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Monday, June 29, 2009

Rise from the ashes

So after all my jewelry inventory for the summer shows was stolen from our truck on the way back to our summer home, I have been bummed!  I didn't know where to start, where to begin really, in making new items.  I had no motivation, no drive, no incentives to make more inventory.  Wow, what a number some thieves did on us. They got all our motorcycle gear as well.  But when thieves steal your hard work, sweat and tears, you have to dig real deep to find the stuff they talk about in books and movies.  First you have to let go of the hurt, and loss, then you hope you can find a way to get motivated again to create some beautiful pieces.  That's where true friendship comes in. I have a friend in Victoria, BC, Jill Rockwell,  that came over for three days  a week ago, and is now back for three days, to help me get out of my clouded head, and design.  So many of you have sent the warmest messages, I truly appreciate the kind words and thoughts.  I haven't had a loss of this type before, and didn't expect it to take so long to pull myself out of the haze.  But I'm understanding more about trauma, it is real, that haze stuff, believe me.  You can't tell your brain to design, it has to come from the heart.  I don't think I really understood that before.

So from the heart, new and better pieces are developing.  I recently learned to etch from Stephanie Lee, and am using that repeatedly.  It is such a wonderful method for preparing metals, and you get the most rich and delicious looks from it.  I have always wanted to try a hinged bracelet, since I learned the technique from Susan Lenart Kazmer, so today I did it.  This is especially rewarding today, because I was able to think it, feel it, and complete the project.  I could not do this two weeks ago!  Having the drive and inspiration back is a total result of kindness and support from friends.  So thank you friends.  You mean the world to me.
Now back to work, I feel another bracelet coming on!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Harbor Workshop update

Our class is filling up!
I am thrilled to report that the Feathered Friends class, being taught in Friday Harbor, WA on Saturday, Sept. 26th, is filling up. We are limiting the attendance, and it is half full at this time.  Please let me know if you are thinking of attending asap, ok? 
This is so cool.  We will be holding the class on the island, in a fabulous, bright and airy artist workshop, with abundant pastoral views, complete with sheep!  You will love the setting, love the project we're making, and have a ton of fun. Diana and I are so excited about this class in such a fabulous setting, complete with a ferry ride. So come on all you city girls, get out your tools, bring your friends, and come to the island to make yourself a beautiful necklace.
Hope to see you!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My husband, my doggie and I left our winter home, and headed to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island on Sunday morning.  We left in great spirits, all packed up with our treasures we can't leave behind for four months, after many days of organizing.  I even squeezed in a wonderful three day workshop with Art & Soul at Asilomar before leaving, with great friends Diana Frey and Stephanie Gorman. I will post pics of the workshop as soon as I can. I promised to send pics of the class to everyone who wrote their email address in my notebook, and those are coming!  So the trip was going well, until our pick up full of all our goodies, was broken in to in a parking lot, overnight, in Redding, CA at our motel. Major bummer. They stole all our motorcycle gear, like coats, boots, helmets, etc. You work hard to find stuff that fits and is good quality, but, what can you do? So we are quickly replacing the items, and I try to maintain the attitude that is is just STUFF!  None of us were harmed, that is what is really important. The nice lady from the Redding sheriff's department showed some sympathy, as she was finger printing the truck!

So after a three day journey, to our little part of woodsy paradise, up here on the island, which is about an hour and a half north of Seattle, then a ferry ride, we arrived safe and sound.  I am reminded of how beautiful it is, how amazing it smells, how deep green the trees and grass are, and how roomy my workshop is! There is an abundance of nature here...animals, plant life, the water and wonderful sights.  Plus the chance to re-connect with friends I've missed over the winter. I posted a picture of my workshop in the collage, and what a mess it is after unpacking a ton of boxes we moved.  I can never figure out how I fit it all in, but it seems to work.

We love spending our summers at our little home on our island, it is magical. This is the only time the trip has been eventful, hopefully the last. Hide your things in your cars folks, if you can. Times are tough right now out there for folks, taking more chances. So I've gotten unpacked, most things put away, and I'm ready for the Island Artist Tour this weekend.  Today it was 80 degrees, pretty rare for us, but will be cooler this weekend.