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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Santa Wish List

Have you made your wish list yet for Santa?

How about this?  
A class with Riki in February 
at the Vivi Magoo retreat 
in Tucson, Arizona
(or as my Santa puts it, happy wife, happy life, smart guy).

I'll bet your Santa would love this retreat to be your treat for the holiday.  You could take lots of classes, as well as shop the world renowned Gem & Lapidary Wholesale Gem Show. It doesn't get any better.

Friday February 8, 2013
Le Petite Photo

Make a frame and stand from scratch, with base metals, found objects and torch soldering.

Saturday February 9, 2013
Vamp It Up
 Learn how to tear old rhinestone necklaces apart, how to reattach, add found objects, chains and make a clasp.  

Sunday February 10, 2013
Cast Some Magic
Soooooo much fun to cast with common hardware supplies, and use the castings to make charm bracelets, earrings or beautiful necklaces.

Won't you join me?  It is going to be a blast.  Barb Solem has arranged for a day of shopping on Thursday with the entire group!  Comes complete with a ride, we'll show you where to shop, and all the students for company.  I used to attend this Gem Show every year for about eight years.  The selection is unbelievable. You can find anything relating to jewelry here.  
Read up about it HERE.  
Don't have a wholesale license, no sweat. We instructors can get you in as a guest, to all the back room deals, so you can shop wholesale.

And go HERE to sign up for my classes with Vivi Magoo.

Hope to see you there!!
Ho ho ho!

Lots of love,


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Workshop weekend

You don't get to have this much fun every weekend!

I was invited by my dear friend Joy Campbell to come to her house in Claremont, CA and teach a workshop.  I jumped at the opportunity.  Joy laid out the red carpet for fourteen ladies.  I mean deep red!  I got to stay in a gigantic motor home with one friend, Susan.  We had our own apartment! Loved it.  Thank you Susan for tolerating a blow up mattress, love ya girl!

There was an amazing group of fifteen ladies in the class, and then we got to go antiquing the next day at the Pasadena Community College flea market.  It was stupendous.   I mean, does it get any better?? Not really.  Here's a bunch of pictures of that amazing weekend, and a few words about it.

I hope you enjoy, we all had so much fun!

Here I am in a very serious demonstration!  Sandy, you look very intense! Love you girl.

Isn't this an amazing shot of some darling women?  Top left, Cindy and then Charlene below her.  They came all the way from Texas for this workshop!  You guys are amazing.
Then darling Sandy on the top right, and the lovely Vickie on the bottom right.  Great job on your frames ladies.

This is the beautiful Susan Hunt, my friend and roommate, thanks Susan for a fabulous weekend. 

There is Cindy on the left, sorry girl, no heads up warning here!
And the sweet Diane, working her beautiful magic on her project.

There is Theresa on the far left. Thank you for driving so far Theresa, you are the best, great to see you again.
 Then Julie, and Terri on the right.  You guys are too cute!

And here is the lovely Joy, our hostess.  How in the world can I say enough.  She laid out a spread of food that was remarkable, and made everyone feel so warm and welcome.  You are the best Joy.
She looks pretty intense there!  Great job!

We got a tour of Joy's amazing workshop. Wow, just wow.  Loved every square inch.  Joy is much neater than me, everything it tidy and put away.  Gorgeous girl!

 Look at these beautiful antique jars, so lovely all filled and organized.

Here's the entire group. I had to wrangle them up and get them to pause for a quick moment.  They were working so hard on their frames, and what a job they did!
Back row, from the left, Kim, susan, Joy, Sandy hiding, Vickie, Cheryl, and Charlene in the red.
Middle row, Cindy, Jan, Terry, and Laurie.
Bottom row, Diane, Theresa, Julie, and Terri.

You guys rocked!  I loved every minute of the workshop, and you did such an amazing job. 
So proud!

Here's a shot of their frames, not quite finished, but almost!  Didn't they do an fabulous job?
I'm a proud mama!

And on to the flea market, at 7:30am on Sunday morning, to Pasadena.  It was a warm and beautiful day, perfect for shopping.  There were some great finds there.

Here are Joy and Laurie, shopping at the flea.  Oh so intense! Not! 
That was set up, ha ha! But I love it.

And a girl's got to eat after flea marketing all day!
I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant in Pasadena, I loved it!
Sorry the picture is blurry.

Monday, heading home, back to Central Coast, CA.  But not before swinging by Nancy Jamar's unbelievable store, Gilding the Lily in Fullerton. 
If you have never been there, you should visit.  Can't believe all the fabulous vintage goods she has. And you can catch her on line here.

I was able to grab a quick photo with Nancy, she was working away helping customers, and packaging up all of our goodies, and there were a lot goodies we took home.  
Yummmm. Thanks Nancy! You are the best.

Whew, okay, that is the weekend.
If you are interested in taking the Le Petite Photo workshop, check out my class with the Vivi Magoo retreat, organized by Barb Solem.  I'm teaching at The Desert, in Tucson in February.
That is during the gem show. 
And if you have never been there, well, hold on to your pocket book and enjoy the amazing ride!

Hope to see you soon.

lots of love,


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sandy Relief Artist Fund

Here's a great idea!!!
Lending a helping hand

Donate to the Hurricane Sandy Relief effort!!

The ladies at Art Is You had a brilliant idea.  Combine efforts for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  So Sallianne and Ellen, from Art Is...You, contacted Zinnia from Artful Gathering, Barb Solem from Vivi Magoo,  Linda Young from Art Unraveled, Cindy Woods from An Artful Journey
to help a Lending Hand to many of the victims the horrible hurricane has touched.

I am following the lead by other artists, to offer up some goodies to motivate you to rush over to HERE and donate on the Art Is You website.  Once you donate, your name will be added to a drawing that will be held at the end of the month, and you will be eligible to wins amazing goodies... 

like these above... some Charlottes, rhinestone, MOP belt buckles, watch faces, stampings, medal, vintage mirrored connectors, vintage Italian wire lace, and vintage watches.  Fun, huh? Can't you use these in your artwork? 

And some wonderful art  from artists such as:

Don't you love seeing our art community come together? I sure do.

I feel so fortunate, and thankful, this is such a wonderful thing to do for such a worthy cause.
Thanks for contributing.

lots of love,