Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Island Artist Tour 2012

A good time was had by all...
at the 21st Annual San Juan Island Artists' Tour 
on San Juan Island in Washington state!

Thank you a thousand times over for such a wonderful tour this year.  I want to thank Jan Murphy, from Wild at Heart Studios and Margaret Thorson, with her beautiful hand made knits and woven rugs, for joining me. 

We had record attendance at the show this year, and even some guys showed up!

I did a few demos, in between the rain and wind! But that was fun.

And Maddie was on duty the entire time, charged as the official greeter and entertainer.
She was so exhausted after the first day, she collapsed!

So many thanks again to all who participated, all who visited and all who purchased our lovely hand made art work.  We truly appreciate the support and loved being able to open my studio up for you to see and enjoy.

Hope to see all of you again next year!


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Charlene said...

I'd LOVE to see that studio some day! And I can just imagine that Maddie was pooppppped after all the greetings! HUGS to you, Mad Dog & Doggy Daddy. Miss you.