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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Off to Adorn Me!

Getting on a jet plane for Houston!

Well, the time is finally here. I get on a plane in the dark hours of the morning tomorrow and head to Houston for the brand new, all jewelry retreat, Adorn Me. I will take park in a Meet & Greet on Monday night, and look forward to meeting as many ladies as I can. I'm taking some classes at the retreat as well as teaching two workshops, one almost everyday. Instructors like Melissa Manley, Thomas Mann, and Keith Lo Bue. These are folks I've wanted to take classes from for a long time, so this opportunity is fabulous. I can't wait to share what I learn with you, and the projects that come out of the workshops.

If any of you reading this are in a class, please know how excited I am to have you. I hope to make you feel welcome, and thrilled you chose me to spend the day with.

If you can't be there this time, there will be many other opportunities to get instruction from these teachers down the road. I've been practicing my ya' all drawl, and polished up my boots, so I think I'm ready to go kickin' around down there. I'll miss keeping up with what goes on with my blogging sisters, so please fill me in when I return, March 8th.
In the mean time, may your heart be overflowing with love of your craft, your hands busy creating, and your ideas flowing like fresh spring water.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Belle Armoire Mar/April 2010

Truly a Dream Come True

What's that saying..."when it rains it pours?" In today's mail I received my complimentary issue of Belle Armoire's Mar/April. And yes, this is all about me!!! But you know, I am just so thrilled to be in print again. My husband wants to send issues to all his friends, (I'm not sure they would care about jewelry, ha ha) so that is very cool. Most of my buddies don't know about it, because they aren't into jewelry. So, my art sisters take the brunt of this puffed out chest of mine, and news of yet another article published. This time in Belle Armoire.

I submitted some fun crocheted cuffs I made ages ago. They asked for more cuffs, and voila, a nice layout. The buttons used were really fun. On a few I went to that wonderful store about a half hours drive from here, that has more notions than you can imagine, Lina G's. I picked up a beautiful blue glass button, hand painted. I wasn't sure it would look right on a cuff, but I think it worked great. I mounted it on a brass stamping I just happened to pick up in France, gosh I like saying that!

The smaller cuff with the resin writing inside was from France also. I told you I love saying that! The cuffs were inspired by taking a workshop from Susan Lenart Kazmer, yes in France! The article is so old, it says "last fall". It was actually two falls ago, but who's counting. We learned how to crochet at our workshop, and I had been wanting to make some cuffs. I really want to make some chokers next, so I'll probably submit that too!! There are three cuffs in the article, so if you're around a book store, take a peek!
Also in this issue is a beautiful layout with Ruth Rae. What a talent she is. Can't wait to meet her at Adorn Me, where we will both be teaching, NEXT WEEK!! I would LOVE to own one of her yummy scarves. Hope she brings some to drool over.
So, this week truly has been a Dream Come True. Believe me, if I can get published, any of you can as well. It feels great to have a few under the ole belt. I might have unleashed a writing monster!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Belle Armoire Jewelry Spring 2010

Words in print!
After years of admiring so many talented artists in Belle Armoire magazine, and currently Belle Armoire Jewelry, and enjoying their written word and clever pieces, I finally mustered up enough courage to write and submit.
Well...guess what? VOILA!

Yes, it's true, they chose to publish one of my articles. I can't tell you how thrilling it is to see your name in print, and in such a styling magazine to boot. I got a lot of encouragement and support from my bestest art sisters, to just put it out there. Guess this is a year for that...just put it out there! The magazine was generous enough to give me a six page spread, wow. What an amazing job they do.

But, I have to brag about some of my friends who are in this issue as well. Diana Frey has a lovely article about some fun pearl and metal pieces, just stunning Diana. She even tells you how to make them. Check out that article, and go to her website for amazing eye candy. I am lucky enough to team teach with Diana. We do some very fun workshops together here at my home, the next one is in April (almost full guys) and then will be going to LA to teach together in May, at Inspirational Retreat. Info is on my blog.

We leave in the wee hours on Monday morning to go teach our separate classes at Adorn Me in Houston. I'm looking forward to the trip with a great friend (she's really organized and brings great snacks)!
And in the same issue is a beautiful article by my blogging buddy Jessica Moreau-Berry. She made some incredible necklaces using metal flowers and crystals. Just gorgeous Jessica. Congrats on being published, again!

So try to pick up a copy of the local Belle Armoire Jewelry if you can, enjoy the articles, and see all the talented artists in this issue. The featured artist is the talented Stephanie Lee, an amazing mentor and friend. She is so talented, and wise beyond her years. I took part her on-line journaling course...twice. She is a fabulous coach and cheerleader, and has an ability to put life's experiences in such a pleasant and calming manner.
Thanks for looking!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

etched boxes

Etched brass boxes!

Continuing my selfless promotion....wanted to show some of the cuties I'll be taking to Adorn Me to sell at vendor night. These little brass boxes are kind of fun, huh?

This one I call "Oh baby". My mom used that phrase a lot, she would like the tin type photo of the baby I mounted inside a vintage watch. I was going to solder the box on top, which wouldn't have been a problem, except the face of the watch is a heavy plastic. It would have melted, and I don't have any sheet glass to replace it, sooooooo... E6000 to the rescue. Nice and solid though.
Here are the rest of the little gems. There's "Soar", "Gingersnap", and "Flutter". I used some of my favorites...birds, rhinestone jewelry, insects, vintage buttons. I'm going to have to make more of these, they are really fun to make! Now what would you put inside to keep safe?
Maybe old buttons, pills, treasures, notes, candy? I like the candy part!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woven necklace with French buckle

What can you make with woven wire?

Oh the possibilities are endless!! I'm teaching a woven pendant class at Adorn Me in Houston in only two weeks!! I leave in the wee dark hours of the morning March 1st, to fly WAY down south. Wow, the dates came up fast. I wanted to demonstrate an example of some of the amazing things you can make when weaving wire. I used an antique French shoe buckle to attach two pieces of woven copper wire, and finished it with chain and clasp. It makes quite the statement necklace!

I am so excited to show the students signed up for my classes how to make my projects. We are going to have too much fun. I can't wait to lavish them with help and enthusiasm. Wish you all could be there! Since this is my first national teaching gig, I had no idea how challenging it is to organize and pack for the voyage. My mind is running a thousand miles a minute, my head is exploding with details, and my hands can't make things fast enough to try to complete for vendor night. I will post a few of the fun etched boxes I'm making to sell. Love them.

Let me know what you think of the necklace, okay?
Thanks guys. Love hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We have a winner!

There is a lot to post about today, so bear with me!

First of all, we have a winner for the necklace giveaway. I can't believe the wonderful response that was shown and totally appreciate all of your warm comments. It made me feel so very special, what a fabulous anniversary celebration for my blog of one year! And so cool to hear from so many new ladies!
Okay, drum roll please.....and the winner is Julie from Prairie Thistle!!
Congratulations Julie!!! Please email me your address and I'll get the little bee necklace off to you asap.

Next, I received a very special package in the mail yesterday. My heart started pumping very fast when I realized it was from FRANCE! I have a passion for France, and anything French! I received the most darling little tiny book from my blogging friend Esther. And along with that gift, she sent the most amazing collection of French papers, from books, and a darling collage piece. WOW! I am blown away. THANK YOU ESTHER. I can't tell you how you brightened my day, my week!! Your heart is as big as your beautiful country. I needed something to bring a smile to me, with my little Chester being sick, and this was the perfect medicine.

This little book Esther made has a leather cover, and little pages inside. Isn't it adorable?
And last, but not least by any means!! My friend Diana Frey and I taught a fun workshop this weekend. It was a two day class, packed with lessons in etching, PMC and cold connections. I tried to include pictures of everyone, but a few escaped the camera!! The class was called A Charming Romance, and we filled it with 12 students. We taught how to make charms from cold molds, joining metals and assemblage.
We had soooo much fun with the best group of ladies. Whew, everyone was tuckered out at the end of two days, but look at the smiles on everyone's faces.

Thanks to Polly, Libby, Kat, Tanya, Lesa, Susan, Stephanie (missing photo), Karen, Kathy, Lynn, Terry and Teresa (missing photo).
Thanks for coming to the class ladies, we loved it!
We'll be repeating the class in April, and the class has a few seats left if you would like to take part. Just contact Diana, and we'll get you signed up.
Whew, that's it for now. I'm busy organizing and packing for Adorn Me coming up. I leave for Houston March 1!
Take care. See you soon!