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Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog Contest Winners!

We have two winners for my workshop contest!  

Thank you so much to all who entered the contest.  I appreciate each and everyone of you entering, and help in spreading the word about the my workshops at Artful Gathering!!

First up is SueAnn!  Yeah SueAnn.  You get to choose which workshop you would like first.

And Susan B wins the second workshop!!

Congratulations to the winners.  We are going to have soooooo much fun in class.

I will give your names to Artful Gathering. All you need to do is register, and pay the $5 registration fee in Artful Gathering.  Then on May 3rd, you will have access to the website.  You will automatically be registered for my workshops!

Have a wonderful week everyone. 
Check out the Artful Gathering website!
Registration opens May 3rd, so you can register for which amazing classes you would like.

love and hugs,

    Friday, April 27, 2012

    What is an online class?

    What are my online classes like??

    Here's a little preview of one of them.

    I've had a few questions about what an online is like, how does it work, can you really learn something useful, is it fun, and stuff like that.

    So I thought you might like to see a little sample of one of the classes.  Hopefully, this will give you an idea, and the amount of education involved.  There has been great care in showing everyone from beginners to experienced jewelers, step by step instructions of each and every detail in making these fun frames.

    This is a preview for the upcoming 
    Romantic Relic Frames workshop.

    I had a blast making this little trailer, I hope you enjoyed it!

    So what are your thoughts about online classes?
    Have you ever taken one?
    What was the experience like for you.
    Have you taken one from Artful Gathering?

    I wish you could see and hear the amount of care that has gone in to each and every workshop for the upcoming Artful Gathering online classes.  Every teacher has poured endless energy and their wisdom into each class.  It has been such a great honor to be associated with the talent lined up for the upcoming workshops.  I am blown away by their helpfulness, talent and generosity.

    Each teacher will be available to chat with every student on line for six weeks.
    You can ask me anything about techniques, methods, my favorite supplies, where to buy supplies, well you get the picture.
    And you will be able to chat with all the students, and publish pictures of your progression on your project. You will not be left in the dark, and you will not be alone.  If there is any hesitation about taking my workshop because it might be too difficult or you don't have all the tools, this is the perfect venue to jump in. The tools are very common and the materials are inexpensive.
    If you've been wanting to learn to solder with a butane torch, I show you every step.
    If you've been wanting to learn how to use a jeweler's saw, learn my method of "zen" sawing!
    If you have always wondered how mini hardware works, it is here.
    If you have wanted to know how to attach brass stampings, we cold connect some.

    So I hope this gives you some clarity on what you get when taking one of my online workshops with Artful Gathering.  Please let me know if you have any other questions about it, or the entire process.  The workshops run for six weeks, but you can view them all, once the session begins, within the first day if you like. Then take your time going back over the lessons, one at a time, and make your own frame.

    And my Overcoming the Fear of Fire workshop is so cool, because it is a shorter film, slam packed full of how to choose the right torch for your needs.  Whether it be one of a variety of micro butane torches, MAPP gas or mixed gases using the Little Smith Torch.  I show them all, and explain how to operate them, set them up, fill tanks, etc.  The whole idea is to get you comfortable using some kind of fire in your creations!

    So there you have it.
    Talk to me, leave me a comment, or two.
    Fill me in on your thoughts.
    Would LOVE to hear.

    And don't forget to sign up for my contest to win a workshop, two posts back.
    The contest ends Sunday night April 29th, at 10pm PST.
    Good luck ya'll!

    love and hugs,

    Thursday, April 26, 2012

    Win a Workshop

    Don't forget to enter my contest to win a workshop with me!!
    It's on the post before this one.

    Here's a little promo Artful Gathering did about my workshops.

    I'm so excited about these classes and meeting each of you.

    The Artful Gathering Blog Hop is concluding! Be sure to visitJerry's Artarama Blog Page for the last two words in the collection. Winners will be announced on May 7.


    Registered attendees will receive access to our private event starting May 3rd. Workshops will be available for purchase & kits will be offered by instructors for sale in their Etsy Stores. 
    Join the fun!

    Romantic Relic
    Riki Schumacher
    June 6 - July 17
    Personalize your own unique customized relic frame while learning many creative  techniques at the same time.You'll be drilling, and soldering, and designing your way through this fun and in depth workshop. And, what's even more awesome is that it is appropriate for all levels. Get your feet wet in this fabulous art form, or add some new applications to your metalwork experience. Includes rich detail and demonstrations. 

    Overcoming the Fear of Fire
    July 15 - August 25
    There are different types of torches used in soldering and metal  work, which one to get? Which one to use?
    Big torch? Little torch? Maybe it's all just too scary to think about. No need to worry! Riki is here. Fire is good! Especially when you can use it to create so many beautiful works in a variety of metals. 

    No reason to hesitate here, in this class Riki will introduce you to different types of torches used in metal work, along with some clearly demonstrated  examples as to how to use them and when.Overcome your fear of fire, and step into a whole new world of creating.
    Art Workshops! Random Prize Drawings! Fun! Creativity! 

    No Travel. No Fuss. 

    We bring our Art Retreat to Your Computer

    Workshop Spotlights....
    Still Pursuing Portraits
    Pam Carriker

    Elements of Chinese Landscape Painting
    Henry Li
    Mixed Devotions
    Cristina Zinnia Galliher
    Up, Up, and Away
    Iva Wilcox
    We Love Our Sponsors...


    Questions or Comments:

    Sunday, April 22, 2012



    I'm so excited!  I have been waiting with baited breath to give some workshops away, and this is the week to do it!

    PLEASE read.

    There are no rules!!!

    I will be giving away one of each class, 
    to two different winners.
    Winners will be chosen at random, electronically!

    What would be super cool is if you could promote my workshops on your blog and FB!
    Could you mention that they will be offered on Artful Gathering?  This is where I really need your help...talk it up for me, spread the word, shout it out...

        Romantic Relic Frames
    starting June 6 for six weeks
     I will be available on line to answer any questions you might have along the way, as you make your beautiful frame.  You will have the opportunity to chat with other students, post your progress, display your artistic expression, all inside the workshop.  Isn't that cool?

    Here is a sample of what you will learn in the Frame class.  How to start with sheet metal, and magically transform it into a beautiful treasured frame, complete with found objects and sparkly soldered rhinestones. 
    There are too much fun to make, and I would love to show you how.

    This is your opportunity to add the kitchen sink to your frame....almost anything may be attached.

    So much fun, I added a frozen Charlotte on this frame. And you will learn a fabulous array of cold connections, soldering rhinestone chain, attaching a leg, preparing your metal, sawing with a jeweler's saw, and so much more.

    This kit will be available in Etsy.  There are limited number, so only one person please, unless there are a few left over.  Please contact me if you would like more than one.

     Overcoming the Fear of Fire
    starting July 15 for six weeks

    This class is near and dear to my heart.  I remember the first time I took a jewelry class, and they handed me a torch.  Yikes. I was so timid and intimidated by it.  This class is designed to help you understand which torch is best for your needs.

    Do you need a micro butane torch? 
    Mapp gas? 
    A mixed gas torch? 
    What can you do with them?  
    How do they work? Safety issues?

    All is answered here.

    Do you have one of these torches sitting around you bought ages ago?
    Dig it out, sign up for the class, and get ready to put it to use finally.

    No need to be intimidated any more!
    I'll show you some great uses for each torch, and what some can accomplish that others can't.

    Oh, and did I mention MORE prizes???

    Yep, more prizes inside my classrooms.
    In the Fear of Fire class, you will be eligible to win this fun package, complete with a torch, stampings, and rhinestone chain.

    And in the Romantic Relic Frame class....

    You have the opportunity to win a large collection of treasures.
    I went through the cupboard and put a ton of items together!!  
    A complete de-stash party!

    Registration for Artful Gathering is open NOW!  
    For only a $5 registration, you get to not have to travel to learn, or buy an airline ticket and a hotel room! You get to watch the on line classes in the convenience of your own home, 
    in your jammies.  That's worth a $5 registration fee for dang sure!

    So leave a comment, and make sure I know how to get ahold of you.
    And PLEASE promote these classes!!

    The contest runs from when I hit the publish button to next Sunday, April 29, 10pm Pacific Time.

    Fine print:
    (winners I choose at random, will be asked to register for the workshop and pay the $5 registration fee please, all these classes eat up a lot of space on the net).
    Good luck sweet friends. 

    the final Blog Hop visit...

    Final Destination Blog Visit!

    Our last and final blog destination belongs to  and this is the final location where you'll find the last TWO words left in our secret word collection.

    Pick up the last two words here.
    Bring ALL your secret words here.

    All Entries will Close May 5

    Winners will be Announced May 7 at : ArtfulGathering.com

    Winners will be drawn at random through random.org. One winner will be chosen to win the $200 e-card gift certificate to Jerry's Artarama, and two winners will be chosen at random to win a $25 e-gift card to Jerry's Artarama.

    Please leave all the necessary contact info with your secret words in the moderated comment section of Artful Gathering's Hop Page.

    Thank you so much for hopping with us and we look forward to seeing you at Artful Gathering 2012. Special thanks to Jerry's Artarama, Artful Gathering's prize sponsor of the blog hop event.

    Good Luck, and thank you for playing!

    Sunday, April 15, 2012

    More prizes, Artful Gathering

    There will be the opportunity to win this fun bundle of over 1,000,000 found objects inside my workshop 
    "Romantic Relic Frames"
    Artful Gathering.

    Okay, not quite a million, but there's a lot of stuff packed in to that bag!

    And for my second workshop, Overcoming the Fear of Fire, you could win this package....

    starts June 6, for six weeks.

    begins July 15 for six weeks.

    You can sign up for these classes on 

    May 3!

    Pre-registration is 

    and the blog hop continues...
    it is almost over, so hopefully you have been collecting your words
    to win prizes!

    Our Next Artist is Up for the Artful Gathering Blog Hop!

    Cristina Zinnia Galliher
    Here is a sample of her amazing work.
    She is also the talented organizer of the retreat.

    Celebrating Artful Gathering 2012 Online Art Retreat,
    Blog Hop your way for chance to win!

    From June to August 2012, ArtfulGathering.com will be presenting TWO exciting semesters of premiere online video workshops offered by fabulous artists who are known nationally and internationally. We are all very excited to share out knowledge, skill, and creativity with you, and we hope that you will join us for this AMAZING annual online event.

    Blog Hop with us for a chance to win a prizes from Jerry's Artarama!
    Each week the faculty of Artful Gathering will be announcing a featured blog to visit.
    You can hop along with us until the final destination blog is reached, and where ONE Grand Prize winner will be chosen at Random for a chance to win a $200.00 e-gift card from Jerry's Artarama!!!Two Runner Up winners will also be chosen at random for a chance to win a $25.00 e-gift card from Jerrys.
    Each week I will announce the next featured blog for you to visit, and there you will find a new secret word or words that you will need to collect along your way from blog to blog. Once you have collected all the words from each blog you visit, they will work out to say a very artsy phrase. Here are the rules:
    1. For your chance to win, you must collect all the secret code words and submit them upon the final destination blog in May. A random drawing will be conducted from those contestants who have submitted the complete collection of secret words!
    2. Three winners will be randomly drawn. One for the $200.00 e-card to Jerry's, and two runner's up for the 25.00 e-card to Jerrys.

    Remember to collect all the secret words. These words will work out to say a very artful phrase, and you'll need all the pieces to be eligible for the final prize drawings!
    Please HOP over and visit the Amazing
    Cristina Zinnia Galliher

    (Pick Up the Next Secret Word)