Monday, October 19, 2009

California here I come!

We arrived safely!
I'm happy to report that we made it to California safely, and it was mainly uneventful. What I'm really saying break ins. Of course, I brought what little jewelry that was left over from the summer, in every evening. The thieves knew I was prepared this time!!

Sadly, all the beautiful photos I took to document our lovely trip have vanished off my camera. This has never happened! Has it happened to any of you? To my surprise, I'm ready to download them and...gone. There is simply nothing on my memory stick. How can this happen? Did the camera do it, or the disc just fail? Should I use the disc again, it is working fine now? How curious.

Well, I'll just describe! We stayed at a beautiful place on the Oregon coast, right on the water. The waves were so loud, we had to shut the windows tight. And the sea lions woke us up through out the night. Absoultely heaven. Then on to Mendocino, one of nature's best gifts. The cliffs are high above the black, rocky shore line. The waves come crashing in with their deep aquas and white whipped cream tops. Then the fog and mist started to appear about the time we had to leave, sneaking in silently.

Next stop was the Russian River in California's northern wine country. We drove through tons of giant Redwood groves, bending our necks back to attempt to see the tops. The deep forests were damp with recent rain, and the giants stand guard over seedlings. Having Chester the doggie, we need dog friendly places, so it was off to a tree house above the Russian River. It took some doing getting all the luggage up all the stairs, but once there, we settled in to seeing eye to eye with the tops of golden leafed trees. The wine tasting with our son, daughter in law and their six pals in a huge passenger van turned out to be a blast. We only got stuck in the mud once...but a quick call to AAA and voila, we were out in an hour. Oh, those boys and their automobiles in the mud. Way too much to tempt them.

Then on to Pismo beach. Our little house was waiting with open arms, along with a few neighbors that gave us some hugs and welcomed us back. It's nice to be home, but there were days on this five day journey, I would have loved to click my heels, and be home! Now the real work begins. I'm going to rework my studio space. Rip out carpet, paint, arrange for more storage! Any chance I can click my heels and have this be done?


slommler said...

What a delightful journey you have had. Sounds divine!! Sorry you lost all your pics. That is a real bummer. Might be a bad disc??

Anonymous said...

too bad about your photos, i've never had that happen, so not sure what could have caused it.
can't wait to see photos of your new studio, you will post them won't you.

Charlene said...

Your trip sound like Heaven! I assume you had the RV for this. Darn those camera's. Hate that you lost your photos. My camera died last week so I got a new one. Just did a post about it. It makes you nervous now to take photos & wonderf if you will loose them doesn't it? As for the good fairies coming to do the studio???? Not unless you pay them $$$$$ and then, the work can be done but, the design has to come from you or you won't be happy with the end results. Sorry to burst your bubble!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Rats! I can't believe your pictures are gone. What a bummer! But your vacation sounds like it was a blast.

shelley in bigsky said...

your trip sounds like lots of fun...yes i've had the pics disappear to no where land...never did figure it disc was ok too??? i chalked it off to FM....i can attest to the studio redo....the design part made me giddy...the work...was well i just kept telling myself what the payoff would be and that kept me motoring forward...i just finished my cleanup...redo is messy and put everything away. i will say whatever time frame you have...double it and that's if you stay with it! luv shell

farmlady said...

I haven't been up the coast in years. Reading this makes me want to leave right now and DRIVE..., at least to Mendocino. A very good friend of mine use to live there. I would go every Fall. I miss that.
Glad you're home. Sounds like you are happy to be here too.
Never had a camera disk do that, but if I did I think I would buy another one, program it and start over. Can't be losing photos! Do disks every just wear out?
Have fun with the redo in your studio.

Diana said...

Glad you are home safe my friend. Now go and find those red shoes, then you can click your heels and have it done.

Stephani Gorman said...

Welcome back Riki! Can't wait to have a get together! What a georgous day on the Central Coast! Hugs, Stephani

Jen Crossley said...

Glad you had a safe trip sorry about your photos but the memories are in your head safe and sound

cindy said...

You know I've been peeking in and visiting your blog from time to time...been a follower of our mutual friend Diane. :-) I need to stop "lurking" and start commenting! And I'm so sorry about your pictures...I know how disappointing that must have been. Thanks for sharing the trip through words though!

Susan Tuttle said...

i can certainly imagine your lovely trip:) i am sorry to hear about your photo loss -- that hasn't happened to me. Maybe you could "google" it?