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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Where does inspiration come from?
I got pretty much everything unloaded from the truck, and out of the garage, and into my studio. I hesitated to shoot these pictures, and then post them. But, there is a reason I did. I am in a reflective mood this morning. I am busy counting my blessings, and there are so many. It feels so good to post these pictures, and realize that what this blogging world might be truly about, is more than perfection. It feels good to not have everything in it's place and be able to post these pictures. Does that make sense. I really had to let go of my constant background noise of "is it perfect enough"? So I did. I know I will get things put away, and throw out a ton of things, so it fits, after I get some more storage. Not to worry!

Before I made this post, I did a little surfing this morning. It was perfect to find some things that were moving for me to read, as well as enlightening. After looking at my friend Diane Cook's blog, I read that she is touched by a lady she heard about with breast cancer. We send out love and prayers for her. That situation puts everything into perspective.
Then I came upon a post on Teesha Moore's blog where she quoted Wayne Dyer on his 12-step Program to Simplicity. Reminders to "eliminate ego clutter, in order to be receptive to inspiration". How to "Sweep it Clean, Inside and Out". He quotes Socrates who says "He is nearest to God who needs the fewest things". It is on her 9/3/09 post.

Now, how does this all tie in for me.? I don't feel like as much of a loser in having so many items, AND not having a place for everything. That is not important in the larger scheme of life. Our health is the only thing that truly matters. We don't have a choice about that. I have a choice about wanting to keep "things" or eliminate them. But I do agree with Wayne, "eliminating ego clutter" can have an amazing affect on your inspiration. After I was robbed of all the jewelry it took me six months to create, the most amazing thing happened....inspiration! I'm guessing it was my "ego clutter" that got stolen. Not because I made it, but because it was just a lot of "things". Yes, my heart and soul went in to making those, but in the big picture, they are just things. And I know in my heart I wouldn't have started from scratch in a new direction with designing if everything hadn't have been taken.

So thank you robbers!! You helped me get to an amazing place of inspiration, a re-growth position... you took the blossoms, but not the roots!
I hope this was inspiring for you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A husband from heaven!

Not all husbands are made equal!
And I have to share how great mine is with you. This is WH (now referred to as wonderful husband), on his all fours the last few days putting new flooring in my workshop. We tore up carpeting, found cement. Then went to Home Depot to explore the possibilities that would be within the budget. Lo and behold, they have a new product out now, called Traffic Master Dimensions by Allure. This isn't an advertisement for it, but it is way cool. I picked out the pine, which is an aged, knotty pine look. I have to tell you, I LOVE it! And it is vinyl, so it will be durable, when I drop a hammer on it! No denting, no scratching.
So this is WH putting in the first few boards of it, or planks I guess you would say. It all sticks together, no nails, no screws. It's a floating floor, like the Pergo stuff, only vinyl.
And my friend Diana Frey came speeding to my urgent call the other morning, while I was on my way to the paint store, to help me pick out a color for the walls, other than white! I started with greens, then she quickly directed me to my favorite color, a blue. This soft, zen blue looks like my favorite gem...aquamarines! Since our house it at the ocean, it works so well. Thank you dear friend, you saved me! So I got to do the painting, took me about four hours.
See how those planks bend, then they just stick to each other. We were so amazed how easily this went in....well, I was! No actually, so was WH.
And, voila! He finished the last strips tonight. That is my closet, I took the doors off of, against the advice of WH. But he finally relented, and is going with the flow now! So, the furniture gets moved in as soon as the floor base boards to up. I hope to have it somewhat put back together by Monday or Tuesday. Then off to Ikea next weekend for some more storage. I have never had enough storage to put all this junk in, and doing more mixed media jewelry, oh my gosh, anyone else have a problem with storage in their workshops? I mean, all the fabrics, ribbons, papers, glues, resins, beads, beads, beads!! Oh well, maybe I'll take over another room soon?
Say, why don't you post pictures of your workshop for everyone to see. I would love to see anyone's workshop who reads this. Or, send me pics, and I'll post them for you. Wouldn't that be fun to see where we all create?

Monday, October 19, 2009

California here I come!

We arrived safely!
I'm happy to report that we made it to California safely, and it was mainly uneventful. What I'm really saying is....no break ins. Of course, I brought what little jewelry that was left over from the summer, in every evening. The thieves knew I was prepared this time!!

Sadly, all the beautiful photos I took to document our lovely trip have vanished off my camera. This has never happened! Has it happened to any of you? To my surprise, I'm ready to download them and...gone. There is simply nothing on my memory stick. How can this happen? Did the camera do it, or the disc just fail? Should I use the disc again, it is working fine now? How curious.

Well, I'll just describe! We stayed at a beautiful place on the Oregon coast, right on the water. The waves were so loud, we had to shut the windows tight. And the sea lions woke us up through out the night. Absoultely heaven. Then on to Mendocino, one of nature's best gifts. The cliffs are high above the black, rocky shore line. The waves come crashing in with their deep aquas and white whipped cream tops. Then the fog and mist started to appear about the time we had to leave, sneaking in silently.

Next stop was the Russian River in California's northern wine country. We drove through tons of giant Redwood groves, bending our necks back to attempt to see the tops. The deep forests were damp with recent rain, and the giants stand guard over seedlings. Having Chester the doggie, we need dog friendly places, so it was off to a tree house above the Russian River. It took some doing getting all the luggage up all the stairs, but once there, we settled in to seeing eye to eye with the tops of golden leafed trees. The wine tasting with our son, daughter in law and their six pals in a huge passenger van turned out to be a blast. We only got stuck in the mud once...but a quick call to AAA and voila, we were out in an hour. Oh, those boys and their automobiles in the mud. Way too much to tempt them.

Then on to Pismo beach. Our little house was waiting with open arms, along with a few neighbors that gave us some hugs and welcomed us back. It's nice to be home, but there were days on this five day journey, I would have loved to click my heels, and be home! Now the real work begins. I'm going to rework my studio space. Rip out carpet, paint, arrange for more storage! Any chance I can click my heels and have this be done?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

mystery mushrooms

Does anyone know what kind of mushrooms these are?
I'm still loving the fall eye candy that is springing up on San Juan Island. These beautiful, delicate little bell mushrooms are pushing their way up all along our forest roads. It's as though they are sneaking out, then grow to tower over the weeds. I wonder if they are edible? If you know what these are, please tell me! And if they are edible.
Can't you just visualize little woodland creatures living in these, like fortresses? They look like they have little shingled roofs, and have been there for hundreds of years.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Workshop week

Beautiful week in the San Juan Islands, WA
My dear friend, Diana Frey, was up at the island for a week. We had too much fun! We made jewelry, ate, drank, laughed, and oh yes, went for long walks. Here are just a few of the many wonders, within walking distance from our cabin, that I got to show off to her.
The blackberries are bursting, waiting to be eaten by the many deer. I snatched a few today on my walk in our brilliant green surroundings.
There are fields of these things, I don't think are thistles. A friend called them something else, I don't remember, but they are amazing, standing so tall, guarding their little pond.
And you have to watch out for all the woodland creatures. They sneak up on you when you're not paying attention! Soooo dangerous! Ok, that's Chester, my four legged baby. Isn't it amazing how he poses. I just ask him to pose, and voila! What a good boy.
We even have furniture in our woods. I'd like to say we built this beautiful bench, but the folks who play frisbee golf built it. It is really comfortable, wouldn't think so.
And, oh yes, we taught a jewelry workshop, and had a ball. It was a small and productive class. That's Julie and Janet with me on top, and seated are Claudia and Diana. Barbara missed the group shot, she had to catch a ferry! They loved having a small class, and they made beautiful creations with their Feathered Friends inspired workshop!

So I'm getting ready to pack it up and head south to CA for the winter. It's getting pretty cold here, but I'll miss my beloved woods and the deep green forest. I have sunshine and coastlines to look forward to. Isn't life wonderful!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Timeless Creations

I was lucky enough to visit the B.C. Museum of Art in Victoria, Canada a month ago or so. What a spectacular museum it is. They had on display some ancient jewelry. I was so inspired by the gold, Roman pieces, they just talked to me. I stood in front of them and felt such a kindred spirit, almost as though I used to own one or two of them. That happens quite often when I view Roman jewelry. There was a piece that was on a hand woven chain, not unlike the Viking Knit we're all learning these days. The designer, thousands of years ago, used a simple medallion with two hooks, on a chain. This is my version of seeing that spectacular piece.

Who knows, maybe I was Roman royalty at one time? I'm sure my husband is sure of it! Seeing the beautiful craftsmanship is a reminder, we are all human, we make jewelry the same way, and we have similar passions, thousands of years later.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have a dilemma. My daughter-in-laws "big one" is coming up, and I can't decide which style of necklace to make for her. She doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, but loves mine. Go figure. So I know she doesn't like a lot of bling, but a touch is kind of nice.
She used to be a tomboy and still is a jock.
Since it's a surprise, I can't tell her about it, and want to make something fun for the big birthday. Any advice you can give me, I would sure appreciate it. Guess since it's family, I can't make up my own mind!!

So what do you think? Necklace #1 style....
or necklace #2 style??? Ok, I'll tell you, it's her 4oth, but that's just between us!