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Monday, June 20, 2011

Classes in the Seattle/Portland area

new Summer Classes!

I am so excited to announce these two great workshops, in the Seattle/Portland area.  I will be teaching at the lovely Terry Brush Design studio in Chehalis, WA.  

C'mon now, you asked for some classes closer than California!!

The workshop dates are:

Saturday  August 20th  10a-5p
Sunday August 21st  10a-5p

We have two wonderful classes packed full of amazing skills.  Please click on the flyer to enlarge it so you can read all about it.

Feel free to email me with questions at rikis1@mac.com, send a check, or just click the Paypal button, to pay and reserve your spots.  This will be so much fun, we're going to have a ball, and learn at the same time. 

Hope you can join us. 
Spaces are really limited, so please book now!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back to Camp Schumacher


We are back on San Juan Island, in Washington state, for the summer.  It is so beautiful here.  And Maddie is loving it!

After spending two weeks getting our property all cleared off, since it was overgrown with weeds, we finally got the job done.  Every bone in my body hurt for two weeks, then I actually started getting used to it!

So between weeding, planting flowers and making the workshop ready for my first show, the Island Artists Tour, we found some time to take a few hikes on our beautiful island.

Here is Maddie, enjoying the afternoon outing.   

It was great to get out, get some fresh air, and see the scenery.  
Now is she cute or what?

Here is a nice vintage point of a park called English Camp.  This is a sweet lagoon where the British had their camp, back in the 1860's, protecting their territory.  It wasn't decided yet whether Britain or America got these islands. They almost had a war over it!  But things got settled peacefully, not one shot was fired, and the US ended up with them.  We can see Canada from our house.

Here's a shot of my studio during the tour.  I grabbed that opportunity to get a shot, since so many people were there!  I told them to all look interested in my jewelry, ha ha!  They thought it was pretty cool.

Did I mention Maddie turned one year old?  Party to follow!
 And she has a new playmate, Sally.  She is another Havanese, so they are best friends! I take her to her house a couple times a week to romp and play, its too cute.

Here they are playing their sweet hearts out.

That's the latest from Camp Schumacher.  
I hope to have some fun news to announce very shortly.  I'm working on getting some classes organized in the Seattle area this summer. 
 I'll let you know pronto!

How is your summer going so far? Would love to hear.
Hugs to all.