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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Under Construction!

I'm under construction!

For the next few days, I'm working with some talented folks to rework my blog!

So if you've landed here, and it looks all messed up,
(it's on purpose)!

New look to be seen soon, followed by a New Year party and celebration.

Yes, that means a fun GIVEAWAY to come, celebrating a new year, new blog look, new friends, new fun, new doggie, new exercise program, new....well, you get the idea!

So come back soon to see!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Family Portrait

Before we left the island in September, we had a great friend of ours, and talented photographer, Mark Gardener, shoot our portrait. This is one of those things WH and I always meant to do with our sweet Chester, and never did. Amazing how time slips away so quickly. So this time around, no regrets...with baby Maddie being only 3 months old, we took the plunge.

I'm so glad we did. She's 7 months old the end of December, and looks completely different.
Boy does time fly quickly.

Have a wonderful holiday each and every one of you. I wish we could all be together to bring in the New year, now wouldn't that be a party?

Much love and hugs,


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Box Number Two

My second box!

Oh, you just have to try making one of these boxes. If you have all day and the patience of a saint! Ha ha. I'm hoping they get easier, but the precision is for sure a test of everything I know how to do.

This little sweetie is made using some of that brass lamp wire stuff. Now there's a challenge. You have to be careful not to burn it up when attaching.

What do you think? Like the effect?

So, I probably won't be making a ton of these, but for now, my muse is sitting on my shoulder (thanks to Lynn Davis for reminding me of her) and we'll see how long she visits.

Oh its fun to try new things!! And have the time! I know I should be addressing envelopes, going Christmas shopping, you get the idea. But I think you need to grab the mojo when its flowing!! Don't you?

Happy Holidays everyone.

Housekeeping things...I just listed more items on my Etsy store, and remember, through the month of December, you get 20% off when you enter my code. Thank you to all who have purchased items, I hope your recipients LOVE them.

AND...Diana Frey and I have lots of room for the upcoming workshop in February, Queen for a Day. It will be at my house again, in Pismo Beach, CA. I just got an email from someone who signed up, her WH gave it to her for Christmas...hmmmm. Now is that a great idea or what? Flyer is on the sidebar, hope you can make it.
Lots of Love,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

I finished my first box!

Or kind of have. I just completed my second on-line course with Stephanie Lee, who is a genius a fabulous teacher, and incredibly talented I must say! The last week of the course was about how to build a box from scratch, using sheet metal and solder.

I LOVE boxes, always have. Don't know if that is a huge flaw in my personality, or just a fetish! But none the less, love them. Sooooo, after making many etched, pre-made boxes, and adding some fun decor, I finally got to try my skills at hand building one.

I'm hooked! It is too much fun. You have to be incredibly precise, and strong! And of course I couldn't start out small, like Stephanie suggested. This one is 5" x 3", made from sheet copper. I had a ton of copper, and its less expensive than nickel or brass. And I was too excited to etch first, which would be beautiful, so I just hammered the heck out of the sides. Turned out pretty cool.

Making the lid fit was a brain teaser. This is where precision in everything come in to play. And I wasn't, so it took me way longer than it should have. But I learned a lot!
I plan to adorn it with some fun things on top, then it will shine. Bling you ask??
Of course!

So there you have it. That is my big accomplishment for the weekend. I'm so proud, feel like a created a little baby! Glad it didn't take as long!

AND, some housekeeping. There are some wonderful giveaways posted on my side bar, please go look. And don't forget about my sale in my Etsy shop, everything is still 20% off, and it flying out!!
Just enter the code DECEMBERSALE20.
So if you have your little eye on something that fancies you, grab it! Or let Santa know right away!

Happy creating everyone.