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Friday, July 29, 2011

Maddie & The Frog

Don't forget to stop 
and smell the roses today!

Maddie likes our little visitor.

"You NEVER  know what a day will bring."
A quote by WH's mom.

Make it a good day my friend.



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My workbench

What's on my work bench 
this afternoon?

Oh fun, fun, fun things.  Making some new pieces for the last upcoming summer show.  

I thought I would share this because it might give you some ideas if you are taking our upcoming October workshop in Pismo Beach, CA, where Diana Frey and I are teaching the art of bezels!

You can have so much fun with bezels and resin, your imagination is the only limitation. 
There are a few places left in the class, so hope you can make it.  The flyer is on my sidebar, with all the details.

I hope you can come see me at my last show for the summer, August 5-7 in Anacortes, WA.  It's a scenic show, located right next to a beautiful bay, with lots of talent and great food!

Hope to see you one place or the other. 
How do you like my little project for the day?


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Surprise workshop in Oregon!


Deep in the Oregon woods, in the central part of the state, waaaayyyyyy over on the coast,  and a two day journey from my island, is a wonderful, enchanting retreat, called Sitka, The Center for Art and Ecology.  It is formally in the town of Otis, OR, which has a post office the size of my bedroom!  

This multi-acre facility is lodged in amongst the woods at the coast, within a deep, green belt of tall trees, serene and absolutely beautiful. We had lots of misty summer rain the first day of the workshop, allowing the aroma of the deep woods to tickle your senses.

Sitka is a non-profit retreat camp, with the most adorable out buildings, and grounded tree houses. They have ongoing artist workshops, with accommodations for the instructors to stay. 

Why was I there?  Well, I got a call last week from a dear one, Stephanie Lee, who needed a little favor.  She could not make a two day workshop she had planned with these lovely people, due to some personal issues, and wondered if I might be able to fill in for her.  So I did.

I have to say it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.  The grounds are simply spiritual, putting all of us at ease, allowing the students to settle in to the changes thrown at them (with the option of canceling in advance) and helping me to feel comfortable, in knowing they really wanted to be there, with a substitute!  I could never fill Stephanie's shoes by any means, no one could.  But luckily, a great time was had by all.  The Junk Drawer Metalsmith Class two day workshop went on!

To make the students feel comfortable in Stephanie's absence, we conferenced her in at the beginning and end of the workshop.  It was great way for everyone to meet her and see her smiling face, and contagious enthusiasm for her craft, and love of the art.  

Look at those smiling faces, did all of us have fun or what?

A big thank  you to all the students who hung in there. 
 Pictured are Avery, Vicki, Diana, Holly, Kim, Joy (peeking out behind me), Cara, Dee, Donna and Laurie.

Here are some shots of the grounds.  Art is overflowing at every turn, giving you a rich sense of reflection and inspiration.  Truly a feast for the eyes.

Thank you Stephanie, for your support and trust.  Thanks to all the students who put their faith in the facility, Stephanie and me. It was a blast, and I hope you will continue to use what you learned, and continue to play.

And a huge thank you to Eric, Alene, Dawn and Teal, who made me feel comfortable and welcome.  Your facility is magical. 

I hope all of you will get an opportunity to experience this oasis by the sea one day.

Lots of love,


Monday, July 11, 2011

Kit now available

Rhinestone Bee Kit  

I listed a few bee and rhinestone kits on Etsy!

I listed all I have at this time.  
The starter kit includes enough rhinestone chain to make the bee I demonstrate in my video.  To see the kit and video, go to my Etsy store.

Plain rhinestone chain listing coming soon.

This is just a quick start for those who want to play with soldering rhinestones onto base metal or silver pieces.  But I'll warn you (yes, this comes with a warning...it is addictive!)

Have fun!


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Video Feedback

Thank you Jenny!

The sweetest thing happened.  

The kindest post was made about this amazing cuff.  This beautiful bracelet, from sweet Jenny at La Dona Boutique bought my tutorial video, about soldering with rhinestone chain.  Here is her first result after trying the technique I demonstrated. 

You can go to her blog and read all about my video, her work as a result of it, and many more wonderful things on her blog.

Wow Jenny, I would say you've got it!  Great job, on the layering, use of chain, etc.  I am knocked out, really.  And thrilled that I could help.

Thank you to all those who have purchased the video, and the wonderful comments I am receiving as a result.  If you would like to see it, you can click on the link on my sidebar and purchase it. Send me pics of your work as a result, I would love to post them.

Do you want more "how to" videos?  
Let me know what you would like to see, and I'll attempt to make that happen over time.

I was thinking of putting the bee and rhinestones on Etsy as a kit.  Would you like that?

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.  Make some really cool things and share pics!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to video now available

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday. 
I sure did. I was so lazy. Did our small town, hour-long parade downtown, (took Maddie and she did great).

Then went out to lunch, over looking the water and the ferries coming in.  Took a nap in the sun on our deck, (yes, sun here in the Pacific Northwest, we had forgotten what it looked like). 

Then went to the island's 1800's resort hotel, Hotel de Haro, and watched log rolling contests, walked the docks to people watch and laugh at their stupid boat decorations drunkenness, and then home to dinner and fireworks show on tv and our resort.  Whew!

Now off to Zumba this morning, draggin my tail!

But I wanted to share something REALLY exciting with you first thing this morning.  I have made a new video, available for purchase to view.

How to Solder 
with Rhinestone Chain

Yep, I made a video of how to do this. WH assisted, and we created a sweet, six minute HD video, showing you a detailed, step-by-step video, complete with all the instructions and supplies.  It shows you how to solder rhinestone chain to a brass stamping.  I also show how to patina your piece, giving it a warm, aged look.

After looking at this, you can start to make all kinds of new creations, having even MORE fun than before, with the sweet rhinestone chain you have, or can purchase.

I've put a link on my sidebar to connect you to my Etsy store for purchase.  Its so much fun to add a little bling to base metals, or stampings, I love it.

Have a great day wherever you are!  
Hope you recover from too much fun this weekend.