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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bead Soup Beads

I received my goodies from my 
Bead Soup Partner, 
Kathrin Lembke!

What a talented lady!! She is an amazing glass artist.  There are so beautiful, my picture does not do them justice.  Thank you Kathrin, I am so excited to make something beautiful from your amazing glass beads and all the goodies you sent.

This is a great challenge for me, and why it is so much fun to participate in the Bead Soup exchange.  I am used to using vintage pieces and found objects, so I will be challenged to incorporate these fabulous pieces into something different.  What fun.

Here's what I sent to Kathrin, it will really throw her!! She isn't used to working with "vintage", so we will both be challenged!!

Thanks for looking!
Our reveal date is set for 8/25, so be sure to stop back and see what I design!!

Thank you Kathrin from Germany!!  I love what you sent, and look forward to playing.
What will come out of these beauties?? Hmmmm.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

I am so happy to be a participant in 
Karen Valentine's, of My Desert Cottage,
 4th annual
Where Bloggers Create 2012

I apologize ladies, I'm late!  I have been working my little fanny off getting ready for my summer shows.  So I had a choice, clean the workshop up, top to bottom, or just shoot it like it is...a working studio? I chose the later!!

So you are seeing the workshop in its workaholic stage!
Kind of a mess, but constructive!

Here is where most of the beading gets done.
See all those little beads in separate containers?
That's because we are snowbirds, and move twice a year.
Can you imaging moving your workshop twice a year?
You learn to get very compartmentalized for sure.

Here are some recent things I'm working on for classes, still compiling samples and prototypes. 

And jewelry is sitting out all over the workshop, being priced and tagged for my next show, in a week. And only one more after that, but the studio is buzzing with projects!

Here is my soldering station. Kind of a mess, but it gets used every single day!

Here is my jewelry bench, not cleaned up, not pretty, but here it is!!

I have to have everything in small containers so we can pack it all up and move it in May and September!  There are lots of plastic organizers.  And rhinestones of course!!

Here is a shot of the show the first weekend of June.  Thought I would show this shot, so you can see how the workshop looks when all cleaned up and looking pretty!!

I have a workshop on the other end too, in California.  Maybe one year I will post pics of that one so you can see it as well.

Thanks for visiting my studio, loved sharing it with you.
I hope to get around to visit as many of yours as I can.  I hope to see you on Facebook, be sure to friend me, and maybe meet you where I'm teaching one day, either on line, at Artful Gathering, or one of my workshops!

Take care, happy workshop hopping!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bead Soup

Just a tease for the 6th
Bead Soup Party!

I'm taking part again in the fun Bead Soup Party, organized by the talented Lori Anderson, of Lori Anderson Designs, and 
Pretty Things blog. Lori puts her heart and soul in to this party, and there are over 400 participants, wow.  How does she do it?

This year I have a Bead Soup partner from Germany.  How cool is that?  I still haven't received her beads, nor her mine, but we are getting very anxious to see what the other sent!  Here is a little tease of what I sent to Kathrin Lembke. She wrote and told me she has a river that runs in front of her house, and another river near by, close to the North Sea.  Sounds like a fabulous and scenic place.  She says they have the biggest fruit growing areas in Germany and freshest fruit around. Wow, that is very cool. I am always so amazed at how well people speak English overseas, a good lesson for we Americans.

I hope she likes what I sent.  She is a talented glass artist, and doesn't use vintage in her work, so this was a challenge for me.  So we shall see what she does with the goodies.

The minute I receive her goodies, I will post them.

Take a look at Lori's blog post here, and see the list of all the participants, and you can spend the day blog hopping.  My reveal isn't until August 25th though, so you won't see what I made with Kathrin's goodies until then!

AND.... if you are interested in learning more about torches, lighting them, filling them, this is a perfect class for you.  My Overcoming the Fear of Fire class starts tomorrow!  At Artful Gathering, and you can see more about my class and many other amazing classes here:

This video is a little over an hour long, and goes over many of the techniques you can accomplish with a mixed gas torch, a micro butane torch and a power butane torch.  I tried to make this a very informative film for beginners, remembering what I knew when I started.  Nothing!

So take a look at the promo, and if you are interested, you can sign up now, or up to two weeks from now, then registration will be closed.  I will be available for six weeks to help and answer any questions I can along the way.

Happy creating everyone!