Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Artful Gathering Session 2

Thank you SO much for taking part in my first class at 
Artful Gathering. What a fun time! I know the creations are going to be amazing. Can't wait to see them all.

Today is the last day for registration for 
Session 1, and there is still four weeks left of class!

It's time to sign up for 
the second session!

Overcoming the Fear of Fire
Artful Gathering
July 15-August 25

All on line, and interactive with your instructor, me, for six weeks!
Here is a little promo I made, to give you an idea of the fun we will have.

This workshop is designed to help the beginner become familiar with butane torches, the variety available, and how to use them.  
What can you do with them? 
How do they work?
Can you ball wire? Float solder?

That is all here, plus how to set up mixed gases, and what are some possibilities with the Smith Little Torch.

Why not take this journey with me...
step outside your box,
introduce heat to your creations?

Here are some examples of how much you can do when you incorporate a torch into your creations...

solder rhinestones onto metal....

solder found objects onto metal...

you can even use a butane torch to enamel  (this is not shown in the workshop)

just a few examples of the wonder of mixing heat into your creations!

I am so excited about bringing this workshop to you, 
and ALL ON LINE!  
It is the first time being offered and I will be demonstrating many processes for you.

How to ball wire?
How to float solder on metal?
Just a few of the basics demonstrated.

If you have any hesitations on how to use your butane torch, or mixed gas torch,
this is the workshop for you!!

Get help using your micro butane torch with this workshop, time to get it out and make some fun jewelry or mixed media art!

Hope to see you there. 
Registration is now open. Just click the link at the top and class begins on July 15th!

Time to overcome that fear of fire!!



Charlene said...

YOU know I have a fear or at least a VERY HEALTHY RESPECT for the torches. I would love to become comfortable with them. Maybe having the right place to do it would help! I don't really think my jewelry desk in the den is the place. MAYBE that's the biggest hangup???? HUGS!

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Charlene, yes, not the desk in the den!! How about the garage? We do our soldering on safe fire bricks and somewhere with great ventilation! xoxo

Belladonna said...

I can't stop staring at your wonderful creations, just amazing!

Jenny Saunder said...

nice post sharing information related to smith little torches