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Friday, January 14, 2011

Resolution for January


I made a pretty big list of resolutions.  One is to try something new each month, really challenge myself.
Am I really up for this each month?
Oh, why not!

I got this book out,  The Mary Brooks Picken book,  to take pictures on, for this post.   Maybe I should have read it, to educate me for my January challenge!?  

I posted that one of my resolutions was to challenge myself to one new thing a month.  I said in jewelry, but I'm altering that...to anything new related to art.

 I met my challenge this month with some sewing challenges!

I wanted to make some pretty packets for my fun rhinestone necklaces that I made for a store.  I am hoping that when the ladies buy one of the vintage beauties, and given the sweet envelope of felt, maybe they will store and travel with the necklace inside, to protect it?? 

Hope so!

And here is the back, each one is different.  I dug out all kinds of goodies I've been saving up, and hit a local fabric store for some more goodies.  I was inspired by Ruth Rae, and her free form sewing methods, and have her fabulous book.  Okay, these are new and challenged me.

But.... I tried something really new for the first time.

I entered a sewing swap!  My first ever. 
Debbie Hembree organized it over at Mosaic Magpie, one of my favorite artists.

It is a Heart Swap from the Heart.  I'm a bit intimidated by this, not being a seamstress!
BUT, I challenged myself, since I put that in writing for the world to see.

This is a picture of the casing for my Heart piece.
I hand died the muslin, into a soft, beautiful blue.  I went out and bought Ritz dye, something I've never bought.  YEAH!

The rich brown Sari silk attached was purchased from Lisa Jurist, of Mudhound Studio, another one of my favorite artists.  
Stop by and visit her blog, she has a contest going on right now!

And this is just a tease of my Heart for the swap.
Of course a spot of bling!
What has happened to me?? Maybe I always loved bling, just didn't let the bling out.

Get the bling out girls, let it out and show it off!

Okay, what have you tried new so far this year??

Lots of love,

Monday, January 10, 2011

A FURRY TAIL - Contest Winner!


The Contest Winner

Once upon a time....

I met a sweet angel at six weeks.  We picked her out on line, since we wanted a female Havanese, and Brindle in color.  How could you not love this face.  She was the perfect dog.

We got to pick her up at 9 weeks, so excited to have a new baby in the house!!

What an innocent face.

She has grown into an amazing young lady, of 7 months now.
She's much more capable of playing...running...jumping...and....
 (hang in there, the winning name is coming)

destroying my list of names for the contest!
Not so innocent now, huh? Ha ha!
Okay, I have to admit, I was a bit ticked.  She got yelled at, we had a very serious conversation, for about three seconds, then she ran to the next thing!

Hang in there, the winning name is coming!

So, I got the bright idea of taping it back together, since I worked on this list every night for a week, being so careful to be accurate, and correct with every entry.  And thank you to SO many who posted the contest on your blog.  Many thanks!

Okay here it is!

I am so happy to announce the winner of my contest is (drum roll please).....

Cat of In the Light of the Moon

I used this website to pick the name for me, snappy easy peasy!

Congratulations Cat!  I hope you enjoy all your goodies!  
Please email me your address and I'll get it sent to you asap.

Thanks to all you wonderful folks who entered.  I was blown away at the response, I mean really blown away.  I was happy to offer these goodies, and look at the new friends we all made.

Good luck on all your resolutions you shared, words for the year you picked, challenges you want to meet head on, and aspirations for those who don't make resolutions.  There seems to be a common thread throughout...

more art, less worry, more play, more organization.

Story of my life.

And the other story of my life, Life with Miss Maddie,
continues on.

They lived happily ever after!

Love and Hugs to all.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Contest

Yes, New Year's Calls!

New blog look, new year, new friends, new challenges!!!

That means it's giveaway time dear friends....

I put a sweet little pile of hand picked goodies in the giveaway for you.  Hopefully, something for everyone.   There are cdv's, a tin type, antique buttons,  vintage lace,  some of that bling I've been talking about,  antique keys, some large bullet cases, a vintage doily for sewing enthusiasts, a COPY of a sheet of hand writing my dear friend Jill brought back for me from Italy just recently... 

AND, two fun items I made, a sweet brass etched box, with a fleur de lis and French writing, and a brass stamping with a little nest soldered to it, ready to make a necklace.

Sweet vintage glass buttons, glass drop pearls.

A close up of the amazing hand written letter from Italy, it is a copy mind you, but beautiful.  Fun for scraping, or putting behind resin.


this is the beginning of a New Year for all of us, a new start for all of us.  My heart goes out to those who have struggled at some time in the past year.  I hope all your challenges have been met and dealt with, and you landed on top of each one.

I am personally glad this year is behind me.  I had to deal with some tough things.  Family issues, and the loss of my dear Yorkie, Chester.  I was able to get past it all, heal from the hurt and bring a new love into our lives, little Miss Maddie the Havanese.  I discovered so many things about myself from the disappointments throughout the year.  That is such a benefit, learning from the pain.

All is behind us now.  Let's play!

To enter this little giveaway, leave me a comment below so I know you want to be entered.  If you post this on your blog, please let me know, you get two opportunities.  The contest closes and I'll do the drawing on Monday, January 10.

Let's make it a party.  You are all invited.  To play at the party, leave a New Year's resolution in your comment below.  
Come on, write it out so everyone can see it!!  
I guarantee you will do it then!!

Riki's New Year's resolutions:
  • play with my dog more
  • just play more
  • be more organized in my bookwork for my business (yes it is a business)
  • try 12 new things in my jewelry designs, never used before, one per month (join me in that?)
  • exercise at least 30 minutes each day
  • try to cut out all sugar (not wine!)
  • give support to friends and family
  • never be judgmental, you don't know the whole story
Thank you to each and every one of your who reached out to me during this past year.  I love hearing from you, loved your support, loved the sharing and learning more about you.

 And a VERY special thank you to Susie, of Vintage Susie, who designed my new, fresh, feminine and clean blog for me.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  If you feel like a new look for 2011, look her up! She is not only talented, but especially sweet and kind.

Have a very Happy New Year. May it bring you good luck and much happiness.
See you soon. Good luck!
love and hugs,