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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Artful Gathering 2014 Promo

What I'm teaching this summer

June-August 2014
Downton Heirloom Bracelets
Stackable Boho Bangles

I hope you enjoy the video.  
Let's start playing and keep creating!
(to make full screen, click the box in the corner)

I hope to see you in one of my workshops on line or in person in 2014!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Art Retreat in the Desert - Vivi Magoo

Oh my gosh, the Vivi Magoo 
art retreat in the desert 
was over the top fun!

Where can I begin? 
Friday's class was full of lots of challenge.  The students made lockets from scratch.  This was really a wonderful exercise of cutting out metal, filing and making hinges from scratch.  There were a few head scratching moments, but they all did such a wonderful job.  I didn't get everyone's photo, a few weren't feeling too hot, and split.  But to those who were able to hang in there, you guys did a fantastic job!!! 

Aren't the lockets they made amazing?

Then on to Saturday....
More smiles as they hammered away on making cuffs with etched bullet casings and hammered bronze wire.  This project was so much fun.  Lots of hammering in that room, so some went outside in the Tucson sun to hammer away.  Great job students!!! You did an amazing job with your bracelets.

Then came Sunday!
And it was a smaller and slower class, which was great.
They made wired heart cages for this workshop, La Cage.
They took off with these, and had a ball. I love how each one turned out differently.  And everyone wired treasures inside, giving each a wonderfully romantic and unique look.
Fabulous job ladies!!!

This is a picture of the class in the hotel lobby.
Jackie, SueAnn, me, Karen, Melanie and Wendy!
So wonderful to meet all of you, it was a ball.

Sweet Joanna Pierotti dropped by to say hi for our lunch break. Sorry Jessica, caught you with chewing on some steak! You two are darling.

What a thrill to meet fellow instructor Pamela Huntington!!
She dropped by as well, she and Lorri Scott were teaching at a different show. But they came by to see all of us, and I got to see who that darling face is behind the amazing Artful Gathering workshops.

The Tucson trip wouldn't be complete without a last night dinner out!
So Barb Solem joined us, and we had too much fun. Maybe one too many margaritas, but what the heck!  They were well deserved for a well done job. Many thanks to you Barb, and Erin, for a fabulous art retreat, it was one of the best ever. Can't wait until next year.

This is Karen on the far left, Deryn's sister in law, and our sweet Rita with Barb.

And of course, Deryn Mentock, her friend and now mine, Ronnie, and my wonderful roomie and friend Diane Cook.  Look at those smiles!!

 I can't wait until next year!! We did some shopping, ok too much, made new friends, and got to laugh and play with old ones.  It was too much fun.

I hope you can join us next year. Save the dates!! It will be around the same time, Feb 9-11, 2014. Come take some workshops, make some new friends, and shop the shows, it is such a wonderful and fun experience.

lots of love,