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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Fun & Bead Soup

Summer Winding Down

I can't believe the end of summer is upon us.  For some, the weather was unbearably hot, with threatening fires, and for others, like in Washington state for me, it almost never showed up!

But, that didn't keep us from a fabulous motorcycle trip on Vancouver Island.  On our three day trip, we caught a ferry off our island, rode to Lake Cowitchen, on Vancouver Island, and finished a loop in Victoria, Canada.  

Such beautiful scenery.  Here's an early morning scene, Fred is catching some pictures of a pretty lake.

I peeled off the motorcycle gear for a shot in Victoria, over looking the harbor at the waterfront.  I love that town, can't get enough of it.  Gives you the feeling you are really out of the country, and of course, you are.  The Canadians always make me feel so welcome.

Then back home to our little island on another ferry, only an hour's ride from Canada.
That's WH in the bright yellow helmet, ready to ride off the ferry when it docks.

Then my second, and last teaching opportunity was with a fabulous group of ladies at the lovely Terri Brush's house, in Chehalis, WA.  That was so much fun.  Look at her beautiful property, and the house was amazing.  You are so talented Terri!

We etched, we did cold connections, we soldered.
What a blast.  They all did so well.
Here's most of the group, Rochelle, Mary, me, Terri, Jodi and Billie.  
Not pictured is Brenda and Edna.
Thanks for such a wonderful time ladies, hope to see you next summer!

Ah yes, Grasshopper!  Here is Terri mastering the art of "Zen" sawing with a jeweler's saw.  We lost almost no blades, way to go girls!

Look at those cuffs, so beautiful, all etched, cut out and finished with cold connections.

Rochelle made a beautiful necklace, isn't that gorgeous?

and.....drum rollllllll....

I sent my focal and beads off to Cindy Wimmer last week, so exciting Cindy is my bead buddy!

Here's a glimpse of what I sent to her.  
I hope she loves it and has a ball with it.

Here's more goodies she will be receiving.
Don't forget to tour everyone's blog to see what is being made up for the Blog Soup Party!

So that's how my summer was wrapped up.  I hope your summer was as much fun as mine.  Great shows, amazing support for teaching and Etsy kits and videos, decent weather, no major weather challenges, and Maddie loved her woods.

We head to CA for the winter in a couple of weeks.  The journey is always fun, and amazing scenery. 

I hope you had a fabulous summer, and would love to hear what new things you learned this summer.  

How about it? Learn anything new you want to share?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Show

The last show of the season!!

Okay, I only do three, and one is a Artist Tour, but that's it for the season for me, possibly!  There might be one more around the holiday, we'll see.

I had my "Pearl" going on for the show.  Second time I got to wear it, and oh my gosh, the responses were so much fun!!  Everyone wanted to know what those clothes were all about, and where I got them. There might be a few gals looking her up.  Gave you lots of plugs Robin!

Here I am in front of the booth, feeling the love with my Magnolia Pearl on.  This was the most amazing show ever for me in Anacortes, WA.  The stock market had dropped 500 points before the first day of the show, and I had record setting sales.  Go figure!

Thank you to each and every one of you who purchased a piece of my jewelry.  It was so much fun to meet some followers, and see them in person.  Thanks for taking the time to swing by my booth, and appreciate your business.

Maddie did her part in helping at the show!!!  Isn't she a good helper, licks toes while they look.  Quite the team we are!  And WH was busy the whole time helping me out, getting lunch and writing everything up.  Thanks goodness for the new electronic device Square!  Love you Square! 

I listed a few pieces in my Etsy store today, so swing on over if you get a chance.  This is your chance to own a Riki piece!  I was asked so many times to put some pieces on Etsy, so here we go! 

This is the sweetest dragonfly soldered to a brass base, love it.  Makes me "laugh"!

Here is one of my darling soldered bee designs.  I just love the touch of bling soldered on the wings.  And if you want to learn to do that, I have a video you can purchase on my sidebar!

Thanks again to each and everyone of you, for helping to make it the best year ever.



Monday, August 1, 2011



It is so much fun antique shopping, then bringing your goodies home and transforming them into something fun to wear. There is no way I can possibly get to all the wonderful pieces I have picked up, just this year alone.  But this one jumped out at me yesterday, screaming to come out of the case! That's when we have to listen to them, right?

I picked up some of these turn of the century picture hangars at an antique shop in Victoria, Canada while shopping with my friend Jill.  I think it looks very French!  
What do you think?

I thought it needed a touch of bling, some beautiful chain and a pearl. 

Any ideas what to do with the others? I just love these little hangars, too pretty.  And the aging on them is so rich, I haven't touched it and won't!

This will go in to the collection for the Anacortes Arts Festival this coming weekend in Anacortes, WA. 

Wish you could all come see me and say hi!