :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Julie Pishny said...

Very nice work - the bling is hot right now so your client will love them! Have Fun!