Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Where does inspiration come from?
I got pretty much everything unloaded from the truck, and out of the garage, and into my studio. I hesitated to shoot these pictures, and then post them. But, there is a reason I did. I am in a reflective mood this morning. I am busy counting my blessings, and there are so many. It feels so good to post these pictures, and realize that what this blogging world might be truly about, is more than perfection. It feels good to not have everything in it's place and be able to post these pictures. Does that make sense. I really had to let go of my constant background noise of "is it perfect enough"? So I did. I know I will get things put away, and throw out a ton of things, so it fits, after I get some more storage. Not to worry!

Before I made this post, I did a little surfing this morning. It was perfect to find some things that were moving for me to read, as well as enlightening. After looking at my friend Diane Cook's blog, I read that she is touched by a lady she heard about with breast cancer. We send out love and prayers for her. That situation puts everything into perspective.
Then I came upon a post on Teesha Moore's blog where she quoted Wayne Dyer on his 12-step Program to Simplicity. Reminders to "eliminate ego clutter, in order to be receptive to inspiration". How to "Sweep it Clean, Inside and Out". He quotes Socrates who says "He is nearest to God who needs the fewest things". It is on her 9/3/09 post.

Now, how does this all tie in for me.? I don't feel like as much of a loser in having so many items, AND not having a place for everything. That is not important in the larger scheme of life. Our health is the only thing that truly matters. We don't have a choice about that. I have a choice about wanting to keep "things" or eliminate them. But I do agree with Wayne, "eliminating ego clutter" can have an amazing affect on your inspiration. After I was robbed of all the jewelry it took me six months to create, the most amazing thing happened....inspiration! I'm guessing it was my "ego clutter" that got stolen. Not because I made it, but because it was just a lot of "things". Yes, my heart and soul went in to making those, but in the big picture, they are just things. And I know in my heart I wouldn't have started from scratch in a new direction with designing if everything hadn't have been taken.

So thank you robbers!! You helped me get to an amazing place of inspiration, a re-growth position... you took the blossoms, but not the roots!
I hope this was inspiring for you!


Silver Artisan said...

Hey Riki,
Thank you for your sweet comment to my blog. I didn't notice you had a new post. Soo cool to have your own studio. I loved your prior post, talking about your husband being so nice, you are very blessed.
My own husband is a sweety as well. He truly goes out of his way to make me happy, not that I'm hard to please : ), he is very supportive and never complains about my spending, (art supplies, yikes).
I was going to tell you that my living-dinning room is painted blue as well, and I've been thinking about converting my sitting room into my studio, it has great natural light.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

I agree with idea of "de-clutter your world, de-clutter your life" but I'll be the first to admit that I'm not there yet. It is just a collection of "things" and we don't need them in the end to be happy. Sometimes we like pretty things to look at but in my case I'm overwhelmed with "stuff" and I feel like my mind is cluttered as well. Thanks for enlightening us today!

shelley in bigsky said...

ahhhh...so true. i'm in the process of putting all that "stuff" away in my brand spanky newly remodeled studio too and yes i'm running out of room. so i've taken a few days off to step back and reassess what really needs to stay and what needs to leave. i did this when i packed everything up to remodel and am going to do it again. thanks for the inspiration and the change you have so graciously shared. luv shell

Barbara said...

Looks like the digs of a creative genius to me!

Jen Crossley said...

Im trying to declutter as we speak Im feeling better, I can actually find things I never knew I had LOL.I dont have a studio :{ just a dining room table and a understanding Hubby and kids

Charlene said...

WOW! I love loved the "they took the blossoms not the roots" WONDERFUL! Indeed you did touch my mind & soul with this on Riki! Bravo

diane said...

Yes, it has inspired me! You are such a great lady! I am so blessed to be called your friend. You inspire me every day....and so much more =)
I am anxiously awaiting those after pictures.

farmlady said...

INSPIRATIONAL? It was, Riki, it was!!..., and you know where I've been, emotionally, lately.
Health, Love, Friends and Home..., I think I have my priorities straight. I'm really so lucky.
I just need a good organizer and the ability to let go of "things".
Thanks for an insightful post....

slommler said...

Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with me. Good things to remember!! I am focused on the clean sweep of it all; inside and outside!!

Cindy said...

Your words are so right...and you address a topic that I seriously need to work on. Letting go of the "stuff" is hard for me, being so sentimental. But the stuff is really getting in the way. Thanks for sharing this perspective...it sure helps. And I'm glad to hear how you've come a long way since your jewelry was robbed.

SharonP said...

I know what it's like to be robbed of possessions that are a part of you, sentimental objects given to me by my grandparents, things collected over the years that have emotions and events attached. Every now and then I remember what I lost and the nasty person who just threw them away without a thought and with definite malice.
I do remind myself that this life is brief and transitory and the old adage rings tue, you can't take it with you!

So glad you tranformed a tragedy into a triumph!

Julie said...

Hi there, I am a new follower and delighted to find your beautiful blog - yummy. How you are dealing with adversity says alot about your nature - you are an optimistic and intelligent woman for learning to let things go that are not a natural part of your happy outlook on life. It takes an amazing woman to let go and look up. Your new creations will be even more beautiful and full of your lovely spirit. You are an inspiration to us all, my dear Riki.

Tracey said...

My husband likes to call me a collector of junk but I think of myself as sentimental... be it, as it may, I agree that it is good to go through and through out stuff every-so-often, revealing a clearer perspective.

I will have to remember to also do the same with the, "ego clutter."

New Reader