Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend workshop!

This weekend,
I HOPPED over the pond,
the big pond, meaning the Puget Sound here in Washington,
from our island to Anacortes,
to teach a workshop!

On the ferry, was a passenger of a difference type!
She is 7 weeks old, they are still naming her.

Is this the cutest bunny you have ever seen?
I will see her in August at the San Juan County Fair,
wonder if I will recognize her?

It was a drizzly day, full of wind and moisture, so lots of clouds.
Shot through a window, there was no way I was going outside!
That's another ferry in the misty, cloudy distance.

And the workshop at Elisabeth's Cottage by the Sea in Anacortes was amazing!
We had a small and amazingly talented group.

OMG, we laughed and played, it was a ball!
I had so much fun. This group was a hoot!
Your smiles speak a thousand words and remind me why it is important for me to teach... smiles!

Thank you ladies, you were all amazing, and so much fun to play with, I can't wait for the next time.

Many thanks to our host, Elisabeth. You made the day so wonderful, and you were such a gracious host. Thanks for all your help, and for hosting me.

And kudos to my talented students Kate, Melinda, Raphael, Tracy and the unknown artist (Vikki), hee hee.

Look at their magnificent work! 
I'm so proud I'm blushing ladies!
Can't wait to see what you wire on and how you finish them.

So I hopped back over the pond to my island.
It was a grand Saturday!

Then the clouds opening up, somewhat,
and we went for a motorcycle ride all day Sunday. 

Hard for a weekend to get any better!

love and hugs,


Visionaries Plus said...

Love the pic's Riki, I just want to say thank-you for being such a great and absolutely fun instructor. I had just the best time and look forward to the next class. I am glad you got to have fun when you got home. See you again soon (smiles)

Visionaries Plus said...

I forgot I show up with my business name anyway have a great week Tracy

Anonymous said...

Riki that was a glorious class and fun fun fun!!! You said that was your goal and it was achieved. Your teaching is easy to follow and thanks for taking all my "jokes... S..t " all day. You Rock ! Unknown Artist

Riki Schumacher said...

Ha! Thanks Vikki, it was great having you. Love the workshop, it was really fun, and you guys rocked with your pieces! Thanks for stopping by! Riki

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Tracy, loved having you in class! Thanks so much, your piece was awesome! Riki

Chris said...

Fun times! And great work, awesome teacher.

Chris said...

Fun times! And great work, awesome teacher.

Chris said...

Fun times! And great work, awesome teacher.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Wow!! What fabulous work!!

Diana said...

What an absolute adorable little bunny! And your students' pieces are exceptional! So pleased to read that you had a great time teaching and sharing your passion. The best part of teaching, I think, is meeting the fabulous people we would not have other wise had the opportunity to meet.



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