Friday, October 2, 2009

Timeless Creations

I was lucky enough to visit the B.C. Museum of Art in Victoria, Canada a month ago or so. What a spectacular museum it is. They had on display some ancient jewelry. I was so inspired by the gold, Roman pieces, they just talked to me. I stood in front of them and felt such a kindred spirit, almost as though I used to own one or two of them. That happens quite often when I view Roman jewelry. There was a piece that was on a hand woven chain, not unlike the Viking Knit we're all learning these days. The designer, thousands of years ago, used a simple medallion with two hooks, on a chain. This is my version of seeing that spectacular piece.

Who knows, maybe I was Roman royalty at one time? I'm sure my husband is sure of it! Seeing the beautiful craftsmanship is a reminder, we are all human, we make jewelry the same way, and we have similar passions, thousands of years later.


Jessica Moreau Berry said...

I just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this!!!!

Your work is beautiful!

xoxox ~Jes

Diana said...

Bravo my friend!!!

diane said...

Gorgeous piece Riki! Your interpretation of what you experienced at the museum has come "alive" in your work today! Loved reading your story =)

slommler said...

Your piece is awesome!!! Love the hooks! Great interpretation!!