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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Workshop in LA March 22, 2014

Maybe you can put this workshop on your Christmas list??
Queen's Lace Necklace Workshop

For my friends in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, I am finally teaching a workshop in your area!  I can't tell you how thrilled I am about that.

Announcing Queen's Lace, a fun new workshop, never taught, will incorporate a new mixed media photo process, called Auratones, along with making a beautiful necklace.

Recently, a lady contacted me about collaborating with her about doing a workshop.  Her name is Barbara Buckles.  She had invented a process of using a photograph, and making it look something like what Edward Curtis would make, the talented photographer from the 1800's who used to photograph the plains Indians. And she thought my vintage jewelry style, with the French flair, would be just the ticket for a workshop to teach her process, then we make a pendant focusing on the photo.

Here is what I came up with.  I decided to try some new techniques, that would allow the student to play with the metal a little more, not just adorning it with some delicate stampings, but give it a touch of "lace" look.  These are so much fun to make, I love them!  And then you will set the bezel with one of Barbara's altered photos, giving the pendant a rich and antique look.  Just lovely.

Barbara and I have met a couple of times now, as fate has it.  She is a doll, and it will be so much fun to teach with her.

So I hope you will come play with us at the workshop. Here are all the details. Oh, and Barbara found a fabulous loft gallery in LaBrea to hold the workshop.  I'm stoked!  I'm feeling so lucky that Barbara found me, we were able to put this workshop together, and offer this to you. 

Go HERE for more details and all the info.
(Gift certificates available too!)
Details on supplies and materials on the link. Beginners are most welcome.
Save the date, and book soon! We are pretty limited on space, and it is booking already
Please email me if you have questions.

March 22, 2014
The Loft at Liz's
435 So. LaBrea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

I really hope to see you there! 
 Love and hugs this holiday season.


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Riki's DVD's for Christmas presents


Beautifully produced, professionally shot, talented instructor (me), intricate detailed instruction, available world-wide.
Dvd's from Artful Gathering
are now available to purchase as a gift
for the holidays!

(Whimsical Teensies)

Do you have a friend or loved one that loves to make projects and do art work? How about jewelry making? I now have available four wonderful, technique packed, all level DVD's available for the holidays, 
on a pre-order basis.  
These DVD's will be shipped out February 1, 2014.

(Romantic Relic Frames)

(Overcoming the Fear of Fire)

But if you pre-order now as a gift for YOU or a friend, it will be in your mailbox in February, well after the holidays and ready for you to begin creating with!

If you haven't taken an on line workshop with Artful Gathering, with any of the talented line up of artists, then you are missing out. I am so proud to be one of the instructors, and will be involved for a third year this coming summer.

(Sweet Tweets)

The workshops are live with instructors feedback for six weeks from June through August.  But the next best thing is NOW being able to pick up the DVD from the workshop.  Never before have these been offered to the public until last year. So this is very cool! You get another chance to take the workshops with me.
I mean really, can that get any better???

So Artful Gathering is taking pre-orders now. Simply click on the links located on my sidebar for an individual workshop, 
to see the entire line up of DVD's available.

Each DVD is beautifully shot and edited for the best quality of instruction for you.  Each of my workshops are great for beginners to intermediate.  The Romantic Relic Frames is a little more advanced if you are looking for that.

The supply, resource and materials list accompanies each DVD, so you have a complete detailed summary of what you need.

 Wishing you a happy holiday season 
and a joyous and creative new year!! 
What a great way to begin the new year, with a brand new mixed-media workshop with me!

Lots of love!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Roses Lab on Metals

Simply Charming
a great lab for beginners
at an unbelievably low price 
learn to make these sweet charms

Been wanting to work with metals to make jewelry but just don't know where to start?
Join me for a true beginners workshop on making metal charms.
It is about a 40 minute lab, but it is jam packed with my tips and techniques.

If you have ever wanted to make jewelry with metals and just felt too  intimidated to try, this is a perfect place to start.  I supply a complete materials/supplies and resource list with the workshop.

You can sign up now, and the workshop will run from 
Nov. 20th until Feb. 1st

Here is the 
to go check it out.

Sign up now!!
You can make some sweet gifts for the holidays.

Hope to see you.


Sunday, October 27, 2013


OMG, so I grabbed my camera yesterday to shoot a couple of things. You remember what that is right, the thing with the memory stick in it and you carry it separately in it's protective case? And low and behold, these photos from Art is You were in there!

I'm so excited because I didn't think I had shots from Friday's class, but I do. Whew. I really wanted to share the fun we had, even if at this late date.

So from the Cast Some Magic class on Friday I got a shot of....

The lovely Carol and Ann 

Smiling Irene, Kathy and Jane, darling smiles girls

Smiling Carol's assembling her cast pieces

And here are Shawn and Zsoka washing their pieces

A few of the amazing castings they made, 
and the top three are wound in to beautiful necklaces.

Zsoka stayed a little late, and I was able to get a picture of her completed necklace. Great job! It is really beautiful with the blues.

Wonderful job ladies!! I'm so glad I found these photos. You each were so much fun to have in class.

Until next time!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Art is You, Sept. 2013

was full of fun, friends and creative juices flowing non-stop!

WHAT an honor! This was my first time to teach for the lovely Sallianne and Ellen who are the organizers for the amazing ART is YOU retreats, all over the nation.  I was invited to teach in Petaluma this September, and the fun did not stop.

I had THE BEST students for three days of workshops, and a wonderful vendor night. Here are a few shots from the two Cast Some Magic classes, and from the Le Petite Photo frame workshop. I'm still on the moon from the fun, the food and the friends I made.

The students did an amazing job!!  I was so busy on Friday and Saturday, I failed to get shots of each of their smiling faces, so sorry guys, next time!  But I did manage to get shots from the Sunday participants. 

Here are some of the casts they made from Cast Some Magic. I'm so proud of their work, it was just sensational. Some made the castings in to necklaces, and some just cast all day, because it is so addictive!! Great job ladies.

Some of the amazing little frames they made in the frame workshop. Love the variety of items they tried out, worked in and designed with.  So darn creative, great job!!

Great job on your's Becky!! You got that bird to stay on, yeah!

A charm bracelet and a necklace made with some of the castings. Beautiful.

 My fabulous classroom! Love the natural light and openness of this room. I got spoiled for sure, it was a delight to teach in this workshop for three days. Plenty of light, plenty of room for everyone. 

Hi Mel, hi Anne!

Hi Yolie and Diane! Doing great!

Hi Karen and Kadee! You guys rock as well!

My sweetest Lois, you were so much fun!

Hi Susan, you did a great job!

Little Jesse, there with her mom, doing amazing, fearless work!

And a real treat to have my dear friend Zinnia there!
She overcame her fear of the micro torch, and here she is, great job Zinnia!

I finally got to meet Kecia! You are a doll girl!

And got to give Sallianne and Ellen a hug finally on the last day, when everything slowed down just a tad bit. You two are the greatest! 

You ladies were a blast, I loved teaching you, sharing and getting to see big smiles on each of your faces.  Thanks for being there!
Here is Ann, Mel, Becky and me in the dining hall.

Did I mention how amazing the food was? It was great! And for this almost vegetarian, I got plenty every day of delicious food.

This is what an art retreat is all about. Making new friends, reconnecting with old friends, having fun, and being inspired to create. The amazingly talented Rice Freeman-Zachery and Earl were there the entire time capturing fun moments, as well as holding inspirational morning discussions with teachers. Teesha Moore showed up to give some inspirational talks that everyone loved.

I loved meeting the instructors, most I have not met before.  You guys are so talented!

So again, thank you so very much, and loved getting to know each of you!!
Kathy Y
Andrea C
Kim D
Toni F
Carol F
Jane H
Ann H
Carol L
Irene L
Carol L
Zsoka S
Shawn S
Elaine C
Anne F
Linda H
Lois S
Randi S
Becky S
Mel T
Lisa W
Yolie G
Susan H
Diane J
Kadee M

Did a little shopping at the store as well!!

My little Gigi going home with me!

Until next time!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Off to Petaluma!!

I'll be heading the ole van towards Petaluma, CA early Thursday morning!  I'll be teaching three workshops, my first time to teach for these wonderful ladies.
I hope you can join me?? There is one spot left on Friday and a couple left on Saturday and Sunday.

I have LOADS of parts, pieces and antique treasures packaged up for the 
Art Is You Trunk show.

It happens Saturday evening from 6pm-9pm.

I'll have lots of pictures to post when I return, so please check back.

Upcoming events at Art is You Petaluma:
- tutu day, yes I ordered one
- pajama day
- many organized get togethers
-meet new friends
- say hello to friends I already know

Really excited! 
Have a great week everyone, I know I will.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Art is You, Petaluma

How is it possible that it has been so long since I posted? Wow.

Well there has been a lot going on.  Summer is now pretty much behind us here in the beautiful Pacific NW, and we will be heading south for some fall shortly.

I wanted to make sure I let you know about my next retreat, in Petaluma, CA, on Sept. 27-29.  I'll be teaching three classes there, one repeat due to demand, yipee.

Friday and Saturday, join me for Cast Some Magic

I'll show you how to make beautiful charms and focal pieces using solder.

Perhaps make a charm necklace or charm bracelet?

Then on Saturday, I'm teaching Le Petite Photo, 
learn to make small darling frames.

Adorn them with all kinds of goodies! Yummm!

Make them in to pendants!?

On that Saturday night the retreat holds a huge vendor night, where I'll have some of my vintage finds from France, as well as many parts for making mixed media.

I hope you can join us! It is going to be a blast.
Look forward to seeing those signed up. Classes are filling up.


lots of love,


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Artful Gathering update

session two, is now in session!!

Class starts today, but you still have about a week to sign up, for my online, fun, metals and soldering class, Whimsical Teensies.

This is great for all levels.  I show you in complete detail how to: 
cut and file metal, 
solder on a bezel, 
how to attach soldered rhinestone chain, 
how to use a pattern with sheet metal,
how to wire on arms and legs if you choose, 
and so much more!

I am crazy in love with making these sweet ornaments or wall hangings. 
Use one of the supplies patterns I designed, or make your own.
There is no limit to the number of things you can do with these. 
They are a BALL to make.

Here are a couple of my examples.
 That is Kofax, the yellow lab, Maddie's best friend, ok, one of them!

And a little star girl I made for Christmas.

Won't you join me? Students are arriving today as they receive their invitations.
click this link to join in the fun for six weeks of learning, sharing, make new friends, doing it all in the comfort of YOUR home!



Sweet Tweets

My students did an outstanding job! Here's a few samples of their talents from the Sweet Tweets workshop they just finished!

Great job Carol,
Tracy and

I'm so proud!! Some of them had never wired jewelry before, so great job!!

Hope you can join us for the fun. 


Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer workshops preview

Here's a quick film preview of my 
upcoming summer workshops
offered World Wide
at Artful Gathering, 
an on line 
art retreat!

(this isn't the greatest quality video, but it gives you an idea of the classes, my workshop videos are incredibly bright and clear)

Hope you can make it!

Registration is now open.

Sweet Tweets starts June 6, six weeks
Whimisical Teensies starts July 16, six weeks

I will be available, on a daily basis for both workshops, to answer questions, and to supply tips, inspiration and suggestions.  
  • Meet new friends from all over the world ...
  • Meet up with friends from before...
  • Learn new skills...
  • Improve skills...
  • Be inspired surrounded by creative people...
  • Hours of incredibly detailed footage for each workshop...
  • Great workshops for beginners and intermediates.

Sign up now, registration is

A few kits remaining at my 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

WINNER for contest

We have two winners for my Artful Gathering workshops!!

Hope Amen

YEAH ladies!!!
I'm so happy you each won one of my workshops.
Please contact me by email and I'll walk you through the next step.

If you haven't already registered for Artful Gathering, you will need to.  I'll pass your names along to Zinnia, our director, and you can let her know which workshop you would like to take, and receive a complimentary DVD with it!!

Thank you to each of you who entered the contest, I am so happy you did.  I'm sorry you couldn't all win.

Love and hugs to all,


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CONTEST for an AG workshop!


I haven't had a contest on my blog in WAY too long.  So, here is your chance, my blogger followers, to take advantage of this giveaway.

Simply leave a comment below, to register to win one of my workshops with ARTFUL GATHERING, AND the DVD available inside the classroom!! First time for this giveaway! These class dvd's are available to students at a discounted rate, inside the classroom only. And with this giveaway, you will win a workshop, and that DVD.  All premier workshops, and created by moi!

(I have new filters on, so all comments go to moderation, just to let you know why your comment does not show up right away!)

That's all there is to the contest!!

I will select two winners, and you can choose which workshop you want to take!!

To see the workshops, look at my post before this one for lots of info on them, and how Artful Gathering works.  It is a fabulous online Art Retreat.  I love it so much, I think you will too.

And these are the ONLY on line workshops I teach all year.

If you win, you will have to pay the $5 registration to AG, so you can get in to the system.

The two winners will be selected at random on 
Tuesday May 14th, at 8pm PST.

So for a chance to win a workshop, and a DVD of that workshop, please register NOW!

Good luck!
love and hugs,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Artful Gathering now open

Registration is now open for 

What is Artful Gathering? In case it is new to you, it is one of the best, on line art retreats this side of the Mississippi!!  That's just my way of saying it is spectacular.  I instructed last year and am again this summer.  

The concept is completely unique for on line workshops.  The director had a vision of not just "getting" an on line class once you pay for it, but "taking" an active workshop, with the instructor participating, for six weeks.  You take the class at your own pace, and when ever you like, even in your jammies.  Then I follow up with suggestions, help with concerns, communicate with my students on technique and ideas. You share photos of your projects with your classmates and the entire retreat attendees if you like.  Everyone gets to talk to everyone each and every day, and you really feel a part of something very large.  

As an outsider, I loved the concept.  Now as an instructor, I LOVE being a part of the integral on line art retreat. The class goes away after six weeks, but you can choose to buy a DVD at a tremendously discounted rate, for a short period, if you were a student.  How cool is that? Then you can have that workshop in your library, to pull out as a refresher course any time you choose to.

I am teaching two workshops, and I need to mention that registration just opened, and the kits for these two workshops are flying out in my Etsy store.  I'm thrilled, but you need to grab these if you want one, I don't know if I will make any more up. 

Session Two, July 16-August 26

Make a hand made ornament or wall hanging.  I supply a few patterns, and encourage you to make your own shapes.  We work with sheet metal, a little soldering, filing, patina, hand finishing and wiring.  My inspiration for these was over the holidays, decided to add a little adornment to my door wreath, and well, the rest is history! So much fun, one of my favorite things to make.

Session One, June 6- July 17

Learn to solder wire!  After I show you how to form a hand built nest, we solder it together, then attach it to a brass finding.  I demo different sizes of nests, and the various uses for them, anything from earrings to clasps.  There is no limit to what you can do with these sweet nests.  And then we design and wire a one of a kind necklace together.  

Did I mention I am giving away, as raffle prizes in my workshops, the ornament I made as well as a Sweet Tweet necklace?  Yes!  And there are a ton of other raffle prizes you can win, plus gifts from sponsors, it goes on an on.  This is a true art retreat, just on line!

So hop on over to Artful Gathering if you haven't been there yet, and visit again if you have.  Check out all the amazing workshops being offered.  Of course I hope you sign up for mine, hee hee. Cause they are the awesomnest of them all.  And I made some killer videos for you to learn from and enjoy.

Whimsical Teensies page at Artful Gathering

Sweet Tweets page at Artful Gathering

Hope to see you in one or both workshops!!!  Let me know how you like the classes I offered, would love to hear from you.  Are you signing up?

lots of hugs,