Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My "deer" dog

Maddie wants the deer to play ball!

So today, I'm in my workshop, playing, designing, creating, having a ball.
And so was Maddie!
With a deer!

I look out the double glass doors, and there she is nose to nose with a young deer.  Neither of them was really looking nervous or scared.  It was quite the standoff.  The deer was slowly walking by, and Maddie just stood there to watch it.
What a site.  I finally figured out the deer was trying to get to the rest of it's family.  The mom was behind us, eating my flowers no doubt.  So the deer just walked past Maddie, and could have cared less about me. I was able to get a few shots, but this was the best one.  

It was pretty fun to watch.  Then the three deer leaped into the woods.

So this is what I was working away on today.
This is a work in progress.

More later on this project, and maybe more pics of Maddie and her new friend,
if they come around again!

Artful Gathering is going so well, wish you all were in the class.  People are collecting goodies for their frames, and very excited.  I can't wait to see what they create, and will be posting a few pics of their creations as they are designed.

You can sign up for the Romantic Relic Frames class until June 20th.

And don't miss the next workshop I'm offering:
Overcoming The Fear of Fire
July 15-August 25

I hope to answer all your questions about how to choose the right torch for you, and how they operate

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I'm posting progress on work, and all kinds of fun things daily.



SueAnn Lommler said...

Love this piece!!! Looking forward to the Fire class!

Blogger said...

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Alice said...

How cute that Maddie wanted to play with the deer! What a great photo too!

Your project looks very interesting.

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

What a great shot of Maddie and the deer. How lovely to have deer come to visit (except when they eat your flowers).

farmlady said...

Oh,Maddie, you little rascal, that deer is a lot bigger than you. You be careful!
I think you knew not to run around it, in circles or nip at it's legs. Good girl.
Tell your mommy that her new jewelry is beautiful and I wish I could take another class from her. Maybe next year.